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  1. Kenwood 570D Filter Problem
  2. TS450S
  3. Searching schematic diagram Kenwood TM-G707
  4. Kenwood TM-241 E mods
  5. Kenwood TW-4100 Problem
  6. KENWOOD TS 2000
  7. tr-2600a
  8. Kenwood TM741A Transmit problem
  9. TS-820S Has low output on USB
  10. ts 430s and a mfj cw keyboard keyer/reader
  11. TS-450SAT -help- low pwr out in FM, CW, & FSK
  12. TM 741A, defeating automatic repeater shift
  13. Need help w/ tk-372g handheld....
  14. 741A Lithium battery
  15. Searching for Manual Kenwood World Clock HC-2
  16. TS-940s Modulation problem
  17. Kenwood TS-700S
  18. TS 770 E Repeater shift board.
  19. Problem with TR-9000 ?
  20. Kenwood/Trio TL-120 Linear amplifier
  21. TW-4100A Tone unit
  22. TM-741A
  23. Buying a TH-F6a just for SSB HF. Dumb idea?
  24. TS-570 and problem with RS232
  25. Kenwood TS-430s Rx overload
  26. TS 430s power input
  27. TS-2000 40mtr Expansion
  28. TS-2000 Power Cord "E" Type filters
  29. KENWOOD TM-G707
  30. TM-G707
  31. Kenwood TS-930S - Replacing finals
  32. 440 problem
  33. KENWOOD PC-1
  34. TS-50 up/down buttons not working
  35. New To Forum With Question On TS 520
  36. TH-79A LCD Repair
  37. Kenwood 680S TX/RX fault
  38. Kenwood TH27A Handheld problems
  39. Kenwood TR-7400A
  40. TS-820 Low output
  41. Amplifier Help
  42. Base Radios newbie needs help
  43. Newbie Help on TS-120S
  44. Base Radios Carrier on the frequency
  45. Mobile Radios Cannot activate repeater mode on TM-D710.
  46. Base Radios Kenwood R-5000 -Noobie help pls
  47. Kenwood TS120s Display problem-Suggestions How to fix the problem
  48. Kenwood TH-D7 440 Receive (audio) Squelch Problem
  49. TH-31at Battery and charger
  50. Kenwood TS-2000 - How to use a combined 2m/70cm antenna?
  51. Base Radios Kenwood TS-2000 descrepancy on output power
  52. Base Radios TS-870 QSK Mod
  53. Just acquired a Kenwood TS-830S - need info please
  54. TH-K2AT Narrow Band Question
  55. Mobile Radios Anyone else interested in keyboard adapter for TM-710a?
  56. Base Radios TS530S - Cannot adjust bias at all
  57. First Transceiver
  58. Kenwood TS-9000 Low output on SSB
  59. receiver Kenwood Tm-2570A less sensitive?
