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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Today, 17:16
    I would take the hard drive out of the 3.1 system and temporarily connect it to the XP system via IDE cable just like the XP systems HDD and use XP OS to copy the files to the other HDD then reinstall the HDD in the 3.1 computer. If the XP system uses SATA instead of IDE (which i doubt), you can find a usb to IDE controller used with older external hard drives to do the same job.
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Today, 14:56
    You could try laplink if your XP machine has a serial port, transfer the files over that way, otherwise, try an ethernet PCMCIA card?
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  • M0TZO's Avatar
    Today, 13:44
    I'm not sure if you are joking or being serious, but if the latter even Microsoft stopped supporting 19 years ago, it maybe time to upgrade.
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  • KD9KVS's Avatar
    Today, 01:53
    Big step for me using C.A.T. To control my rig. The problem that I am having is getting the information from windows xp format floppy, onto my ibm windows 3.1 laptop. I cannot seem to get the information to transfer either way to operate. The serial port works on both machines, but terminal is missing off of the windows 3.1 laptop. Does anyone have any ideas for me on this? I donít want to run it through an emulator, but an original machine. It is an original 3.1 ibm, no usb, no Ethernet, does have pcmi slots, but getting the software on 3.5 floppy to run that does not seem a possibility. Thank you.
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  • KD9KVS's Avatar
    Today, 01:39
    I am hearing them at 6-7 years old on the repeaters here. They are knowledgeable about the hobby and seem to be having fun. I think the younger generation is beginning to be drawn in. Iím 32 and was to busy before I became disabled. Now memory is an issue of course, but I have to study hard and work for it. If you look online many schools are doing ham radio programs beyond talking to iss. Hope this gives you some hope.
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  • David P's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:53
    Good evening. After about three months after passing My foundation exam, it seems to Me that the hobby is full of over 40. (I Myself is a young 61),I may be wrong. My question is how will the hobby attract young/younger members?. All the contacts I have spoken to are late 40s on wards. How do clubs or RSGB plan to address this situation?. Also in all My contacts, none were female so far. Do the general public know what armature radio is all about? True that the practical part of the exam has been stopped or put on ice, but a exam has to be taken. I think that the radio hobby should publicized or more approachable. How many carry a handheld in the street, the only radio the public see in a store is a security guards, with a ear plug in. I have walked through shopping centre with a handheld on, quietly, and asdas. If We are licenced, we can do this legally. Any coments welcome. M7ATX
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  • Tempstar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:13
    Tempstar replied to a thread Help identify Mast in Accessories
    That looks like an old military mast I once had mounted on a trailer. You may never find the maker as they were contracted out.
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  • trash86d's Avatar
    Fri 7th Aug 2020, 23:59
    What equipment do i need to broadcast a frequency from 93 to 15 Mhz into deep space? This is a strange request I know,bare with me.
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  • M0TZO's Avatar
    Fri 7th Aug 2020, 08:42
    M0TZO replied to a thread post not showing up in The Junk Box
    James is referring to our Private Mod Team forum. I can't see the Kenwood post, so please feel free to post again, and will make sure to either approve or let you know why it's not.
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  • Steve Magee's Avatar
    Thu 6th Aug 2020, 22:25
    Hi James, Cant find the post in mods, when I do a search for my posts it only brings up this one ? Cheers Steve GW7VFJ
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  • M0TZO's Avatar
    Thu 6th Aug 2020, 11:15
    Since getting back into radio last year when I got Yaesu FT-991A and selling my old FT-897 I've been using 2M0SQL (Admin on here too) online logger called Cloudlog. If you run own Server running PHP & MySQL can setup for free or can have a low cost hosted solution from him. Visit to download the software. So many features, but the one I like is I can use on any Device (I've even tested on a e-Ink Kindle), can connect to some radios, and is actively updated, has features for managing satellite contacts, award tracking, QSL management, and more.
