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  1. Newb here, help me choose a radio
  2. A Little Advice Please
  3. Plessey Clansman PRC320
  4. HF Projects
  5. Pimp-My-Rig
  6. Hobby newb very confused & looking at Yeasu radio's
  7. ARES Enid, Oklahoma, Garfield County USA
  8. Hallicrafters in the shack
  9. Motorola GM-300
  10. What rig should I buy???
  11. A Little Help?
  12. Microphone Socket Wiring yaesu ft-707
  13. Vintage Military radio item found.
  14. 2 meter basestation?
  15. help identify collins rack type radio
  16. foundation rigs
  17. Motorola GP340 help
  18. Good inexpenisve rado for satellite work
  19. Advice to a newbie for Emergency Handheld Radio
  20. antenna help
  21. What is a RIT/XIT?
  22. Laptop recommendations
  23. DX Rig
  24. Things have changed a bit...
  25. Old Callsigns
  26. Amateur TV?
  27. What to get???
  28. Traveling/RV'ing whatever you want to call it....
  29. Computer Batteries Power a radio
  30. Advice on my first radio
  31. Im new-- looking for some advice
  33. can anyone help???
  34. Albrecht AE 560
  35. Looking for Mobile Setup
  36. What's up with these 10 meter "CB"s on Ebay?
  37. What kind of radio?
  38. Earth cable
  39. 23cm & 10Ghz Radios
  40. barrett 950
  41. FT102 keeps blowing a fuse
  42. Scanner for sounding equipment
  43. New....
  44. HAM Radios in Rural Honduras scenario
  45. Taking Radios from UK to USA on Holiday
  46. live broadcast of Dayton Hamvention
  47. Yaesu vs Icom on a budget
  48. A New Ham
  49. Want to begin Ham radio.
  50. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  51. Trying to test a DJ-580T
  52. Kind People Please Help
  53. tech TE 20 signal generator
  54. I want a field setup HF radio. And it's my first. in a way
  55. I need help with an OLD receiver.
  56. Weather Balloon Setup
  57. Operating colchester kids day
  58. Foundation Licence with FT-897
  59. Got my license...Need a radio
  60. live video broadcast of Huntsville, Al hamfest
  61. Telescopic Mast
  62. Stolen Equipment
  63. What radio? - any advice?
  64. Wire J-Pole?
  65. MFJ-969 Ant tuner - Worth getting?
  66. Band Openings
  67. New Ham, new radio
  68. RIP the SK's of 9/11
  69. Interested getting involved!
  70. The best prefix list.
  71. Handheld with large reception
  72. What should i buy ????
  73. New to Ham Radio
  74. NOAA Satellite
  75. Price comparison
  76. Long Wave Radio Question
  77. What is your most pressing question about Amateur Radio?
  78. Weather balloon weather station.
  79. Shortwave Questions
  80. Leaning Ametuer Radio, would like some info.
  81. Once again, I need help with a (handheld) radio.
  82. help needed!
  83. Upgrading
  84. Radio for paragliding
  85. Computer Controlled Sets
  86. Cold War Era tubes parts military radar
  87. Wouxun KG-UVDIP
  88. Schematics for hallicrafters sx-101
  89. Need Advice On Finding Good Portable Receiver
  90. $5000 Budget, New Club, What would you buy?