  60. Base Radios TS430 Mic wiring
  61. TS430 Power Output
  62. Base Radios TS-570 K2 relay and DIN connector not getting 500 WATTS
  63. Portable Radios Kenwood TS-2000X is deaf on all HF bands?
  64. Mobile Radios Kenwood RZ-1 Wide Band Receiver problem
  65. Kenwood TK-280 (Without Keypad)
  66. Kenwood TS-430 Help
  67. Handheld Radios Help with batteries.
  68. Radio Accessories Kenwood TS-700A MT Plug for Vox Socket
  69. Mobile Radios kenwood tk 759 on 2mtrs
  70. Mobile Radios Trio TR 751e on 2 meter SSB
  71. TM-261 Locked Up
  72. Kenwood RC-D710 LCD Replacement
  73. Base Radios TS-870 with DRU3 Digital recording unit
  74. Radio Accessories Kenwood SW-2000 SWR & Power Meter
  75. Mobile Radios TM-261A beeps
  76. Base Radios Ts-2000 Problem 6 FM
  77. Base Radios Kenwood RZ-1 multiband scanner
  78. Mobile Radios TR-7625 no squelch until warmed up
  79. Base Radios TS-2000 sky command?
  80. Kenwood TS-2000 Sky Command question
  81. Information regarding this forum and my gear
  82. Base Radios Frerquency shift
  83. TM-732a wont transmit 2M but will 4M?
  84. How do I connect an AT-250 Kenwood antenna tuner to a TS-120S radio
  85. Kenwood R820 Problem
  86. KW TR-2500
  87. Radio Accessories mic decision ts 570
  88. Base Radios TS-2000 TX Equlizer setting?
  89. Kenwwod TS-2000 connection with Kantronics KPC-9612+
  90. Mobile Radios Still Looking For A Kenwood RZ-1 to break
  91. Looking For Kenwood TH-K2AT Handheld Information
  92. Radio Repeaters TM-V71E Echolink memory programming
  93. Base Radios New to ham radios - was given a Kenwood TS-930S and need help
  94. Mobile Radios Kenwood 710
  95. What is the transmit power setting on the TM-D710A?
  96. Handheld Radios TH-F7E Memory Recall
  97. Base Radios Kenwood TS-690S looking for trimmer TC-1 of VCO
  98. Kenwood TM-V71A - Unusual problem?
  99. 480sat PSK31
  100. Broken Kenwood R-600
  101. Handheld Radios Connecting the transceiver to soundcard
  102. Base Radios returning to radio after 25 year break
  103. TS570DG tuning issues.
  104. Base Radios kenwood ts2000 and swr
  105. Connecting R-600 to Sound Card
  106. V71A programming with Win 8 - anybody have this working?
  107. Newbe try to connect Kenwood TH-K2 to Kenwood TH-K20
  108. TS 680 s Fluorescent display dies
  109. Kenwood TM-D710 into Crossband mode
  110. Base Radios Repair of my TS440SAT tuning knob, it had backlash looseness
  111. TH-28E
  112. Mobile Radios Kenwood TS-480HX vs Kenwood TS-480SAT
  113. Mobile Radios My TS480HX is dead ... Where best to get it repaired?
  114. Mobile Radios Kenwood TM-D710G for first mobile KG5BRE
  115. Mobile Radios tk 860
  116. Base Radios Kenwood TS-120S has no power in CW Mode
  117. TK 860 OUT OF BAND
  118. Handheld Radios Defeating the Time-Out-Timer (TOT)
  119. Radio Accessories Replacement for the IF-10C TTL>232 converter board?
  120. Anyone have any clever ways to mount a kenwood tm-271a without a bracket?
  121. Mobile Radios Power button for TS-50
  122. Trio tm-201a help
  123. Kenwood TK-3170 Being Weird
  124. kenwood KMC-18A Mic Beeps on PTT???
