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  • Mustafa Umut Sarac's Avatar
    Fri 21st Feb 2020, 19:03
    Hello there , I am new to amateur radio and I will get my permission next month. Now I dont know anything and want to broadcast music to my sister in manchester ,she will listen by her tecsun pl 310 et radio . I am in Istanbul. I can virtually do anything. her radio have 120,90,75,60,49,41,31,25,22,19,16,15,13 meters I have the same radio and I am now receiving in istanbul , 11810 khz radio china beijing 67/25 S/N 18.42 greenwich time How much power do I need and which band ? I will need less than 40 dollars sdr transmitter and receiver. I can add a amp. I will broadcast two hours at night. I can communicate with her , which frequencies are null and I can check mine and start to send.
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  • SavageWagon's Avatar
    Sat 8th Feb 2020, 18:11
    I've had my tech license for a while, but never did much with it living in a second story apartment in town with many rules and little space. I have now moved out to a house in the country with all the freedom and space I need, and I'd like to get into the hobby more. I have a problem though. I live in a valley with 300-500 hundred foot tall hills all around me. There are 2 different 2 meter repeaters that I can hit from my house, but only from a recently mounted DBJ-1 on the peak of my second story roof. On the ground, I get absolutely nothing, no RX or TX from my HT or the mobile radio in my car to the repeaters in town. So I'm looking for a way that I can use my HT RX/TX to and from the repeaters, that way I'm not tied down to my desk. Cross band repeat looked like it would fit the bill until I realized that it was technically illegal, due the the fact that the cross band radio cant auto ID. Until I saw that the Kenwood TM-V71A could auto ID. However, does it only auto ID on the UHF frequency that would...
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  • GraemeC's Avatar
    Mon 10th Feb 2020, 21:21
    Sitting my foundation exam on Saturday, havenít been very well the last few weeks so not nearly enough home study done, feeling slightly better now so some hard cramming between now and Saturday and cross all my fingers and toes..... wish me luck.
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  • kc8hef's Avatar
    Mon 27th Jan 2020, 03:27
    kc8hef started a thread YEASU 2100B OUTPUT in Accessories
    Running a icom a yeasu 2100b ...trying to tune it up just trunning up...its like the rf not going though the amp......tubes get its full tun amp off has more rf that when the amp is on.....other than the tubes what could it be......KC8HEF
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  • Tiktaalik's Avatar
    Sun 26th Jan 2020, 23:23
    Hi Everyone, Brand new here and pretty much brand new to HAM. I have a rather specific question. I have Kenwood TM-D700A radio that I am planning to install in a military vehicle that I am restoring. The front wing fender has a large antenna mount on it and I am looking for a large military antenna that will fit this mount and also of course, be compatible with My Kenwood Ham Radio. The antenna should ideally have a spring based mount so it can be bent and attached to the vehicle when not in use. What type of antenna requirements should I be looking for in terms of compatibility? I've found a 106" tall Hascall-Denke Broadband Antenna (20-120Mhz) that I like. Would that work? What should I be looking for?
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  • BigD's Avatar
    Thu 6th Feb 2020, 19:23
    I just moved into a HOA with antenna restrictions and was trying to figure out something simple/low profile. I had two hamsticks and thought I'd try to make a hamstick dipole. I used a U shaped piece of metal decking bracing with an antenna coming out each side and when I tested it out worked surprisingly well. During testing I mounted the metal bracket directly to the house/roof wood (one of the outside pieces) running up to the peak. It's super hidden, works well, but I'm worried about fire risk if I run more wattage. I've built dipoles before with wire but I never had them mounted directly to wood. This is the first time I've made an antenna like this.
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  • Chorophobe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:24
    I'm curious what determines if a portable radio is considered a HAM radio and what's considered a business radio. For example, I would like to purchase portable radios for my company. I would like to register the frequencies in use with the FCC and program my radios. The radios must be programmed with a cable and software and will not be programmable via a built in keypad. I was looking at the Retevis RT81 (no keypad). The Retevis website doesn't have it listed under the amateur section but in Amazon, a user commented that it was a HAM radio and could only be used by people who had a HAM license. So my question is what makes a portable radio require a HAM license? Is it the capabilities of the radio or is it just how the manufacturer describes/registers it? Thank you.
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  • Jimmyjaffa's Avatar
    Mon 27th Jan 2020, 20:31
    Hi all, New to the forums and pretty new to HF. I'm after some recommendations for a multi band vertical antenna. I'm A bit stuck for room at my location but I have a mast. I'm looking for a vertical that will perform good high up if one exists. Many thanks for any help. Jim.
