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  • Conchobar03's Avatar
    Today, 04:55
    I'm about to be getting my license for Ham Radio. I've been looking at radios and I'm not sure whats good vs bad. I wanna do something I can easily put in my car. Or a handheld that I can route through my car to increase the signal level. I was hoping for like under $200 or maybe just a little over. Any help I could get would be great. I'm still learning and getting into Ham Radio.
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:50
    Yes, you should both be licensed (with a callsign) to talk on the amateur bands. Getting a license is easy nowadays, find a local radio club and they will help you...
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  • Vreid47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:32
    Hey everyone. New to the ham radio world. My brother gave me a Yaesu ft 25 r as a gift that we could use to communicate while hunting. After doing some research, it looks like we need a license to talk to each other. Is that correct? Sorry if itís been asked a million times. Thanks for your help.
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  • Tempstar's Avatar
    Sun 16th Feb 2020, 15:20
    Never heard of anyone, ever, ID'ing a crossband radio. When you ID you are ID'ing both radios at the same time. I feel like KW has the feature for using the 71a as a stand alone crossband repeater, not for your application as a single user.
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Sat 15th Feb 2020, 20:38
    All I did with the ones in my bedroom was install switches in the power cords for the lights. Eventually I'm going to rip the guts out of them and just make them into switch lights.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Sat 15th Feb 2020, 18:20
    Im just beginning down my electronics journey but id guess that a ferrite bead on the gate pin of the triac (likely a BT136 or similar device) would solve the issue. EDIT: This site makes other suggestions
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  • G4JJP's Avatar
    Sat 15th Feb 2020, 11:46
    Here's a question for the circuit board designers. My wife loves our cheap chinese touch sensitive bedside lights. So do I, but the slightest whif of RF switches them on and off. So a CW contact has our bedroom window flashing like the bridge of a warship! I'm told that it's because the cheap chinese circuit boards have no filters. So, is there a designer out there who can design an easily built, small, circuit board that won't be so hellishly sensitive to rf but will still do the job of providing touch sensitivity to our lamps? I'm happy to experiment and build something, provided it won't blow us up!! Richard G4JJP
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  • MikeAlex's Avatar
    Fri 14th Feb 2020, 12:09
    MikeAlex replied to a thread Base Radios ICOM -725 - fault after storage in Icom
    Hi Brandon & Martin and thanks for the replies. I see my first two replies have now appeared. I can confirm that having the radio from new, from a reputable UK dealer it has not had a Mars mod performed. All the diodes check out okay in situ although I appreciate that is not necessarily the case under power. There's an awful lot of board connectors to disconnect before i can remove the PLL board to check out diodes by lifting one end.Guess now that is the next step. I'll check out your idea martin and look at the voltages at band edges. I wouldn't have thought that Icom would have programmed the microprocessor per region and I have come across diode matrix selction before but in this case everything is as per the schematic and basic in situ tests seem okay - hence the mystery. I had though about using it as a dedicated PSk31 or other digimodes unit as I have a Yaesu 450AT in use at present.
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  • K7KBN's Avatar
    Fri 14th Feb 2020, 06:57
    K7KBN replied to a thread New Ham Here in Introduce yourself
    When I got my novice ticket back in 1959, I had NO HF voice privileges, and small chunks out of 80M, 40M and 15M for CW. Since I'd just passed a FIVE words per minute test, my first several thousand QSOs were on CW. Even though I got my Conditional* ticket in March of 1960 I stayed on CW: (1) It worked for me. (2) My transmitter was CW only, and crystal controlled. I upgraded to a Heathkit DX-100B which weighed as much as I did. Now I had a VFO and AM capability as well as CW. Digital was hardly a glimmer in most ham minds back then. Do a little operating on modes and bands your license allows. Get your feet wet by learning on the air, not from an "app". *The Conditional class license was administered by one volunteer examiner who had to be over 21 and had to hold a General or better. On a family vacation down near Los Angeles I visited the FCC office and got the Conditional changed to a General. Had to retake both the code and written tests, but I think I aced them both. The experience...
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  • K7KBN's Avatar
    Fri 14th Feb 2020, 06:43
    K7KBN replied to a thread Hello to everyone in Introduce yourself
    Ni hao! And that's about the extent of my Chinese....;)
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  • k7mem's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 23:41
    k7mem replied to a thread Base Radios ICOM -725 - fault after storage in Icom
    Try not to worry about the missing posts. That same thing happened to me, when I first joined. My first 2 or 3 posts never happened. When you first join the group, your posts have to be vetted by the administrator. If it's OK, he/she should let it post. But apparently, that doesn't work too well. At first I read this as "735", rather than "725". I have a IC-735 and thought I could help. However, I did look around the internet. I couldn't find anything related to your problem. Except for that D5 modifications, there very little on the IC-725. You might want to check the voltages on that diode to see how they act when you go out of the band edges. On my IC-735, the diodes that restricted the radio to the ham bands were already removed when I got the radio. But I never let it bother me. Except for my early days as a Novice, when I was crystal controlled, I never let the radio tell me where I can go. I was always well aware of my band limitations. In the early 80s I spent several years in Germany,...