  125. Base Radios Connect TS990S with Ameritron 1300S
  126. Kenwood tm-241a
  127. Portable Radios Kenwood TH-7F (TH-6F) bug and problems ? help me
  128. TS830S low on power output
  129. Kenwood TS50S - Tranceiver won't key on CW
  130. Mobile Radios TS430S bias problems
  131. Mobile Radios KENWOOD TM733
  132. Mobile Radios Transmit problem
  133. Mobile Radios Kenwood TM-VT71 Problem
  134. Base Radios TS790A
  135. Base Radios Kenwood TS-430S
  136. ts-430s
  137. Mobile Radios Kenwood TM-431A
  138. TS-430S Intermittent RX 10m band
  139. Base Radios Kenwood TS-430S not instant on at all
  140. Base Radios TS-2000 Power Output Detection
  141. TS-430S FM power CAR control mod needed.
  142. TS-430s AF/RF pot
  143. Squelch won't open & low audio TH-215-A & no schematic
  144. TS-120S Low Power Output on 15m and 10m
  145. Battery PB-42L info battery
  146. Mobile Radios Kenwood microphone broken connector
  147. GPS function on Kenwood TM-D710G Dual Frequency
  148. Base Radios TS-2000 and external ATU ?
  149. Base Radios Kenwood TS-50
  150. Mobile Radios Kenwood TH-f7
  151. Kenwood VM-71A and EchoLink
  152. Base Radios loss of tunability on 10m
  153. Mobile Radios Display Question: TM-733a vs TM-733e
  154. Mobile Radios TM-D710 and MC90 Mic Problem
  155. Base Radios TS-990s or Flexradio 6700
  156. Base Radios Kenwood DG-5 Help
  157. Mobile Radios TM-732a Dual Band quit working w/44 in lower left
  158. Kenwood TS2000 Sensitivity changes with band switch
  159. ID TS-2000 Finals
  160. APRS
  161. Ts 590 or ts2000
  163. Kenwood TS-130s
  164. Getting a TS0820s to do Digital
  165. Kenwood TM-D710A question
  166. Kenwood TM 271A no receive sound other than ststic
  167. Radio Accessories TH-D72a Bluetooth
  168. Base Radios ts 430 s issue
  169. TS2000X - What is this beep?
  170. HAM Radio with indoor antenna
  171. TS2000X - changing sub frequency changes main?
  172. Howdy and a question
  173. Base Radios need help with kenwood TS140s final board
  174. TS-940
  175. TS 590SG Flgis linux
  176. Base Radios ts590sg rig control
  177. Channel Order on Kenwood D710G?
  178. Base Radios Kenwood TS-2000 Squeal Feedback
  179. Mobile Radios TM V-71 transmit issues (background noise)
  180. Base Radios TS_440
  181. Kenwood TM-D710 question
  182. Base Radios Queston on the TS-480-HX
  183. Mobile Radios V71a (IRLP and Echolink)
  184. Base Radios 440TS and Amplifier
  185. Base Radios fixing a TS-430s for first radio
  186. Data and CAT control for TS-440S
  187. Radio Accessories External 13.8 VDC Power Supply for the Kenwood, R-1000 HF Receiver
  188. TS-430s: mic connector, line out?
  189. TS-430s: mod to read frequency from microproc? possibly write?
  190. curious: resistor on SO-239 inside my TS-430s?
  191. Handheld Radios HF on TH-D74A
  192. Base Radios TS 940 repair trebles
  193. TH-28A: good 2M radio? i seem to have acquired one.
  194. Base Radios HF Radio Cost
  195. TH-28A: random beeping, like a stuck key, but no key seems to be stuck.
  196. Kenwood TM-732a Battery
  197. wide band/MARS mod power tm-d710
  198. Mobile Radios TS 430 S doesn't appear to transmit
  199. Base Radios TONE BURST SETTING
  200. Starter radio
  201. Trio 9130
  202. Base Radios No Tx using ptt
  203. Base Radios TS-590GS and digital operations
  205. HELP : microphone for table on a kenwood mobile TM-V71 ?
  206. Handheld Radios TU-1 manual
  207. Base Radios Kenwood TM-V71 Programming
  208. Base Radios TS-850S parts only value?
  209. Base Radios ts940s relay needed LAB1N 12V
  210. Base Radios DXer needs set up help.
  211. Mobile Radios Kenwood TR7950 - Lithium Battery
  212. Kenwood D-710G digipeater operation
  213. Mobile Radios TM-D710G - Can't access menu
  214. ARCP-590G
  215. Mobile Radios KENWOOD 120V
  216. Service manual for kenwood TM-833
  217. TS-2000 Won't XMIT on 60M
  218. TS-570S(G) for a newbie
  219. TS700a
  220. TS-480 won't stop scanning or fast beep
  221. Handheld Radios TH-D74A and D-Star
  222. Base Radios TS-590 Hookup for PSK31
  223. TS-440s
  224. TM-281A/TM-281E mobile
  225. Base Radios Running TS480SAT Remote with the ARHP10 software from WAN location
  226. Kenwood TS2000 display problem
  227. SETUP : RTL-SDR dongle (RTL2832U) & TS-450
  228. Mobile Radios Issue with Kenwood TM-221A PL tone
  229. TM-V71A Password Lockout issue
  230. Handheld Radios TH-K2AT and MCP-1A issue
  231. TS-480 Finals
  232. Mobile Radios Cross Band repeater mode with TM-V71A
  233. Kensood TS-2000 PTT problem
  234. Base Radios Kenwood 830s needs help
  235. Base Radios Kenwood TS-2000 CAT connection and parameters
  236. Kenwood TS480SAT Receive Audio Low Amplitude Output. ( Intermittent ) Fault
  237. Covert Speaker/Mic for TS-480 (Secret Service type)
  238. TS 480 HX buzzes when I tx
  239. TS-440s problem
  240. Base Radios Ts-520 Calibrator Marker Board 25 Khz., Error.
  241. Mobile Radios Kenwood TM-271A Receive Issues
  242. Kenwood TS850S S meter problem
  243. Base Radios TS480HX transmitting issues
  244. Kenwood TM-V71A and cross band repeat questions
  245. Mobile Radios Kenwood TM-V71a how to set PM Channels
  246. TS930S Power Supply Fan Replace
  247. Another R-820 Receiver problem...
  248. Base Radios TS 590s...how to configure hardware & software for SDR play
  249. .mc2 cannot be ope
  250. Base Radios Kenwood TS-440 Digital Setup Questions