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  3. Propagation Prediction
  4. What do you use for day to day logging
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  7. HamShack
  8. Net Control Log
  9. pcr1000 and MacIntosh driver
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  12. Linux Logbook
  13. New Version of PacTerm/PKTerm for Windows
  14. Ionosphere browser - antone played with it?
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  18. HamLogWeb, put your log online!
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  21. Requirements for computer interface (Rig control and TCP/IP)
  22. Logging, and the like
  23. CW program to linux?
  24. Compaq net-book
  25. I have a question about Spectrogram 16
  26. Can someone help me with echolink
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  28. Survey for school about ham radio
  29. iPhone / iPod / iPad Ham Radio Apps
  30. Problem setting up laptop for EchoLink
  31. Klog and DX clusters
  32. Ham radio delux cables
  33. Paper log
  34. MPM Morse Factory Trainer for Android
  35. New Logging Program
  36. Emergency message handling
  37. US Zones
  38. Yet another featureless logging program
  39. Wouxun KG-UV3D Software Questions
  40. CW Keyer software
  41. Satellite decode software
  42. Easy to use home station logging software for Windows (AMV1)
  43. RONWAY F14 software-Urgent
  44. Wouxun programming freeware, it works well!
  45. qsl and logging differnt location
  46. Download JT-Alert V1.4.1
  47. Qsl cards
  48. EnzoLog the first Web-Log with Cluster
  50. Logging Communications
  51. Circuit Analysis / Modelling Websites
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  53. MAC OS X Logger - Saving Date/Time ?
  54. What's missing from your Logging Software?
  55. Android digimodes?
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  58. Numerical optimizer for LTSpice
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  64. Any Software For Android Devices
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  66. Help! What logging program should I use??
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  68. Problem with CAT interface.
  69. modern (and open source) antenna modeling program?
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  71. NEw version Swisslog for Windows 5.9a
  72. Help importing an old DX Base database file
  73. Mac Logging Software
  74. Digipan Set Up Help
  75. Good and User Friendly Logging Software
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  77. Raspberry Pi
  78. Need help with a new PC setup for CW etc.
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  81. Web Based Logging Application
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  85. About AC6V site
  86. Installing CHIRP without python?
  87. Can I print CHIRP csv file with location comments
  88. ECHOLINK welcome AUDIO on an EMBEDDED irlp/echolink node
  89. Leixen VV-898 and the Leixen programming software
  91. Hytera PD565 Firkware Upgrade Issue
  92. OFCOM call site validation
  93. simple log
  94. DM780 Super Browser modes
  95. CHIRP programming software iOS Mac Pro USB Drivers
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  97. If you like JT65, FT8 etc .... this is a nice software tool.
  98. FLDigi and eQSL
  99. Digimodes FT 450D with DigiMaster Pro 3
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  105. Yaesu FT-890 control software
  106. New Programmer for Yaesu FT-2D & FT-3D Handhelds
  107. New Windows programming software for Yaesu FT-3D
  108. TNXLOG for Android - logger for convenient work with TNXQSO.com
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  110. Problems computer programing
  111. Computer OS
  112. Cloudlog Logger
  113. Windows 3.1 to Yaesu 757gx
  114. Chirp soft to save memories Help
  115. Serial port sniffing
  116. Newbie looking for best logging software for Icom 735 - if that is even possible
  117. HYPERLOG 4