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  • KJ7JIN's Avatar
    Thu 30th Jan 2020, 00:04
    Apologies if I'm asking a question that's already been answered. I tried searching but I may be using the wrong terminology and not finding the answer. I'm on the local Search and Rescue team and currently use a UV-5R as my main radio. I find the dual-watch (not sure if this is the right term -- the ability to listen to two frequencies at once) feature on the Baofeng to be very beneficial in the field, as we're often using a local tactical channel in the 156 range in the field and monitoring repeaters in the background to communicate with HQ back in town. I posted another thread with a problem with the Baofengs, but that's only one of many reasons I'm considering upgrading to a better quality HT for SAR work. My hope is to find a radio that: - is reasonably weather proof (I'm on the mountain rescue team as well, and we operate in some pretty nasty conditions sometimes). - can monitor two channels at once. - is reasonably small and light weight.
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  • stormtracker78's Avatar
    Thu 30th Jan 2020, 00:37
    I have recently learned you can upgrade the stock filters in the dxr8t for me ssb and am reception foremost and cw secondary would be wonderful which murata kiwa or inrad would be recommended and were can I find the scematics kiwa told me they might be able to do the mod if they had those I found out on radio reference it is possible on alincos site they don't have scematic downloads also any speaker upgrade recommended? thanks
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  • AC1DV's Avatar
    Wed 29th Jan 2020, 15:47
    AC1DV started a thread IC-735 no receive in Icom
    I've had this radio since new. Before I put it on the shelf it was acting up.. When turned on I had no receive but after a couple of minutes it was fine. Well I decide to look at the issue and now when I turn it on I have no receive and it doesn't come back. I do remember reading that this is a common problem with the 735 but I lost the info I thought I saved. Any ideas on this??
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  • KI5HBU's Avatar
    Sat 22nd Feb 2020, 06:58
    Good day, everyone. I am brand new to all of this having received my Tech ticket back in November. Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and have yet to even key up a radio. I'm currently working on setting up a mobile rig as that will be my primary rig. I don't think the apartment management would appreciate antennas going up around my building. The rig will have 1 mobile (Kenwood TM281) and 2 HTs (Yaesu FT65 and AnyTone DV878 UV) that I can easily take inside and use if needed. I have replaced the rubber ducks with Diamond SRJ77CAs which has helped with receiving at least. One major issue I have is programming the radios. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing there so hopefully I can get with one of the guys from the local club soon to help me with that. I'm also still working on mounting options as I just don't have a lot of room to work with in my truck but hopefully I'll get that sorted out soon also. I look forward to finally getting things set up and operational so I can actually start...
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  • coaxplace's Avatar
    Sat 8th Feb 2020, 06:05
    coaxplace started a thread Handheld Radios FT-60 user manual in Yaesu
    Hello all. All I can find is the FT-60R manual and not the one for the FT-60 I picked up. Does anyone know where I can download the original manual? Thanks
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  • Conchobar03's Avatar
    Tue 18th Feb 2020, 04:55
    I'm about to be getting my license for Ham Radio. I've been looking at radios and I'm not sure whats good vs bad. I wanna do something I can easily put in my car. Or a handheld that I can route through my car to increase the signal level. I was hoping for like under $200 or maybe just a little over. Any help I could get would be great. I'm still learning and getting into Ham Radio.
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  • Jimmyjaffa's Avatar
    Sun 23rd Feb 2020, 19:17
    Hi all, looking for recommendations for a vertical multi band that'll be ok mounted on a 30ft tower please. Thanks in advance:wink:
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  • G4JJP's Avatar
    Sat 15th Feb 2020, 11:46
    Here's a question for the circuit board designers. My wife loves our cheap chinese touch sensitive bedside lights. So do I, but the slightest whif of RF switches them on and off. So a CW contact has our bedroom window flashing like the bridge of a warship! I'm told that it's because the cheap chinese circuit boards have no filters. So, is there a designer out there who can design an easily built, small, circuit board that won't be so hellishly sensitive to rf but will still do the job of providing touch sensitivity to our lamps? I'm happy to experiment and build something, provided it won't blow us up!! Richard G4JJP
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  • KJ7JIN's Avatar
    Wed 29th Jan 2020, 23:46
    Hey folks! I'm a new ham and member of the Yakima County SAR and Mountain Rescue teams in Central Washington, and I need some help diagnosing a problem we've been having with our radios. Quite a number of people on the team, myself included, use personal Baofeng HTs for SAR work, and we've discovered an interesting problem in which SOME of the Baofengs cannot be received by SOME of the "official" Icom HT's nor the Kenwood NX-5000 at headquarters, nor the radio in our mobile command post (MCP). Apologies, I don't know the model of the unit's Icom HTs or the make or model of the radio in the MCP truck. We frequently have comms issues in the field, but given the complex terrain we work in it's hard to isolate other problems, so I did some experimenting on a recent training and at headquarters and here's the problem as best I can explain it: Our main tactical ops channel is in the 156 band, does not use a CTCSS or other carrier signal, and has no offset. On a recent training, we discovered that...
