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  • KA9UCN's Avatar
    Today, 03:43
    aint that the truth. Joe KA9UCN
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  • BigCity's Avatar
    Today, 02:00
    I have been licensed almost 2 years now and still find myself listening more than talking. I recently participated in Field Day and would not try to contact anyone until I could, since I apparently find it hard to understand the call sign of the speaker. Once I am sure I have it, then I would try to call.
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  • K7KBN's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:13
    Overthinking a receiving antenna is difficult, but according to this thread, it's possible.
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  • aransfor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:24
    Hi, I am a research scientist at UCLA and am looking for options for a power amplifier at @ 7.3 with 3W or greater. Are there any relatively cheap options for such a thing?
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  • KC8AON's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:21
    But the amount of voltage at the antenna terminal will be more if the antenna is tuned (cut to the proper length) to the frequency of interest ! Also, a wire that is too long can receive less signal. As the wire gets longer, the radiation and receive pattern is more inline with the wire meaning that signals off the side of the wire might not be heard.
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  • W5DXP's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 20:33
    That's why I didn't use the word "exact" - I said "around". :smile-new: Could be - I wuz there as either KG7BK or W6RCA. -- 73, Cecil at
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 15:48
    5B4AJB replied to a thread New member.... in Introduce yourself
    Have a go at interfacing it to a computer, there are loads of digital modes you can use with that transciever. The local radio club is the best place to start, everyone there has their own niche operating preference, all you have to do is find yours (which may take some time). You don't have to design circuits if you don't want to, there are many aspects of this hobby which are perfectly suited to a beginner. Keep going and find out what there is to find out, that's the beauty of this hobby, there's always more! Have a look through eBay for some old yearbooks & callbooks. The RSGB and ARRL publications are a good read and well worth having, even (especially) ancient ones! Also, there are loads of magazine archives such as Practical Wireless & Radio Constructor, have a look through a few, you might find something to build!
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 15:48
    N4AAB replied to a thread New member.... in Introduce yourself
    You might check for repeaters in your area, and see if they are in use. One of the repeaters local to me has a 2m get together for about 30 minutes three days a week. You can use CW on frequencies below 10m. Here is a link to the ARRL Band Plan sohwing what is used on which bands in ham radio: Voice for you is 10 meters and up. I lasted as a tech for a month, and then got my General.
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  • KG9E's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 15:22
    This app will train you to copy Morse code using an approach very similar to the Koch method. In this app you learn first the vowels, starting with "a", then alphabetically the letters and ordinally the numbers. As you gain more experience copying Morse code, you will begin to recognize short strings of characters such as "CQ", "73", "Tu", "Tnx", "HiHi", "599", "Wx", and the numerous Q-codes. This app may be of interest to amateur ham radio operators and CW or telegraph enthusiasts. Available on Google Play and Amazon Appstore are 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 WPM versions of this app. For learning the sounds of the characters you are presented with a game-like interface using a QWERTY keypad or the Default keypad, depending upon your choice. A character is played in Morse code, and you must tap the matching character on the keypad. Note that only the characters you have learned will be enabled. The game is very easy at first as you only have the letter "a" available to tap, but it quickly gets interesting as...
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  • Paul-w5lz's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 14:04
    Paul-w5lz replied to a thread Camping/Mobile antenna in Antennas
    One thing about a G5RV, it has to be height enough to keep that 'ladder line' off the ground and/or from 'doubling' onto it's self. Keeping that ladder line straight, not swinging, which will make a significant change in SWR/impedance match. The 'shape of the 'legs' of that antenna isn't super important, 'droopy', straight/flat, whatever... Paul
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  • Paul-w5lz's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 13:52
    Since it would be only for receiving, the input impedance of the antenna isn't going to be a 'make/break' thingy. Using that 75 ohm cable shouldn't make any significant differences. As to the positioning of the antenna, 'flat', slanted,etc, isn't going to be a 'biggy' either. You might try it both ways? Paul
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  • KC8AON's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 13:45
    Sometimes its less efficient and sometimes its more efficient ! When you increase length, you also increase gain which means more lobes in the radiation pattern and more nulls in the radiation pattern. If the station you are interested in working is in the direction of one lobes it will be more efficient, but if its in one of the nulls it will be less efficient. So on the frequencies higher than the fundamental frequency, the electrical length is longer which can produce more gain, but its a toss up as to being more or less efficient depending on which direction the target stations are in.
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  • Paul-w5lz's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 13:38
    Cecil You're right, but, Those harmonics are almost never 'exact' at all. There's always going to be some 'scootch' (technical term) involved. Probably not even close on some bands. No problem though, I pick 'nits' too! Paul Is this the same Cecil I used to argue with on the 'use' nets??
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  • Bmccann115's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 13:02
    Shiny new tech license in hand, just out of the box Baofeng UV-82...Now what? I've always had a passing interest in HAM radio but never really explored the possibilities. I retired recently and, on a whim, decided to try to pass the tech license test...danged if i didn't pass. So here i am , new license, new portable radio and completely intimidated and confused. I figured out how to use CHIRP to program my radio but haven't actually made any contacts yet. Having taken the tech test at a local radio club meeting, it seemed like everyone there must have an electrical engineering degree, I couldn't follow much of what was going on. I would like to be able to exchange emails with someone who would be willing to help guide this old guy through the intro stages of becoming a HAM operator. Thanks, Bob McCann O'Fallon, MO USA
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  • KI7MMZ/Victor's Avatar
    Tue 27th Jun 2017, 04:07
    I'm faced with a similar situation as your end result: I've a brick wall blocking westbound tx. It's my good fortune to be in the garrets and I'd need a seven foot extension to reach to the roof line. I'd lie to mount it on a 3/4 in pvc that would fit my window and mount the antenna on the seven foot pole. that requires a four inch fitting to clear the façade. I fear I'll lose stability with the long pole. I'm only working with 2-meter at the moment.
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Mon 26th Jun 2017, 21:37
    PMR446 might struggle with a few hundred metres, let alone 10 miles - to do ten miles needs a decent antenna on each vehicle, and even then topography will make it pretty unreliable 10 miles car to car is possible, but move one car just a small amount and it will die.
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  • N4OGL's Avatar
    Mon 26th Jun 2017, 21:19
    Check out the bone conduction headphones at I'm loving my Trekz Titanium (Bluetooth), which I use with my cell phone and my TH-D74. They also make wired models. I wear hearing aids, and found that my conductive hearing is better than what I hear through the atmosphere.
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Mon 26th Jun 2017, 19:56
    And everyone having one of the radios would have to do this...
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  • Paul-w5lz's Avatar
    Mon 26th Jun 2017, 13:40
    Paul-w5lz replied to a thread Base Radios TS_440 in Kenwood
    I agree, read the manual. The 'carrier' control determines the power levels in all modes. Paul
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