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  56. LEFARS (North/East London) Weekend Foundation Course - 8th/9th May 2010.
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  61. Sick of being ignorant!
  62. Windows mobile 6.1 practice software?
  63. Anyone think the new tech test is way harder?
  64. I have my General ticket!
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  76. Europe Can I buy a 2m/70cm Rig without a license
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  78. Need someone in the know for a podcast interview about how to obtain a HAM license.
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  80. Foundation exam tonight - wish me luck.
  81. Standard exam in 4 weeks...Yikes!! (Do I know nothing or what???)
  82. Any club near to Worcester
  83. Deployed
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  85. Oceania Passed my Standard exam and regs.
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  87. UK Exams 5 august advanced exam
  88. North American Exams I passed two US licence exams!
  89. I need your opinions on Call Sign upgrades
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  91. UK Exams Advanced exam tonight at 19:00 gmt - wish me luck...
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  117. “It’s Good to be General” George S. Patton
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  119. I passed my US Technician test
  120. Turnaround times for exams?
  121. License renewal process
  122. Passed my U.S. General license test today ! Woohoo !
  123. North American Exams I am now KK4RNX
  124. North American Exams General feels mighty good!
  125. North American Exams ARES and FEMA Training
  126. Done it!!
  127. Construction Project for Intermediate Licence
  128. First Radio
  129. Testing
  130. UK Exams Intermediate Course in Chelmsford - March 2014
  131. Need help with getting my license!
  132. Foundation Exam West Sussex 29th - 30th March
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  135. Asia Capacitor voltage
  136. Resistors in parallel
  137. Capacitors in series.
  138. Resistors and voltage
  139. Phase angle
  140. Power factor
  141. Impedance
  142. Reactance when frequency is in the mix.
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  148. Online resources you'd recommend or books I can read?
  149. Aced my General and Extra exams yesterday!!!
  150. Canadian RAC site and practice tests
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  152. Foundation Weekend Course (South Yorkshire)
  153. USA Technician's license ???
  154. UK Exams Possible changes to UK licences from April 2015
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  157. North American Exams US Exams: Some guides still using old question pool
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  160. Need help about UK callsign 73
  161. assigment about Radio mobile
  162. General and Extra power limits
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  165. new (better) way to learn Morse Code
  166. Coming back to the air!
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  168. North American Exams How are test questions chosen and numbered?
  169. Any local testing near Flint, Mi?
  170. United States Technician Class License Operators
  171. Are notes ok to take to testing?
  172. North American Exams How to go straight to General Class?
  173. 8-y.o. son showing an interest...
  174. Sitting US exams in the UK
  175. cw on the mobile phone
  176. North American Exams Amplitude Modulation
  177. best study app for test and morse
  178. Intermediate Licence
  179. North American Exams Just passed Tech and General- thinking about Extra
  180. Can't get newer than me.
  181. Need help understanding What's Group D means
  182. Electrical earthing
  183. North American Exams Taking ARRL Exam soon, anywhere nice to get started.
  184. Hello, new gy here
  185. UK Amateur Radio Full licence study material
  186. North American Exams Training interest Canada
  187. Ham Radio License books
  188. Ham Radio - How Did I Start in This Fascinating Hobby?
  189. curent leading voltage in AE exam ?
  190. Expired License Confusion
  191. North American Exams New member here.
  192. My first radio
  193. North American Exams Test Prep Study Guide
  194. My Path To Passing Tech and General in 14 Days
  195. Will soon be a general class ham again
  196. UK Exams Is it worth paying C&G £44 to replace my certificate from 1981 ?
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  213. Ham books for kids?
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  215. UK Exams Uk foundation licence and dmr hotspot question
  216. Obtain copy of actual exam?
  217. Asia Philippine operating
  218. Gov't Shutdown - will I still get my call sign?
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  220. received my VE badge
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