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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:03
    There are folks who love CW, but I'm one who cannt follow it. But I'll try FT8 digital next year. Welcome to the hobby !
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:01
    I spent $500 on a used Alinco DXsr8, and about the same on an antenna. Then the power meter, the antenna tuner, etc. Welcome to the hobby !
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:59
    Howdy ! Welcome to the forums and back into the hobby.
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:54
    I use N3FJP's logging software. Paid the shareware fee. It has stood me in good stead. Tried others, they either didn't like my computer, or the software didn't do what I wanted.
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  • 1saintly's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:22
    1saintly started a thread Homeplugs in The Junk Box
    Hi i am totally out my depth with HAM Radio. Only reason i signed up, was that i have been told that if i use Homeplugs to distribute my Internet/network around my house, it will cause interference to any nearby HAM Radio users, as i don't know if any live nearby, i can't go and ask them, don't want to plug them in only to find out i am blocking or interfering with their radio.
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  • WA9WVX's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:57
    Hi Dave, I read your reply and then opened each JPEG separately. I had to reread the reply referring to the filters which I understand now. It's never to late to put on my Christmas list. I'll need to compare the RSP1A and the RSP2 for pricing as you've stated they practically do the same options which is a good thing. I was also thinking that I would need another computer for my ham radio software and a separate display on the operating desk and leave the main computer for other things such as this forum & e-mailing friends. I wonder if you have played with the Digital Voice on the HF Bands? I have a neighboring ham who lives 1/2 mile northeast of my home and he gets on the air at 7 AM local time with many other operators and they go to each band to check the propagation around the U.S. Here's the Digital Voice website: There's already HF Frequencies set up for the operators around the world. I want to explore the use of this mode as it uses half the bandwidth of a normal SSB...
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  • WA1MAD's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:49
    I use and have been using for 2 years, LOG4OM. It is very robust but not overly so. The support is incredible and it's FREE. A paypal donation from time to time is always appreciated. I also have tried and do like HRD free. But I find it's so busy and does so much, that it is confusing. That's my 2 cents worth.
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  • dtrewren's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:16
    Hi Dan, The SDrPlay unit I went for was the RSP2 which has the additional HiZ antenna input and also more control over the front end gain. However, since my purchase they have introduced the RSP1A which has many of the aforementioned features but with only one standard antenna input - which is all you need for a tap input. When I use PSK31 most of my responses are macro based. After a very short time you build up some quite sophisticated macros negating the need to do much lengthy typing but just inserting the odd bit here and there. I am going to have a crack at FT-8 as my decoder of choice can handle this even newer mode. There is a lot of activity on JT65, getting lots of contacts deep into Russia as well as over the pond into the East coast of the US. So far my most distant decode from the UK was Tasmania on JT65. I have attached another couple of images showing the SDR narrow band selectivity. The first image shows the spectrum zoomed right in with a 250Hz CW filter applied. The second...
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  • WA9WVX's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:51
    Hi Dave, Well I had forgotten the fact about doing a quantity of ten boards as a first run prototype build. It's good to know that this SDRPlay Receiver will do multiple receiving modes because when I read through the information it listed AM & FM which isn't much good in the ham bands. As I read your reply this indicated to me that the SDRPlay Receiver was much like having a separate receiver to tune different bands / frequencies besides whatever you had your FT-450D listening on at the same time. I made note that the SDRPlay Receiver is manufactured in the United Kingdom (because of the VAT Tax) but I could order one (I'm not sure which one I would order) and modify my Elecraft tapping a similar location within the receive section. It might be some what more difficult to do as Elecraft doesn't supply any overlays or parts list for their equipment. Had I known this fact, I probably wouldn't have bought one on the new or used market. I discovered this fact when my Elecraft K3 took a Lightning hit so...
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  • dtrewren's Avatar
    Wed 13th Dec 2017, 15:00
    Hello Dan, Apologies for not responding - I assumed the forum would email if a post was left but it didn't happen. I have attached a screen shot from the SDRPlay software SDRuno which shows the supported modes. The software covers quite a few modes AM, SAM, FM, CW, DSB, LSB, USB and digital. There are a whole bunch of other options for standard filtering or you can define your own filters - there is a lot under the hood. Since completing the mod I usually have the SDR monitoring a section of the band. If I am just receiving for fun it is very easy to see where and when QSOs are popping up and very simply to hop about with the mouse chasing conversations. Also it is handy just to pop up the band and at a glace you can see how much is going on - an active band is very easy to spot. At the moment I am really into PSK31 and JT65 especially the latter. Routing audio from the SDR into the JT65 decoder gives similar results compared with routing audio from the Yaesu into the decoder. With the CAT...
