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Sun 17th Jan 2010, 22:24
OK, been thinking the last few days about how to best use the memories on the D-Star handheld I have.

Currently I have Memories setup for Each Repeater and then additional ones for each conference Link & unlink for D-Star linked repeaters.
GB7AU U (urcall = CQCQCQ)[/*:m:kdugw2yi]
AU++05A (urcall = REF005AL)[/*:m:kdugw2yi]
AU--05A (urcall = REF005AU)[/*:m:kdugw2yi]
AU++13A (urcall = REF013AL)[/*:m:kdugw2yi]
AU--13A (urcall = REF013AU)[/*:m:kdugw2yi]
AU++15A (urcall = REF015AL)[/*:m:kdugw2yi]
AU--15A (urcall = REF015AU)[/*:m:kdugw2yi]

This was a list I got from a local repeater website, but I am thinking that might be better to use R01-R60 Repeater callsign memories instead. (I have IC-E92D in case this feature is only on this radio, never used others)

How do you arrange your D-Star Memories??

Mon 18th Jan 2010, 06:56
Not sure about the memories, but if it helps, you can simply use U to unlink. Make sure the "U" is in the correct position, then use this to unlink from whatever reflector.

I have found filling the memories with lots of reflectors and stuff to over complicate things, I know many use the main memories, but I use the URCALL ones. Cheers.

Mon 18th Jan 2010, 15:43

Perhaps if you figure this out, you'll also figure out the meaning of life. I think somehow these are connected. :-)

But, I struggle with memory management on my IC-92AD. I honestly struggle with memory management on all my radios that will handle memories. I've tried to keep things sort of in the same place (or same order) between my rigs so it helps. But the IC-92AD is sort of a different beast.

Most what I'm using the memories for in my 92AD is for local Denver area repeaters (both D-STAR and analog). I do have a few conference links programmed from over a year ago, but haven't really been that active on D-STAR lately. I need to change that.


Sun 24th Jan 2010, 01:42
I am posting another post in this D-Star forum with my current .icf file centered on London (well South London) with the way I am now sorting my file.

Feel free to download even if you don't live local or even in UK to see how I sort my handheld now. Comments, suggest, feedback and idea on it welcome.