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  • G7NFP's Avatar
    Thu 6th Aug 2020, 08:42
    G7NFP replied to a thread Another pre noob in Introduce yourself
    No update. Perhaps he has decided PMR radio may be a better option as no exams or licence required. Although 5yr olds are passing the Tech exam so no reason why any educated adult would have any difficulty with that exam. Judging by the spelling & punctuation in the OPs post l reckon he would sail through that exam.
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  • M0TZO's Avatar
    Thu 6th Aug 2020, 08:16
    M0TZO started a thread IOTA Contest in Contesting
    Good morning, In hopes of making forum a bit more active I'm going to post stuff myself. So today, did anyone take part in the IOTA contest? I took part from home as a Single Band entry on 20m SSB and made 30 contacts with my MFJ 1788x Mag Loop (horizontally mounted). How did you do?
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  • G7NFP's Avatar
    Wed 5th Aug 2020, 18:19
    Unsure which section would be appropriate to post those on. Was also unaware there was any restrictions re number of post prior to adding attachments. Perhaps it's to do with guys joining only to spam.
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  • M0TZO's Avatar
    Wed 5th Aug 2020, 14:38
    M0TZO started a thread New UK Online Club in Clubs
    I thought I'd post about a new UK online club using Discord. Online Amateur Radio Community runs on the Discord chat platform, and is registered with the RSGB and has it's own Callsign and runs training too. Click link for more info
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  • m0bov's Avatar
    Wed 5th Aug 2020, 09:47
    m0bov replied to a thread post not showing up in The Junk Box
    Hi, I came across it yesterday and approved. There was a huge list which I approved. I have posted in our mods section to see what can be done.
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  • G7NFP's Avatar
    Wed 5th Aug 2020, 08:29
    BTech DMR 6x2. Only on sale in USA. Worth checking out the reviews if you are considering a dmr radio as it's one of the best options on the market ATM.
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  • G7NFP's Avatar
    Wed 5th Aug 2020, 07:56
    G7NFP replied to a thread New guy from PNW in Introduce yourself
    One of the best DMR radios on the market ATM is the BTech DMR 6x2. It's actually an Anytone D686 on steroids. Only on sale in USA ATM. Therefore if l wanted one l would need to import it. TBH l have even considered that. Check out the reviews & compare it to the rest. Although the Alinco may have all the features that you are going to need. So the BTech may be worth printing out & leave around the house in the run up to Xmas or birthdays lol.
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  • 2E0FVL's Avatar
    Wed 5th Aug 2020, 07:33
    2E0FVL replied to a thread post not showing up in The Junk Box
    Steve, Sorry it shouldn't take that long for a post to be approved, I've had a look but nothing waiting, so I would post again. Welcome to the forum.
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  • KE8MVZ's Avatar
    Tue 4th Aug 2020, 21:06
    KE8MVZ started a thread Mobile Radios New ham in Amateur Radios
    Good afternoon from the Buckeye state. I am a fairly new ham operator that pursued a license for the purpose of installing a mobile radio in my SUV for emergencies when I travel to locations with bad cell coverage. This was my original intent but after looking into the hobby I want more so I will be attending my first club meeting tonight to meet other operators in my area and learn from those that have been in this hobby. Is there a mobile ham radio that you would recommend for a newbie that I could install in my 4x4 to use while traveling in those areas where cell coverage might not exist? I would like it to have crossband repeat for those times I am hiking or away from my vehicle so that I can use a handheld ham radio. Thank you for any assistance.
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  • G7NFP's Avatar
    Tue 4th Aug 2020, 19:08
    G7NFP replied to a thread New guy from PNW in Introduce yourself
    Many congrads to you
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  • G7NFP's Avatar
    Tue 4th Aug 2020, 19:05
    G7NFP replied to a thread Off-roader ham'er in Introduce yourself
    Yes l know. It matters not if you are a licenced ham or not. The offense relates to transmission on frequencies which a license is not held for. Much the same if you drive a lorry whilst holding a car license. They treat it as unlicensed. Plenty sources to download the relevent study material for free. Have a look at the threads in this section. Sounds like you only need the Tech license so not much study required there as 5yr olds pass that exam.
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