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Tue 12th Dec 2017, 22:09
    The current draw on transmit should be reflected in the specifications (in the manual) for the particular radio. The 25W RF output is something entirely different from the amount of power consumed during transmit. If the radio has variable transmit power settings, then the specifications should reflect the current draw at each setting.
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  • WA9WVX's Avatar
    Mon 11th Dec 2017, 21:46
    Hello Bryan, One of my former job responsibilities while working in a Motorola R & D Lab required me to build a Portable 12 V DC Battery Pack. These Battery Packs were made up of three +12 V DC at 20 Ampere Batteries and oh man they were heavy something like 60 pounds! These Battery Packs were used in conjunction with our 25 W FM Portable Repeaters built into an attachť case that weighed 28 pounds by itself. When I would test these Repeaters, I would use the internal Power Supply and I could monitor the DC Current being drawn. As I remember the 25 W Repeaters drew 8~9 Amperes on Transmit at +13.6 V DC which was within the Specifications for the DC requirements. So when taking the +13.6 V DC times the 8 Ampere DC Current this would equal 108.8 W DC Input Power. When switched to the External +12 V DC at 60 Ampere Battery Pack, the 25 W FM Repeater would pull +12 V DC at 9 Ampere which equals 108 W DC Input. I would have to agree with Phil M0KPH that the Wal-Mart Portable Battery Pack is hardly worth the...
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  • WA9WVX's Avatar
    Mon 11th Dec 2017, 20:39
    Hello Dave, While scrolling through the SDRPLAY Specifications for this DC to White Light SDR Receiver (1 KHz to 2 GHz), I was looking for the modes this receiver could handle and I only found AM & FM which seemed strange. I think down at VLF Digital is used but I could be mistaken. The shortwave bands mostly used AM but our ham bands use AM, SSB, CW, FM, SSTV, ATV / DTV & Multiple Digital Formats. I'm not sure where the external SDR receiver is or has an advantage for the casual user and only having the availability of 10 MHz, this SDR receiver would be difficult to use as a Spectrum Analyzer. Your interface board turned out very well for the 7.1 MHz Injection Signal and 50 OHM Input Signals and the combination of the FT-450D & SDRPLAY appears as Standard Option. I'm almost thinking that a ham operator could do this modification to most of the present transceivers on the market today. Although many ham operators don't have access to a CNC or Milling Machine available to them so we would need to use...
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Mon 11th Dec 2017, 18:28
    one thing to remember is that no radio (to my knowledge) is 100% efficient. No radio (to my knowledge) puts out all the power it draws. The radio uses some energy in just working...your rated output will never be the figure you will use to determine your power requirement. Your manual should tell you the minimum rated power supply to use.
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  • CLCurtin9's Avatar
    Mon 11th Dec 2017, 18:22
    CLCurtin9 replied to a thread Longest DX to date in Propagation
    I also contacted ZS6CCY in South Africa last year on December 18th. It was my 3rd HF contact after just setting up my first station. I was using a G5RV at about 40ish feet with 100 watts.
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  • Pastakattila's Avatar
    Mon 11th Dec 2017, 17:16
    Hey, this is my first post. I'm trying to build a super regen based on this schematic: However it just won't work for some reason. It doesn't make any noise if I build it exactly like the schematic says. However if I remove the grounding from gate of the transistor it starts making hum but I can't find any stations. Has anyone here managed to build something like this? Are there other simple super regen designs?
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Mon 11th Dec 2017, 16:54
    Alas, you cannot simply divide the output wattage with the input voltage. I have a voltage and current monitor in my mobile set up, which reads 2.43A at 14.0V when my radio is transmitting and set to 10W. A quick interpolation calculation shows you can expect around 6A at 25W. Given the device you show is rated at 7AH, then you could expect just over an hour continues operation, which should be ok as an emergency backup. However, the device doesn’t advise on maximum peak current flow. Kind regards,
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  • hoochrulez55's Avatar
    Mon 11th Dec 2017, 15:22
    Hi all, So I'm running a 25 watt TX out mobile radio at the standard 12 volts. Since it has a cigarette plug female adapter built in I was think about getting one of these: I'm just curious as to if it will work for me to run emergency battery power out in the field. 25W/12V is a 2.08A draw which should work. Any feedback would be appreciated thanks! 73,
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Sun 10th Dec 2017, 23:10
    pmh replied to a thread Hello, North Texas in Introduce yourself
    Hello, And welcome to the forum. +1 for joining a club. Kind regards,
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Sun 10th Dec 2017, 22:49
    pmh replied to a thread Yaesu Ft-891 preset modes in Yaesu
    This is covered extensively in the manual. Press and hold the key for 1 second and the MODE SELECT screen will appear. Use the tuning knob to select the mode. Pressing the band button or the PTT should return you back to the main screen. Kind regards, Phil
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  • AndyG0CCX's Avatar
    Sun 10th Dec 2017, 20:33
    AndyG0CCX replied to a thread Longest DX to date in Propagation
    I've not had an HF antenna for years, since someone kindly stole the 25' aluminium pole holding up one end of my G5RV (and my 2 year old son needed my shack for a bedroom - he still has it, 27 years later!) I used to have a triband beam and thought that going 'down' to just a wire would put an end to things HF-wise. But a quick look through the logbook shows a VP8 Falklands and a ZP5 Paraguay in September 88, a JH0 Japan, a TU2 Ivory Coast and a 3DA Swaziland in March 1990, amongst a host of European, US and Canadian contacts. All running the TS930s barefoot - the 1990 DX QSOs mentioned were all on 10m. So wires and relatively low power can work, if the conditions allow. I wonder if I'll ever be able to do that again, given the declining band conditions. .