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  • kilohercas's Avatar
    Wed 29th Jan 2020, 10:34
    Hello. I am electronics engineer (digital, analog, but non RF) And I am developing motorcycle GPS/GSM alarm system. I really want to incorporate RF beacon, so if someone is jamming GPS or GSM signals, I could track it manually ( as example I can get 1km radius from my unit only based on GSM towers, but i need to locate my unit by using RF beacon) Question 1) What frequency should I use ?It would be nice if it's legal, also could go far in urban areas to some extent, and would be hard to shield , like it still could work in wan with no windows, also it could be 0.5W since i will have big backup battery of 10.000mAh Question 2)
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  • steve1103's Avatar
    Tue 28th Jan 2020, 18:50
    steve1103 started a thread Base Radios Unknown RFI in Amateur Radios
    I have an ignition/spark type interference that is strongest on 20 meters. I can null it out by using the NB on my Kenwood 830S. It starts around 8:00am and goes off around 6:00pm seven days a week. I live near a few horse and cattle farms that use electric fences but the beat of the interference is about 8 to 10 times per second which I think is to fast for electric fence. On of my neighbors has an invisible fence for their dog but I don't think that would be cycled off every day. I am also about 5 miles from a large coal powered power plant that uses very large electro-static precipitators. One other business nearby is a large chicken farm with four or five large enclosed pens. I'm not sure if these pens would use any type of equipment that would produce this type of noise. The fact that it is turned on and off every day promptly around 8 am and 6 pm leads me to believe that it is the power plant. I can upload a file with sound and video of the noise if someone would like to see it. I would appreciate any...
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  • jhodgski's Avatar
    Sat 1st Feb 2020, 20:53
    Hiya, After along absence, I am just getting back into ham/packet radio. Having forgotten pretty much everything, I'm effectively a newbie again, so was wondering what advice you might have to get my old Kantronics KAM set back up on 2m/70cm. I was previously using it with a BBC B microcomputer (I told you it was a long absence!), but am now on Windows. I am particularly wondering what software to use - something that can connect the 25-pin serial port from the KAM to a USB, RJ45 or HMDI port on my computer?
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  • KI5HBU's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:52
    So I have a 2009 Ford F150 which doesn't give me a lot of interior room to work with for mounting radios. I have a pedestal mount that I am about to install for the Kenwood TM281 but I have 2 HTs that I also want to have a mounting option for instead of just chunking them into the passenger seat or a cup holder. I bought a seat bolt mount that would allow me to hang both on that but the seat bolt has this ridiculous guard plate that prevents the mount from being able to actually get under the bolt so that doesn't seem to be a thing that will work. I need an option that doesn't involve screwing stuff into the dashboard. I considered one of those CD player mounts but that doesn't seem to be a viable option based on reviews I've seen. Suction cups on the windshield isn't an option either due to a dash-cam, cellphone and during storm spotting activities, having 2 action cameras all on the windshield already. A suction cup on the dash won't work because it's textured and won't allow a good seal. A ram mount in a...
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  • K7CHO's Avatar
    Sun 2nd Feb 2020, 04:18
    K7CHO started a thread Anytone 778UV in Chinese Radios
    Been using my AT-778UV on the local repeaters. Works great! worth the $115 I paid for it. Getting reports that it is loud and clear. The programming software sucks, but It's not a big deal. I have channelized it with the local repeaters, and some not so local. Easier to use this way. Also nice that It gets no interference from my Electric Car Drivetrain.
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  • Wattz2J's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 01:54
    Hello HRF! I live in KY, USA, and passed my Tech exam on 12/31 and wow, the whole process was a blast! Starting in November, I studied W4EEY's videos on YouTube and tested my knowledge with James Thomas' iPhone app called Ham Tech. I haven't ever enjoyed learning something as much as I enjoyed learning this topic. When I sat for my exam, I was pretty nervous but the hams at the EMS building were welcoming and encouraging. Now, I'm studying W4EEY's General Class videos, Buck's "Easy Way" book, and the General version of the same app for the iPhone. I could probably get by with one of these three things, but I usually listen to the videos when I'm driving, read the book when I'm at home, and fill in the gaps (and check my comprehension) with the questions on the iPhone app. I'm not sure exactly where to go after this. Hams- what did you do first after getting your ticket? What about when you got your General? Extra seems like a far-off dream for me, so I'm not sure what to even ask about that one. The...
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  • Vreid47's Avatar
    Mon 17th Feb 2020, 18:32
    Hey everyone. New to the ham radio world. My brother gave me a Yaesu ft 25 r as a gift that we could use to communicate while hunting. After doing some research, it looks like we need a license to talk to each other. Is that correct? Sorry if itís been asked a million times. Thanks for your help.
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  • 642doorhardtop's Avatar
    Sun 23rd Feb 2020, 22:56
    Hello all, Fairly new to the hobby, and enjoying the radio almost every day! I monitor in my work truck throughout my shift, and rather than burn though batteries and worry about constant charging, I use the Yaesu mobile power adapter. It powers the radio via the cigarette lighter and bypasses the battery alltogether. As a result, I hardly discharge my batteries at all, and they end up just sitting around with a charge for long periods of time. Im curious if leaving an NiMh battery alone for a long time reduces the amount of life I can expect out of it. I have the 1400 mAh battery, and a 2100 mAh battery as a backup in my work bag. I'm considering running down each battery about once a month or so (so it can get a fresh charge), but I'm not sure if there is any benifit to it. I'm sure there are different opinions regarding battery care and extracting the maximum amount of cycles from them. Curious if anyone can chime in with their thoughts. Thnaks!
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  • 2E0CPX's Avatar
    Sun 23rd Feb 2020, 21:35
    Just over a year ago I bought a new Icom ID51E+, I had been on DMR for just over a year prior to that. Whereas I can use my TYT MD-380 for over an hour whilst going for a walk (working through a local repeater) I can't do the same with the Icom, in fact I really struggle with a QSO over five minutes, why? well because the ID51E+ gets so hot! I noticed this straight away and phoned the vendor who supplied it, they were really dismissive about it and said what did I expect, the PA is causing the heat and it is only a small radio! To be honest, If I had knew I would have just waited a little while and bought a D-star mobile use as a home base.
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  • BH3CYF's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 03:21
    Hello,everyone! here is BH3CYF,this is my first posts,hope study some khowledge in here.thanks! 73 John
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  • FlyBoy59's Avatar
    Wed 19th Feb 2020, 21:31
    Hello, I am new here and looking forward to learning this new Amateur Radio hobby I am in. I just passed my Technician & General tests at the Cowtown HAMFest in Ft Worth in January. I am now learning about different modes of operation as I consider what 2m/70cm rig(s) to get. I have a Elmer/Mentor that is going to loan me a HF rig. I hope to become familiar with what I want to do with HF using his rig. My primary interest at this point is to make my own antennas. I am going to make my own 2m/70cm ground plane antenna for a mobile/HT type radio and put up an inverted V dipole for HF. I am a retired network engineer, but have never worked on the radio and antenna end, so this is a new angle for me that I enjoy. I look forward to learning and meeting new people with common interests in this hobby. Thanks, Brent Johnson KI5HXM
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  • Treefrog's Avatar
    Sat 1st Feb 2020, 10:58
    HI all I was lucky to inherit two Icom IC-F3032S handheld transceivers. I need to reprogram them and am having problems accessing them via software. I get the message: " Enter Password for Cloning" Neither I, nor the kind person who gave these units to me have any password. So I am wondering and hoping that there is a factory reset option that I can employ, using the keys, that will then allow me to program. I have read online about various combinations of key presses combined with turning the unit on, but have not found anything that works yet. I am using Windows 10, 64 Bit Software is: CS-F3020/F5010/F5020 Revision 3.4 (downloaded from Hamfiles) I am using a generic Prolific USB to serial cable, driver version
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  • K4MT's Avatar
    Thu 6th Feb 2020, 15:33
    I have a question about open wire fed antenna balance. I have for 50 years used open wire feed and 4:1 balun. Well all the experts say its better to use a 1:1 current balun rather than the 4:1 voltage balun. I have noticed a couple things I cant quite grasp. The 1:1 current balun feeds the hot wire and ground through individual windings to the open wire feed terminals. I am no expert on baluns but what I noticed was I had some RFI problems with a neighbors motion lights that are over 100 ft away. While trying to cure it I swapped the routing of the ends of the antenna and the RFI went away. Looking at the balun output, when the side of the dipole thats connected to the hot side of the balun is pointed towards his house I have RFI Issue. If I reverse the wires and run the hot wire away from his house the problem is gone. Well I tried another experiment and took the non hot side of the antenna and grounded it to a ground stake. My SWR did not change at all. I have done ohm meter and connection...
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