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  24. 10 meter whip.
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  31. PACTOR IIe RESTart?
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  34. Who here actually operates (10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm) mobile?
  35. Using my radio in the car.
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  41. Green Question
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  46. interference
  47. Smartrigs? like smartphones, anyone make?
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  64. Mobile operating
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  69. Audio is very low for the receiving party.
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  72. Old newbie needs advice - UK.
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  74. ctcss
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  91. Lighted Rocker Switches
  92. 2m/440 cross band repeat and aprs
  93. total newbie looking for SHORT-range radios for biking in a group...
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  95. trying to use repeaters
  96. Removing Radio from car to use as base station and back to car
  97. Engine Noise Through Antenna
  98. Newbie looking for advice!
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  101. Newb with a Motorola GM300
  102. Funky Behavior from Baofeng - Kenwood Combo
  103. Trouble finding information on echo link repeater
  104. New to Ham'n... back from a long break. Bought a mobile... need some advice FTM-400DR
  105. Antenna Mounting
  106. Recommend a mobile rig for 2m/VHF/UHF (inc. GMRS)
  107. And so it begins ... 2m install in 1994 Bronco
  108. Newbie: Handheld Choppy Reception in Moving Car
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  110. Three weeks operating from a Narrowboat in the UK. starting Aug 8th
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  113. Bonding Braid
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  117. Bar Beacon, walsall , midlands
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  120. studying for the technician license. need help on getting set-up
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  122. request info for a story I'm writing
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  124. NPOTA
  125. inexpensive compact mobile
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  127. Aviation bands
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  129. Alpha Antenna 6-40 Moto mobile HF antenna
  130. Mobile Instead of Base Station
  131. Small radio help
  132. Please help a nubie with mobile radio issue
  133. Nagoya UT-72 Crackling
  134. Can't transmit at all. Please help
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  136. Got my license! Now what all do I need for a vehicle install?
  137. need help programming ICOM IC-2200H with CHIRP
  138. Using Irish Repeaters
  139. help on choosing radio and setting up boat
  140. Ftm-100dr or Ic 2730
  141. NEWBIE HELP: How are repeaters used on an HT?
  142. Mobile installation in vehicle that has custom high powered stereo amplifiers
  143. Portable from the Seychelles 30.9-15.10.17
  144. Quad Band Radios?
  145. To HF or not to HF
  146. networed repeaters between Socal and Melbourne FL?
  147. Yaesu 8900, can it be modded to have the mic connected to the main unit
  148. Mobile Quad Band Antenna Vehicle Mounting?
  149. Stationary RV Antenna
  150. Go Box Let's see them
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  152. Coax in-feed question
  153. Noob trying to listen to repeater, baofeng uv-5r
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  155. Need advice on antenna/mobile set-up
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  157. Simplex Communication
  158. HAM in the wilderness
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  162. Whip aerials on Polish/Romanian vans?
  163. electrical problem
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  165. TYT th-9800 Antenna help
  166. Connecting to a hands free kit?
  167. Vehicle grounding
  168. Icom 2720 cross and repeat
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