  91. Bhi dsp
  92. First rig; Pulling everything together
  93. New
  94. What to do with inherited Ham Radio & stuff??!!
  95. Looking for a RS232/USB VHF/UHF scanner dongle
  96. New to radio / Improvised antennas / What frq. to listen in to?
  97. Newbie looking for good Portable radio...
  98. Radio Accessories Need advice
  99. Burning Smell when Keying Up
  100. New to Ham Radio and needs some answers please!!!
  101. New and need advice before blowing money on the wrong things.. :)
  102. Handheld Radios HT1250LS Programming
  103. Looking for suggestions for starting home rig.
  104. Newbie- Should I get a radio off Craigslist
  105. Radio Accessories Newbie [Hardware]- Computer interface with a ICOM 910H and my rotator
  106. VHF advice
  107. Handheld Radios Recommend me a miniture VHF transciever?
  108. Handheld Radios Range of Handheld Radios
  109. AR Newbie: What to do?
  110. Using other frequencies
  111. Old HAM new to 2 meter marine radio
  112. What is the TVI situation today?
  113. Looking for rig suggestions
  114. New, No Idea What To Do
  115. Need help finding a good hand held
  116. Handheld ham radio that can do CB and Family Radio
  117. First radio question
  118. Awesome Homebrew HF No Tune Antenna
  119. 50 years of ARS
  120. Brand New to HAM
  121. Buying Second Hand gear
  122. amcomm s-225
  123. Miss-understood radio terms.
  124. Help me decide!!!!
  125. On the Road – From “Where We’ve Been” to “Where We’re Going”
  126. FT-900 output power not constant
  127. Help with Radio Tracking
  128. health concern with ham radio
  129. Heathkit Net?
  130. HAM etiquette (emergencies)
  131. Data Communication
  132. newbie with questions
  133. Handheld Radios Antenna Problem
  134. Handheld Radios Making a decision between handhelds
  135. Portable Radios Portable Transceiver Grounding
  136. Interference
  137. Ham Radio Identity Theft
  138. Will ham do me any good in my situation?
  139. Base Radios Need Help Getting Started ....
  140. CHEAP transceivers???
  141. Legality of selling ham radio equipment?
  142. Newbie question
  143. How can I talk to someone 10,000km away with a radio?
  144. NEED HELP - new at this and need to find TRANSCEIVER
  145. Questions About getting into the Hobby.
  146. Base Radios ICOM IC-M710 - Whow to Open Ham Bands
  147. Base Radios Heathkit GR-78 Question
  148. Need some opinions
  149. Newbe needs help!
  150. Newbie's first radio
  151. radio to linear interface
  152. Internet Over Radio?
  153. Active repeaters
  154. Signal Generator
  155. Base Radios Building an HF Shack budget and trade offs...
  156. Fdc160a/460a
  157. My radio wish list
  158. PstRotator - software for antenna rotators control
  159. Radio Repeaters Theft at GB3JB (Repeater on reduced power)
  160. Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloon (ARHAB)
  161. Looking for interesting amateur radio facts
  162. World Amateur Radio Day - 18 April 2011
  163. Ofcom forced to publish tests on dodgy radio kit (Power Line Transformers)
  164. Dual band rig?
  165. Handheld Radios Advice on new HTS dual band and APRS
  166. Mobile Radios Multi-Band Rigs
  167. Mobile Radios First radio FT-2900R or IC-2200H
  168. DC 12 volts? solar energizer
  169. Mills On The Air 14/15th May
  170. One Way Data link with Motorola VRM850
  171. Interested in Communicating with a Satellite for an Ionosphere Experiment?
  172. Standard 520
  173. Advice for a Newbe
  174. I need help with this answer from all or one of you Elmer's out there!
  175. GB4SLB Selsey Lifeboat 150th Anniversary
  176. Handheld Radios Yanton Radio Issues
  177. Newbie Greeting and Question
  178. Mobile Radios High altitude Balloon
  179. 449 Slim Jim Help
  180. Please help me choose a radio
  181. Amplifier from Vintage Car Phones
  182. Another Noob looking for radio recommendation
  183. Handheld Radios Need Help with quansheng tg-uv2 and BHD b-1100 handhelds.
  184. Handheld Radios Finally, access to the radio experts!
  185. One Rig or Two?
  186. Handheld Radios Getting Started - HT and an antenna in a flat!
  187. Setting up WSPR
  188. Best Antenna?
  189. Mobile Radios Where should I go?
  190. decoding with software
  191. Signal Link USB & 857d
  192. chop chop chop sound ( help)
  193. Heathkit HR-10
  194. Ham radio Forum need Collins Radio ID (military?)
  195. 75 Ohm Coax?
  196. Base Radios New/old ham needs some guidance.
  197. Packet over CB
  198. got my first ham handy talky
  199. October 2, 2011 – West Liberty, Iowa – Southeast Iowa Hamfest
  200. Low SWR, low power?
  201. Handheld Radios Wouxun Handhelds
  202. Google Latitude
  203. Looking to get into HAM
  204. Radio's and SWR meters.
  205. Different kind of radio questions
  206. HF/6m Base Station
  207. Best HF Antenna for neighborhoods with HOA restrictions
  208. 2.5khz v 5khz Deviation on 2m Radios - confused.
  209. 2m Handheld Radio - Recomendations
  210. How Much Power?
  211. Bought vs Built
  212. Why are we HAMS?
  213. New Phonetics?
  214. Quansheng Hand Held
  215. CB AMP For Ham Radio Use?
  216. Handheld Radios Advice needed
  217. Advice for Audio RF link
  218. Getting Discouraged
  219. Handheld Radios Baofeng uv-3r won't turn off
  220. Amateur looking for some help
  221. Portable Radios Motorola XTS3000
  222. Grounding Question
  223. Radio Accessories Do i need sequencer?
  224. Base Radios Software defined versus conventional sets, discuss please.
  225. Any detailed photos of inside some of the high end SDR boxes of tricks?
  226. Radio Accessories Cheapest, best HF radio for new General License holder
  227. Transmitting w/o a lincense question
  228. Base Radios Studying for Foundation- Buying Advice for Essentials
  229. Yaesu FT-7900r with P25 encryption?
  230. Het capacitor, please can you tell me what this is for?
  231. Drake L-48 Linear Amplifier
  232. Yaesu Ft-7900r relocation cable
  233. RTL2832/E4000 receiver - frequencies off
  234. Questions about getting into ham radio
  235. Planning to take ham radio course
  236. Portable Radios Looking for Portable Recommendation
  237. Getting Back On The Air ---- RIG Info Requests ( ICOM IC-7410
  238. So how exactly do auto antenna tuners work? ...
  239. So how exactly do auto antenna tuners work? ...
  240. Handheld Radios Yaesu FT60 or Wouxun KG-UV6D Pro-Pack?
  241. VX-8DR - which extended battery?
  242. Repeter Help
  243. what‘s the Common frequency?
  245. Yaesu FT-7900 Amateur Go Box
  246. Grounding rod question
  247. Handheld Radios Need advice please
  248. FM radio weirdness in Devon. What was going on here?
  249. Journalist/reporter curious if ham radio contributed to the invention of the WWW?