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  • Silvershadow's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:53
    I have recently had to buy a new computer and not been that technically minded have forgotten I need to have a virtual port to programe my Kenwood THF7 can some recommand where I can get one please.
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  • MitchellB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:24
    MitchellB replied to a thread FT817 PTT with CAT cable in Yaesu
    I have to use a SignaLink sound card interface and the CAT cable on my FT847 for PSK31 operation; not sure about the FT817?
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  • camerart's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:09
    camerart replied to a thread FT817 PTT with CAT cable in Yaesu
    Hi S, (Note the 'spam' in your name is picked up by my virus checker, not good) I spoke to my friend, but he and I use different methods to your way. I actually didn't get mine working properly, so as it is proving too difficult, have moved to different things. I am now studying Morse. Cheers, C.
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  • N5BLP's Avatar
    Thu 22nd Mar 2018, 23:07
    FLDigi documentation makes my head hurt. I have my FLDigi (ver 4.0.16) configured to automatically send an entry to eQSL when I log a QSO. OK, two problems: 1. The documentation says it will send the report when you hit the "LOG" button. Well......there's no LOG button. There's a SAVE button that saves the log entry, so I'm assuming (you know what that means) that's what they're talking about. 2. I see no indication that it actually sent anything. It never fills in the eQSL sent block, and I've yet to see anything show up in my eQSL log. Am I doing something wrong? Is there really a clandestine LOG button? Or does it just, not work. Bart N5BLP
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  • uberman's Avatar
    Thu 22nd Mar 2018, 18:18
    I’m trying to reconfigure a 2.4 GHZ WIFI antenna to make it work better. I use an Alfa AWUS036NHR v2 USB active antenna to access public Internet from my van. I usually just throw it on the dashboard to connect. The other day it was a poor connection so I thought, ground plane=van roof, this is a transceiver, so I put it on the roof for a great improvement in signal strength. I have a couple of these active antennas and 3, 5 and 7 DB dipoles. I thought I should get a good magnetic antenna base to which I can screw my dipoles into: the base should have a RP-SMA male fitting to accept my dipoles. The low-loss coax from the magnetic base should have a RP-SMA female fitting to screw into the USB amplified dongle to complete the connections. Is my thinking clear? Am I designing this correctly? How long should this cable be to avoid signal loss. Can someone recommend a magnetic antenna base that will stay put and has low loss coax and RP-SMA male fittings to screw in my dipoles and RP-SMA female fitting to screw...
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  • LB0TH's Avatar
    Wed 21st Mar 2018, 22:17
    LB0TH started a thread Base Radios Yaesu FT-707S no Tx in Yaesu
    I have some problems with my old FT-707S (10W). The receive is working fine, but there is no TX. The TX circuit I think is working properly (relays are working). The Power amp has fixed 13,8V input, and when PPT the radio, there is Tx 13,8V input on the PA unit as well. I guess the power amp also needs RF signal to work or? How to examine the RF board with “hobby instruments”. I have multimeters, oscilloscope (50Mhz) and a frequency generator (25Mhz). I can see at the schematic there is a connector named “Tx RF out”. But at the bad copy I have, I can’t read the values for measurement at this point. Any idea? LB0TH
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Wed 21st Mar 2018, 17:10
    Obed replied to a thread FT817 PTT with CAT cable in Yaesu
    I had issues with my ftdx 5000 and the scu17.... It turned out the new scu17 I got was bad and yaesu would replace it for me... but in the process the tech at yaesu told me that the scu17 would not work with digipan, he suggested that I switch to fldgi... I did and had no more issues. oh, I also got a signal link usb and checked it out... and digipan worked no problem...not sure which way you are going to have to go.
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  • camerart's Avatar
    Wed 21st Mar 2018, 16:36
    camerart replied to a thread FT817 PTT with CAT cable in Yaesu
    Hi S, I've sent a link to this thread, to someone that knows more about it than I do. I'll also be interested in the reply. C.
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Wed 21st Mar 2018, 11:05
    Obed replied to a thread In-radio Power Meters in Activity Forum
    I have not owned any Kenwood products in a lot of years so I do not really remember much about the power meter/readings. My current radios are Icom and Yaesu. The Icom power meter does actually read the wattage output exactly, it reads percentage. I have a couple in line power meters I use to see what the radios are actually dong... The Yaesu FTDX 5000 has a separate window used to display menu options and settings that the power level shows up in momentarily as you make any power level adjustments and I find it reads close to, but not always the same as the meter on my amp is showing for input.. or quite the same as my power meter when I put it in line.... so I would say that on board power meters are mostly a reference point and not exact...
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Tue 20th Mar 2018, 20:10
    Obed started a thread FTDX9000D discontinued in Yaesu
    Yaesu is dropping the ftdx 9000 from their line... have not heard what is going to replace it, they are still making the other FTDX radios...(for now) wonder if the 9000 is going to be replaced with an sdr radio... Icom has had big hits with their two new ones...and flex and a few of the others are taking some of the elite radio business...seems like yeasu would want to protect their share of the market... I still like the ftdx 5000 receiver, you have to spend a lot more money to get a better receiver... it is still a better receiver than either of the two new Icom intros...(though the 7300 is real nice for the money)
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  • N5BLP's Avatar
    Tue 20th Mar 2018, 13:13
    I've always wondered if the RF power meters displayed on the radio are any good. I have a Kenwood TX-480SAT. With 40W set on the radio and my SignaLink TX Level set at the eight o'clock position (virtually no ALC), the radio says I'm putting out only 4-5 watts. That seems kind of low considering I'm making contact 800 miles away using an end-fed antenna in the attic.
