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  1. Can Someone Help me?
  2. mods.dk
  3. FT-7800R Portable Project...
  4. ...power supplies...
  5. Soldering SO-239 connectors
  6. made my first J-pole
  7. ever made a portable J-pole ?
  8. Using RSSI Output for AM Detection
  9. Radio Kits
  10. help wiring my TM-2 Mic to my KDK FM2030
  11. Really Basic Soldering questions
  12. Modification Logperiodic LP-5 from TITANEX
  13. tentec 1220 reversed polarity problem
  14. no line out on your mobile set?
  15. MKARS80 80M transceiver
  16. Bitx 20m SSB Transciever
  17. What did you last use your soldering iron on?? Just for Fun
  18. Kits to buy & build (without SMDs)
  19. Microwave Engineering Project
  20. Where do you buy components in the UK?
  21. SoftRock-40 Kit
  22. Intermediate soldering?
  23. Cheap PIC development kit
  24. Want to build a transceiver.
  25. DC blocking cap
  26. Looking for suggestions for a progect.
  27. I think I am getting overwhelmed
  28. power amplifier help needed
  29. impedance matching
  30. Wireless router interference
  31. Adapting ham mics to audio world.
  32. Pocket-trx
  33. Soldering Station recommendations sought
  34. Antenna Power
  35. looking for mosfet
  36. Demodulation of serial data
  37. getting on 10ghz or 1296mhz with old sat rx
  38. 85watts out on 4m with the FT-847...
  39. power block
  40. IC 735 remote control question
  42. What test gear do folks have?
  43. Plessey Clansman PRC320
  44. 100khz shift on a 10 meter converted uniden uniace
  45. Ex PMR philips fm1100
  46. Homebrew Amp
  47. Homebrew Coax Dipole
  48. German WW2 Radio Project
  49. Unhomebrewed dipole
  50. calcuating tubular capacitance?
  51. Software Defined Receiver
  52. My first kit.....
  53. need help and info
  54. Home brew repeater
  55. AM radio mod for 40 and 80 M
  56. RockMite Questions
  57. Icom 910/821 Mods for Cubesat Support
  58. Tone Generator for Kenwood TH 215A HT
  59. Amateur radio station capable to decode signals from CubeSat satellites?
  60. Using a TUAAM antenna matching unit - anyone done this ?
  61. Disabled Ham seeks help wiring up a QRP xcvr kit
  62. Using a 50ohm input impedance oscilloscope
  63. advice for project
  64. hand held transmitter, home project, newbie
  65. help with characteristic impedance
  66. basic homebrew mic
  67. Mosfet mixer
  68. Can you identify these ham radio parts
  69. First Construction Tranceiver
  70. Physics Project
  71. Filtering out the carrier with a double balanced mixer
  72. 813 RF amplifier
  73. Yeasu FT-350AR MARS/CAP mod anyone?
  74. high altitude balloon project question
  75. Transceiver Help!
  76. Calculating range vs power
  77. I'm building a dummy load, what oil?
  78. Yaesu 707 question
  79. Hp 8656 a help!!!!
  80. Source for crystals?
  81. Are you interested in getting started in homebrewing / kit building?
  82. Realistic DX-160 early model audio amp mod
  83. Recommendations?
  84. Field morse trasmitter
  85. Pixie 2 cw transceiver kit
  86. Foxhole radio help
  87. FM Radio Modified to Transmitt
  89. Test gear for amateur radio tune up, repair and fettling?
  90. Testing ceramic capacitors
  91. Battery less mobile radio
  92. Locking a DDS oscillator with an external 10Mhz reference
  93. Power supply upgrade
  94. TNC and Radio Grounding
  95. RF Pulse for microcontroller
  96. USB to Morse keyer interface with cheapie sound card
  97. 30 Meters SDR on the Web
  98. Help with Hamtronics T304: Odd Packet Transmit Issues
  99. Datum X-72
  100. Radio transmission feedback
  101. Show us your homebrew
  102. The Sorbie Balun - DIY Project
  103. MFJ-259bSWR Analyzer Schematic and Question
  104. Just pulled a Hallicrafters SX-28 out of storage.
  105. FT-101e - 6146 Mod
  106. Headset for DX'ing and Serious Operating
  107. my adi at-600 battery contacts
  108. Newby wants to build low cost cw / linux radio
  109. Need help identifying transformer: tube ham radio impedance matching, A2496R
  110. My first transmitter, any tips or tricks?
  111. Need a small paddle for my qrp backpack rig
  112. Soldering Iron Recommendations for Newbie.
  113. I want to find crystal filter in/out impedance
  114. Scratchbuilding an AM receiver--maybe a replica TR-1?
  115. Hoping for some help identifying this
  116. Recommendations for kit to build for Intermediate Assessment
  117. Home Brew 9 Volt Battery Clip
  118. A Simple QRP Transverter for 4m (70MHz)
  119. Converting 27 MHz baby monitors
  120. old time battery charger
  121. Regen receiver trouble.
  122. Prospesctive operator, have some questions about equipment
  123. Project: Anderson Powerpole Polarity Checker
  124. Coil Form Generator
  125. Any helpful "guides" for first receiver?
  126. Anyone recognize this?
  127. 2.4 GHz downconverter for quadcopter DF?
