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Fri 12th Feb 2010, 04:32
Hi gang,

Newb here :) I've been researching around and as near as I can tell, there is exactly ONE radio in the WORLD which does digital data on DSTAR at 128kbps: the ID-1.

That can't be right. Can it?

I have this great vision of having access to the Internet all over the place with a DSTAR radio, and yet that one radio is $1200, which I really can't afford. Plus I need a mobile unit and I don't believe the ID-1 is mobile.

Thoughts? Enlightenment?

Fri 12th Feb 2010, 22:58

Yes your right the ID1 is the only radio which supports 128kbps data at the moment, DSTAR is a new technology which only one manufacturer making equipment for it currently.

If you haven't already ICOM US have a full list of DSTAR radios http://www.icomamerica.com/en/products/amateur/dstar/dstar/default.aspx

Sat 13th Feb 2010, 01:04
Just as Peter stated, the ICOM ID-1 is the only radio which supports the 128Kbps. The DSTAR technology is only available in ICOM at the moment. While there have been rumors of other manufactures coming out with DSTAR radios, I've seen nothing and heard nothing of recent.

The ID-1 is a mobile rig. It features a removable faceplate for ease of mounting. Of course, the ID-1 is only a 1.2Ghz (23cm) rig. HRO has the ID-1 available for $950.00


Sun 11th Sep 2011, 23:24
any update on this? I'm REALLY hoping for a handheld that supports the DD 128kbps, or anything else as well that's NOT in the 1.2Ghz, but lower freqs

Thu 22nd Sep 2011, 13:08
It's not looking good, and at the current rate of uptake and release of new technology, there's a serious danger of D-Star being left at the side of the road as the 'next great' digital technology implementation comes along.

By the time Icom release another 1.2GHz capable D-Star radio, the ID-1 will be 6 years old (I think?), in technology terms, that's prehistoric. Six whole generations of mobile phones have come and gone in that time. D-Star was limited in scope when it started, now it is starting to look way behind the times.

I know that some amateurs are still using analogue packet quite happily, but D-Star sold itself as 'technology of the future', if it doesn't live up to that, why bother?

If you want mobile data, go with a cellular network, the ID-1 is just for people who want to spend silly money having a 128kbps (Oh boy, do you remember when the internet was that slow!! :D ) digital radio interface between two points within line of sight of one another.

How much mobile internet could you buy with the cost of two ID-1's? :eek:

...and I say this as someone who likes D-Star. :(