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Thu 8th Jul 2010, 12:56
The Pepsi-Cola Company approved my submission for a grant to teach school kids Amateur Radio, which will be voted on. I would greatly appreciate your votes and support. I'm hoping to help get radio laboratories and Amateur clubs started in schools. For information, please go to:

http://garry-dashner.tripod.com/amateurradio (don't use "www")

Thanks, GARRY - KB0BOP

Thu 8th Jul 2010, 13:31
Good luck with that, I will check it out when I am home.

Keep the forum updated with your progress.

Fri 16th Jul 2010, 21:23
At the halfway mark, I'm going back and forth from 227th to 228 out of 289 originally in my group. I live in a small town of 700 and I'm up against well-organized competion in cities like Los Angeles, Cincinnati and Baltimore. It's kind of like a little David going against over 250 Goliaths. Fortunately my fellow Hams have come through with votes. We'll see on August 1 how the voting went. Thanks to those who have supported me. GARRY - KB0BOP