  128. Juma Radio Kits Update
  129. How to take apart an Alinco DJ-X11?
  130. Wouxun kg669p
  131. Crystal Osc 30.01 MHz Design
  132. Heathkit Tech wanted
  133. My First Homebrew (aka stupid questions)
  134. Enter Ham Radio Go-Kit Contest for chance to win $50 ARRL Gift Certificate!
  135. Repair of my Icom u2AT, solder connection that was never soldered on Duplex switch
  136. Artificial Ground
  137. Bias Tee
  138. 2m 70cm 23cm LDMOS AMPLIFIERS STACKED
  139. 2m 70cm 23cm LDMOS AMPLIFIERS STACKED
  140. Breaking up long runs of cat 5e ethernet cable
  141. Pocket tool for a $1?
  142. Crystal tester circuit with frequency counter
  143. Modifying a CATV splitter for 50 ohms
  144. audio transformers for balanced modulator
  145. Basic question: resistor values for split supply
  146. VHF oscillator
  147. Trifilar windings: really basic question...
  148. home brew antenna tuner ?
  149. Digital VFO with analogue tuning gang
  150. Radio Kits Digital SWR Metre
  151. looking for further information on homebrew basics pcb
  152. Tuning indicator using AGC.
  153. American wire & shet metal gauges/standards
  154. A simple and cheap AFSK modem
  155. 100 kHz marker
  156. Mode Key
  157. RG-58 A/U Cable and TV twin lead J-Pole
  158. First time post and potential project question
  159. ELF/VLF reciever project guidance
  160. Voice Synth Time Server
  161. Vintage antenna software wanted from ARRL antenna handbook
  162. Maas spa-30II psu
  163. SWR Meter
  164. Buddipole coil repair
  165. Low Cost Frequency Counter Questions
  166. Trio ts700 no BFO
  167. OK, so what next?
  168. Resistors, Dummy lOad.
  169. My version of RF Speech Processor
  170. Perfect modification of W3DZZ by OH2EC
  171. Add a voltage indicator to something
  172. Lots Of Static On 40m Receiver Kit And Homemade Dipole
  173. ardf beacon from a bayfung
  174. Grounding Mobile Radio Console
  175. ICOM ID-880
  176. Foxtrak APRS Tracker
  177. a bizzare thought
  178. Atomic Clock/Frequency Counter
  179. Mercury vapor tubes
  180. aviation radio lead
  181. Lead Acid Ah Load Logger kit
  182. Home brew J-pole feedline question
  183. 2 meter help
  184. KMC-30 Tranceiver Mic to 3.5mm PC Input
  185. Building a classic heathkit with modern parts
  186. A neat little 50 MHz frequency counter
  187. FM transmitter: tuning issues
  188. SMK-2 40m sidetone delay
  189. Morse tutor lost circuit diagram.
  190. Dipole and Balun
  191. Building a few Radio GoBoxes... Need some advice
  192. Foxx 3 40m CW Transceiver
  193. Help converting a Transverter to an amplifier for QRP radio.
  194. Broadband high ratio transformer
  195. Homebrew 1:1 Current Balun
  196. Hand Wired GPS Module & QFH Antenna
  197. Advice Si5351
  198. New PA stage for old Atlas 350XL
  199. Looking for old QST article - want to re-build 2 meter receiver
  200. Noobish questions
  201. Function Generator TFG-3560
  202. STANDARD radio classics
  203. BC-696/ARC-5: AM phone conversion & power supply?
  205. help building this circuit!
  206. SWR/Power meters I built recently
  207. controlling Baofeng using CHIRP commands?
  208. Motorola M1 plug 2 pin mono pole - speakermic schematic
  209. Antennaswitch controlled by Arduino
  210. Automatic Antenna Disconnect
  211. Arduino Transceiver for CW and Digital
  212. Searching control board for HF SSPA 14MHz
  213. A transmitter which needs a second antenna on the base of transistor
  214. Ham Radio + iPhone style Speaker/Mic
  215. Amplifier for Handheld VHF/UHF radio?
  216. silencing a 12volt to 5 volt dc power supply
  217. What Are The Basic Hamshack Tools?
  218. Tesla Amplifying Transmitter
  219. Uk Foundation Licence and kits - practical clarification needed
  220. Dropping exciter power output with attenuator?
  221. Riddle Me This :D
  222. Mic stage mods for ATLAS transceivers
  223. C M Howes DXR20 mk1
  224. Kenwood Paint
  225. STANDARD C178
  226. 2 meter band transmitter
  227. varnish for coil insulation
  228. Replace Electret with dynamic microphone
  229. BNC plug crimp pliers- wanted
  230. Common Mode Current Meter
  231. Mighty Mite battery
  232. VFO for transceiver kit?
  233. Advice Needed: Building Custom Radio Setup For My Son
  234. Where to find an air capacitor
  235. Dipole Gap
  236. Need pointed in the right direction, CTCSS tone encoder for older Kenwood
  237. Call for new project: TNC with Cypress PSOC
  238. My new HomeMade tube HF QRO (in progress)
  239. Morse Paddle Spec Considerations
  240. Go-Box Build
  241. Which Solder Iron
  242. QRP Pixie
  243. USB digital modes interface, easy to build and cheap.
  244. Want to build a mag loop antenna, would this variable cap work? how?
  245. UFH/VHF Choke Balun vs Snap-on Ferrite Choke
  246. Idea for a New Type of Battery for HT
  247. Multi band transceiver??
  248. Parts Supplier in the UK
  249. J J J Electronics HF Transceiver V1 Instructions
  250. FT60 and Digipeater/iGate