View Full Version : DV-AP - What they like in use?

Mon 20th Dec 2010, 13:10
This is aimed at people who have actually used/owned them. I am thinking of saving up for one in 2011.

Are they worth it?
What is the real range like?
Easy to setup up?
Other things worth noting about them?
What problems have you had?

Tue 8th Feb 2011, 21:36
I too have been tossing around between the dvap and the dv dongle. Am curious for people to weigh in here.

Wed 10th Apr 2013, 14:27
I'm forced down the dvap route as my QTH is rather deaf towards my only D-Star repeater (Aberdeen), the DVAP is extremely simple to set up and use with the standard software but you will need to program some entries in your hand held to control the DVAP - no big deal but once you get into it there is other software out there which enhances the functionality (check out the Dutch Star web site). I have my DVAP hooked up to a Raspberry PI so it works independently of the shack PC. Range for me is about 300 yards when hooked up to the collinear in the loft, when on the supplied 'bullet' aerial it covers the whole house and garden etc.
Whether you love or hate the proprietary nature of D-Star it really is the only game in town with the necessary infrastructure in and working worldwide, give the DVAP a go, you can always find someone on a reflector or node for an armchair copy QSO !

Wed 10th Apr 2013, 21:58
I will be investigating and following up on this. I used to love RS11-RS12 until the Russian Sputnik went out of service. It was 10 and 15 meters. I would like a simpler way to get my on the Satellites.

73 de Frank, N4SLR

Fri 26th Apr 2013, 04:40
I started looking at the D-Star transceivers till I got to the price tag -- Whoa, a bit expensive for me. Had I purchased an IC-9100, it would have been on $200 USD to add the option. I'm only interested in Simplex Terrestrial contacts and the range should be 50% better than Analog FM which is equal to at least +6 dB increase of coverage. Because D-Star is Digital it will also have problems receiving signals when two station key up simultaneously so nothing will be heard on the receiver. The other problem that you could have is when your mobile and your driving through a high noise area -- power line radiation -- the digital receiver won't be able to determine if you're hearing a bona fide signal or just noise so there are some trade offs while using any format of digital RF. I'm not into using the internet just to talk to people via a D-Star transceiver but that's just me.

If you are going to operate through a satellite repeater then you must use circular polarization or the signals will become completely distorted and unusable and if your D-Star transmission does get repeated through the satellite, there better be people on the down link frequency also using D-Star.