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Tue 20th Mar 2018, 11:01
    I can't quite picture the bracket being screwed to the fender, probably a US difference, as our wing mounts rarely screw on? However, as mag mounts don't have a direct ground connection, and performance isn't compromised to any great degree, I doubt an extra ground path is really worthwhile. My experience suggests that your performance will be more based on exactly where it goes and how distorted the polar plot is by being offset from dead centre of the roof.
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  • KI7UJM's Avatar
    Tue 20th Mar 2018, 00:16
    I've mounted a 2 meter antenna on my car fender and am looking for a little grounding advice. Since the antenna bracket is screwed directly to the fender with 2 sheet metal screws, is it advisable or not worth the time to run a secondary ground strap to the antenna bracket? Thanks for your help. :o)
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Mon 19th Mar 2018, 17:44
    OH8GAD replied to a thread Username Change in Username Changes
    Inform the admin. There is a "button" down the bottom of the screen saying "Leave Admin a Message". Click there, leave them a message and they will do it.
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  • MountainTop's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 18:54
    I have a radio, antenna, and power supply at Would there happen to be a coupon discount code? It already has free shipping. And it's my first mobile/base radio. It's a Yaesu Ft-2980r. Thanks
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  • KM6NVC's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 18:41
    I've recently changed my callsign from KM6NVC to N6SAW. Could you please change my username on this forum to N6SAW? Thanks...
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  • SZO14's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 18:32
    Update: Yaesu has asked me to send the radio in for service. I asked a fellow ham to bring his FT-857D to my shack and his radio worked fine. I also recently purchased a brand new Icom-7200 and that radio is working fine in my shack. So, whatever is going wrong is apparently the fault of my FT-857D. I am surprised that no one has reported the same problem as me, but I guess the fault is isolated to my rig. I will let you know what the end result is after Yaesu takes a look at the radio.
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  • KI7RYI's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 16:38
    Brutus, being new to ham myself here are a couple things i found that made a big difference for me 1. Look up license classes in your area. Many clubs partner together to do local training AND testing. I did this over two saturdays and got my technicians license 2. Start cheap for equipment. I purchased a cheap Baofeng handheld and it has been good for getting the feel of the land. Key is that they are cheap... Dont drop it (Did that, had to buy another one). As people have said, start in 2m or 70cm bands. Your initial license will cover you and it will wet your appetite to learn more if this is where you want to go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • KI7RYI's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 16:22
    Please clarify your question. Are you trying to program a Baofeng radio (what model) using a csv file and chirp? Assuming this to be the case, The key is to download FROM the radio then import your csv data. This will then allow you to upload it back to the radio Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • Sixmeters's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 15:57
    Sixmeters replied to a thread Scope Importance in Icom
    Exactly, for 99% of the people that operates HF phone, it is just single side spatter anyways, who cares, as long as I can hear you and you can hear me..
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  • AppalachianGunSlinger's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 09:38
    Don’t get them chewed, a cat attacks with claws unfortunately and is quite startling in the deep of sleep. Problem is he and the pack get fed, well are supposed to be fed at 0800 not 0530 or earlier. No bueno with him waking me up as it gets the pack going and a puppy Catahoula in the pack along with my difficulty sleeping anyways from combat stuff is not a good mix. So instead of enjoying retirement and the later wake up I end up not getting enough, none, or too much when feeling bad. Need stability in order to stay focused with a traumatic brain injury, and sleep to help with not only cognitive, mpbut migraines, dexitiry issues, control of motor function, speech, and elevated pain. All side effects of the TBI from a Explosion of a Katyusha Rocket in near proximity in combat. So regular regular regulated sleep a definite plus. Only time up before the furries besides like now as I cant sleep. Is when getting up before the other furries to help stock the freezer with “free range” meat!
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  • AppalachianGunSlinger's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 09:30
    No I have not, have had a General Technician since around 94, not interested in going more, let expire KF4LZL due to military commitments and deployments. Haven’t gotten again because I just don’t use it in that way anymore. It being a Radio. . Interests now are using murs of course no lic, gmrs, but really don’t talk on 2meter anymore. Interests changed really besides talking to wifey on property, as well as scanning and RX emergency channels mostly. My interest lie in emergency communications and group communications with emphasis on security, small form factor mobile and simple base with radio tracking ability by user. Refreshing knowledge on programming emphasis on cros TX/RX. Programming values using chirp, not around when I was into it before. That would be the gist of it I think. Hobbies moved to hunting, tracking, tactical training, tactical medicine, firearms, gunsmith, shooting, milsurps, military history, upholding my sworn oath and Constitution! Think that about covers it all. Probably missing a...
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 08:48
    WZ7U replied to a thread Scope Importance in Icom
    Fish finders. I have a crude one on my Icom 706, but never cared for it. The new stuff, holee cow! But to me it's still a fish finder. I rather enjoy the chase and seeing where everything is seems counter intuitive to me. To each his own but that's me, YMMV.
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  • priya01's Avatar
    Sat 17th Mar 2018, 04:35
    priya01 replied to a thread Hello in Introduce yourself
    I am Priya ,Recently i joint this forum.I think its great place for talk about our thoughts and discussion on that topic.
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  • seb-ham-radio's Avatar
    Fri 16th Mar 2018, 20:39
    seb-ham-radio started a thread VX-8 and 8.33KHz in Yaesu
    Good day, I am an owner of a vx-8 and having troubles tuning to 8.33 frequencies (air band). I have selected: Band 3 (VFO/Air) channel spacing: auto I am able to enter e.g. 122.000 Mhz but I am not able to enter new air radio frequencies like 124.030. It will only accept 124.038.
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Fri 16th Mar 2018, 19:18
    welcome Jody... have fun on the forum
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