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  • MitchellB's Avatar
    Sun 10th Dec 2017, 20:11
    MitchellB replied to a thread Longest DX to date in Propagation
    I'm surprised more folks have not talked about their DXing stories. I am not good enough with my CW to use it yet, but Vegas to Kerguelen Island (had to look that up) with 25 watts is amazing work. The best I ever did running 100w barefoot was just barely under 5000 miles to Serbia in Europe on 40m voice. I could often hear stations much further away clearly, but could never break that 5000 mile limit transmitting until I was fortunate enough to add a linear a few months ago. I try to keep the amp down under 300 watts until I can upgrade my coax & tuner, but just that little bit of extra transmitting power has helped alot.
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  • Garyo's Avatar
    Sun 10th Dec 2017, 16:15
    Garyo started a thread Yaesu Ft-891 preset modes in Yaesu
    Iím a new guy and just purchased a 891. I wanted to know if you can change the preset modes? Is it possible to change from USB to LSB? I canít seem to find a way.
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  • G0NMY's Avatar
    Sat 9th Dec 2017, 15:22
    There is a place for all data methods D-Star has a good Repeater network but cost does exclude some hams from going that way. However there are now quite a few gateways appearing that support all 4 methods and interlinking works well So D-star DMR Fusion and P25 can all be linked together. This puts hams in a unique position that the commercial companies dont have. DMR is the cheapest option radio wise. and it has introduced a lot of Fence sitters into the world of digital radio. Im not sure where you are located tony, but if you are in the USA you have a very large network of digital repeaters that is growing quickly. Over here in the UK DMR repeaters are growing, however there are quite a few 4 mode repeaters being built. So who knows what the future mode will be its growing very quickly though!
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Fri 8th Dec 2017, 19:16
    Obed replied to a thread Hello, North Texas in Introduce yourself
    The best way would likely be to find the local amateur radio club in your area. Most clubs have a few members who enjoy the elmer role and would like to help you get involved. Here in the Houston area there are at least 4 different clubs that I know of, not sure what part of north Texas you live in but a google search should help you find the club(s) in your area. When it comes to equipment, it is much like ford or chevy... each person has their own particular favorite.
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Fri 8th Dec 2017, 17:23
    There's quite a lot of activity around 151 MHz:
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Fri 8th Dec 2017, 16:59
    paulears replied to a thread one long radial ? in Antennas
    Radials would be bonded in the centre - but radials just function as a poorer version of a real ground plane, unless the radials are actually part of the resonant components of the antenna design - like when they are identical in length to the vertical element. With a conductive component laid on, or spiked down to the real ground, it just behaves like a conductive mat - like the ones often installed at semi-permanent radar sites. A weave of copper cable, running north/south and east west, that has been buried under a layer of top soil to improve the performance of sandy or light soil.
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Fri 8th Dec 2017, 02:40
    it's probably pager harmonics, which are quite close in frequency..
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  • NOAA_Enthusiast's Avatar
    Thu 7th Dec 2017, 23:35
    Hello, Iím extremely new to all this but recently I picked up a software defined radio and have come across some weird signals that seem to exist in pairs around the 151 MHz range. They sound digital but also on the waterfall display they look like two parallel and identical streams that are closely spaced together. Sorry if the question is silly, I am just curious as to what these could be and what their purpose is. Thank you
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  • Slingshot's Avatar
    Thu 7th Dec 2017, 21:45
    Here is the one you need...BTECH PC03 FTDI Genuine USB Programming Cable for BTECH, BaoFeng, Kenwood, and AnyTone Radio....on Amazon. This is the real McCoy!!
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