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  20. Can someone really be this stupid??
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  27. SDF (Software Defined Radio)
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  45. Funcube pro+ V2 and Mac
  46. Anyone had a tuning know Original ro replacements for KACHINA 505
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  56. ham it up
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  61. NESDR Mini 2
  62. Programming SMP418
  63. SDR FFTs for frequency detection
  64. How do I convert I/Q signal into purely real signal?
  65. Book recommendation
  66. Need advice on which SDR to get for use with TS-590SG
  67. Ham Band Framing makes learning to use an SDR receiver much easier
  68. Help program Baofeng Chirp CSV.
  69. Virtual port
  70. RTL SDR Brand new Help me please? What do I need to listen to these frequency’s???
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  72. Multiple RTL2832U dongles in one software defined radio
  73. WANTED: CAT Cable for TS-450 re: SDR Radio v3.0 Software
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  90. SDRplay releases Scanning Software in SDRuno Version 1.3
  91. Funcube not working.
  92. RT systems Prog on Mac High Sierra, not cloning with FT8900 Yaesu
  93. Software/Hardware that can convert matlab-generated images into modulation techniques
  94. How to convert matlab-generated images into modulated frequencies?
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  96. Electronic Delay Line
  97. Newcomer to this forum
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