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  • kx2p's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 23:35
    Hi guys, Can anyone help? I'm replacing an old molex type connector on the power cord going from the Tentec power supply to the back of the Omni 6. I have to order it on the internet. It's a four pin molex connector that takes female pins. I'm concerned there might be a variety of 4 pin molex connectors out there with different pin sizes. So does anyone know the specs (or part number) for the molex connector so I can be sure I'm ordering the correct one with the correct female pin sizes? I've sent an email to Tentec but it was bounced back with no response. Thank you.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 23:24
    brandon lind replied to a thread Base Radios ICOM -725 - fault after storage in Icom
    Sounds like a mars cap mod was done to the radio at some time. I would take ICOM's advice and just watch your TX frequency if the radio works as is.
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  • AG7PY's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 22:00
    AG7PY started a thread Radio Accessories Power supply issues in Amateur Radios
    I have a MJF 4245 power supply that after over a year lost power and will not give above 3 volts. MJF say they have never seen this and I have been unable to find the issue. Suggestions> AG7PY
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  • drobvit54's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 19:40
    Located at DM26. No call sign yet, taking Technician exam on March 7th. Confident that I will pass with no issues. Will update my user name when I get my call sign. Being a noob, I'm definitely going to be looking for knowledge and practical information on this forum. If I can't find answers to my questions online, I will definitely be asking them here. Hopefully, the "There is no stupid question" phrase reigns supreme here. Currently, I have an HT, 8watts (lol). Looking to get a couple RF power amplifiers (30-40watt output) and an antenna to set up a modest home station. Low power but, it's a start. The amps I'm looking at are also suitable for mobile so I can easily take one amp when I go off-roading, mainly for emergencies. Looking forward to an enjoyable experience here on HRF.
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  • MikeAlex's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 19:14
    MikeAlex replied to a thread Base Radios ICOM -725 - fault after storage in Icom
    I have replied to this thread a couple of times but nothing has been posted. I am using the 'reply to thread' button. My previous replies were based on the one reply I received and I responded that all the bands were available but that the span of the bands, with the exception of 160 M, was much broader than either regions 1,2 and 3. This suggested to me that whatever method Icom use to determine the appropriate coverage for each specific region had failed. I was hoping that somebody might be able to enlighten me in order that I can investigate further. Is, for example, the specific region programmed into the microprocessor or is it selected by some other means. Icom UK were unable to help but did suggest using it but keeping a close eye on band edges here in the UK. Any comments would be appreciated. Mike GM0OXS
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  • KF6FDX's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 18:19
    KF6FDX started a thread Hello in Introduce yourself
    I am new here and wanted to say hello... HELLO! I have had my license for a while but I am now getting back into radio. currently I only have a couple of UV5R HT"s but plan on a 2 meter base station in the future. Have a blessed day John KF6FDX
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  • KJ7MLF's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 16:32
    KJ7MLF started a thread Another n00b in Introduce yourself
    Greetings from western Montana. I just earned my Tech ticket and am studying for the General. A long...long time ago, when I was a kid, I loved using our old shortwave to listen to whatever I could find. Finding the GMT signal was even fun! Recently bought a Chinese HT and been listening while I learn about antennas, and radio in general. I plan to become involved in ARES; I'm interested in digital stuff but I want to be able to operate mobile and self-contained. It's obvious to me that understanding propagation better is something I need to do. I'm going to order an SWR meter and a 'better' antenna for that HT while I decide what next transceiver to get, and mess around with antennas a bit.
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  • Joe Papworth's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 15:32
    Joe Papworth started a thread Radio Accessories Alinco DR-135 interface in Alinco
    I want to interface FLFIGI to an Alinco DR-135. Does anyone know of a ready-made one? It would need to be USB to the DB-9 on the radio. Thanks, Joe, K8MP
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  • BH3CYF's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 03:21
    Hello,everyone! here is BH3CYF,this is my first posts,hope study some khowledge in here.thanks! 73 John
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  • Wattz2J's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 01:54
    Hello HRF! I live in KY, USA, and passed my Tech exam on 12/31 and wow, the whole process was a blast! Starting in November, I studied W4EEY's videos on YouTube and tested my knowledge with James Thomas' iPhone app called Ham Tech. I haven't ever enjoyed learning something as much as I enjoyed learning this topic. When I sat for my exam, I was pretty nervous but the hams at the EMS building were welcoming and encouraging. Now, I'm studying W4EEY's General Class videos, