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  • wxgeek's Avatar
    Today, 05:04
    wxgeek started a thread FT-991A Display in Yaesu
    The 991A is a great transceiver but I am a bit puzzled by the display. When you select the m-list button you get all of the buttons for making various selections. When you turn off the m-list button the VFO display returns with 4 buttons at the bottom. These 4 buttons sometimes change. My question: What determines which 4 buttons appear on the VFO display? Question 2: There are 2 flags on the spectrum display labelled R (in green) and T (in red). These little flags sometimes change position. What do these little flags mean? Jimmy
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  • leathersr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:54
    leathersr started a thread Mobile Radios New FTM-100DR is not entering WIRES-X mode in Yaesu
    I recently got a FTM-100DR. I have the CT-174 MiniDIN cable connected to both the radio and to an HRI-200. The HRI-200 is also connected to my PC running Windows 10 with WIRES-X. I have used the radio to exchange APRS data and to talk on a few repeaters, but have not been able to get it to work as a WIRES-X node. Please help me to troubleshoot this problem as I have exhausted the possibilities I could come up with. Steps to reproduce the problem: With the radio powered on and connected to an antenna... and with the radio connected to a powered HRI-200... hold down the Dx, GM, and Power buttons until the radio power cycles. Symptom:
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  • MitchellB's Avatar
    Mon 18th Jun 2018, 21:02
    I bought a MFJ969 tuner new and love it. I recently upgraded to an old MFJ989C so I could handle more power, but still like the MFJ969 better, but sadly I need to sell it, as I don't need both. This is a good video to explain tuners adjustment. My basic way to begin is to find a frequency I wish to tune. Place Transmitter & Antenna knobs on 5 (midway) and turn the Inductor knob until I hear the loudest static noise from the radio. Turn Antenna knob back and forth for maximum noise Turn Transmitter knob back and forth for maximum noise And touch up Antenna knob last for maximum noise You should be close by now and can repeat by transmitting on low power and adjusting in the same sequence until lowest SWR is shown on meter Repeat sequence on full power. Once I get dialed in I write the settings and freq. down for future reference to quickly find the sweet spot again.
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Mon 18th Jun 2018, 11:01
    welcome back. Enjoy.
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Sat 16th Jun 2018, 09:27
    Glad to hear you have returned to a very interesting and fulfilling hobby. You’ll notice much change in some aspects, but I am sure you’ll quickly catch up. Kind regards, Phil
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  • KE8KAU's Avatar
    Fri 15th Jun 2018, 23:57
    HI from the HOF City, Canton, Oh, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I'm an old newbie, just getting back in after almost 30 years, and am enjoying every minute of it. 73's all
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  • Sixmeters's Avatar
    Fri 15th Jun 2018, 20:21
    K8CX collects QSL Cards, don't know if he would like to buy them or not. Tom Roscoe
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  • mmaghakian's Avatar
    Fri 15th Jun 2018, 05:43
    Hello, I am a volunteer with the Spark museum in Bellingham Washington. We have a collection of around 7,000 QSL cards (not SWBC or AMDX) that are from around the world dating back to the 1920's. We are trying to find a collector that would like to buy them all so we can use those funds for some new children's science exhibits. Any advice on finding such a buyer would be most appreciated.
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Thu 14th Jun 2018, 13:17
    pmh replied to a thread Hi from Bedford UK in Introduce yourself
    Glad to hear that. Kind regards, Phil
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  • Steffen_W's Avatar
    Thu 14th Jun 2018, 12:32
    Hello, if the ICOM IC-7100 gets an audio signal from the pc soundcard via an audio connection to DATA2, the 4800bps GMSK signal is correct transmitted to an IC-9100. Example for klinke audio connection If the same signal is send to the IC-7100 via a USB cable to use the internal soundcard, the received signal at the IC-9100 is not correct. Example for USB connection (I tried to attach images with the 'insert image' button and url to show the difference between the two transmissions, but not sure if it worked.) I tried different settings for the options in the 'Connectors' menu (like 'USB MOD Level') to fix the USB connection problem, but no success.
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  • G4OOQ's Avatar
    Thu 14th Jun 2018, 10:45
    Not very active these days but still here!
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  • M0TZO's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 22:46
    M0TZO replied to a thread Change of User ID in Username Changes
    This has been done. Please login using new Username.
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  • M0TZO's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 22:45
    M0TZO replied to a thread Username Change in Username Changes
    This has been done. Please login using new Username.
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  • M0TZO's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 22:44
    This has been done. Please login using you new Username.
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  • M0TZO's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 22:43
    This has been done. Please login using New username
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 11:09
    welcome to the forum. We will help where we can. A local elmer would be better since he/she could show and tell, not just tell. Middle Tn should have lots of local hams, find you closest club and ask around, some of us old timers love to share our experiences with new folks.
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 08:43
    Ask away :) And welcome the forum. Rob.
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 08:42
    OH8GAD replied to a thread Change of User ID in Username Changes
    Near the bottom of the page, is a link/button saying "Leave Admin a Message". Use that, it will get their attention quicker.
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 08:17
    paulears replied to a thread Open Wire Feed Line in Antennas
    Nope. well - the correct answer would be yes you could, but the much smaller dimensions would need considerable accuracy and consistency - plus baluns to convert balanced to unbalanced, and these would be lossy, or expensive. Feeder loss is important at 70cm, a bit less so at 2m - so proper cable is required. generally, anything smaller than 10mm or so outside dimension will be too lossy. UR67/RG213 would be the lowest level cable to consider - and 35' of that isn't too bad, but you can do better. This also means proper connectors too - N type is the accepted lowest loss type. Antennas sometimes come with SO239 type connectors, which are lossy things and outside difficult to waterproof properly. Many better quality cables also fit badly in these connectors, and properly in N types. Better quality cables also are stiffer, and more tricky to manage - but that's just how it is at UHF.
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  • Big-O's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 01:33
    Brand new ham here. Just got my call sign today 6/12/18. Dont have an elmer so I might be asking a lot of questions. 73's KN4MXX
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  • KE8KAU's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 01:09
    Would you pleas change my User ID to my call sign - KE8KAU Thank You
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  • Big-O's Avatar
    Wed 13th Jun 2018, 01:03
    Big-O started a thread Open Wire Feed Line in Antennas
    Brand new ham here. Im just putting together a 2m/70cm base station. Looking at coax for about a 35 foot run. I see there is a lot of feed line loss with some coax. In a few articles that I have read open wire makes a good feed line for hf. Can you use it for uhf/vhf. Thanks KN4MXX
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  • mikepa's Avatar
    Mon 11th Jun 2018, 14:21
    I have the same issue. I have used Chirp and it worked and showed the freq I entered. I went back in and Read from the 888S PC software and it read showed my freq I entered through Chirp. I attempted to change a freq to see if it would work and nothing. When I attempt to read after the write it just shows what I had programed into it with Chirp. The only issue I see is now I can't change the Squelch or timeout and various other settings. Here are the settings you can change with the radio without the software and this worked for me (language was important): Ch. 1-5, Press / Hold both PTT and MONI, and Power ON VOX - ON / OFF Ch. 10, Press / Hold both PTT and MONI, and Power ON Voice Prompt - ON / OFF
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  • dtrewren's Avatar
    Sun 10th Jun 2018, 22:28
    Evening everyone, I have put together another video showing the further enhancements I have added to the PyDSA soft spectrum analyser. Most of these enhancements were added in order to help me develop my stand alone WSPR beacon featured in a separate recent thread here on the forum. In summery I have added: - Calibration and AGC - Peak and delta markers - Tracking generator support using FeelTech Fy6600 signal generator
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