Wed 25th Jan 2012, 11:53
Name here is Robert, callsign is GM0CSN and the QTH is Hamilton.
I have had an IC-E92D for some time, now but due to personal reasons, I am only now getting round to getting it set up for D-star.
I have the CS-92 programming software and the interface cable from Icom, which I have setup on my PC. The problem is that although I can get the software to control the rig and I can read from the IC-E92 to the PC using the program, I cannot see how to upload the modified memory data back to the rig! There is a button on the screen to read the memories, but none to write back to the rig.
Or am I missing something obvious?
Any advice would be gratefully received and hopefully get me on D-Star, though it looks like my local repeater GB7DG has lost it's Internet link since the last time I looked.

Many Thanks in advance.

Wed 25th Jan 2012, 15:24
CS or RS-92?

Thu 26th Jan 2012, 21:47
Hi Orion,
Sorry RS-92 software and the Icom interface cable from Icom for the serial connection on the PC.

Fri 27th Jan 2012, 15:04
OK, the way I do it is...
Edit whatever you like then save the file as, in my case, HB.icf.
Then OPEN the file in the menu options and the synching/read arrows will go RED...and Robert's you dads brother!

I have a generic UK listing, a year old maybe, if you need. Just drop me a mail and I will send it.

Sun 29th Jan 2012, 19:01
Hi Orion
Many Thanks, I read your reply on Friday, but only now got round to following your instructions.

That is one weird program! I have a couple of memory management programs for the IC-R3 scanner and the IC-E90 and for both of them, reading a memory file from the computer memory into the computer only makes it available for editing whereas you describe above reading a saved file from the computer's memory updates it to the IC-E92! I see your point about editing it first then saveing beforte reading it!
Many Thanks, I will now have to sit down and work out what I want my memory contents to be, so yes if you could send me the file it would be a start.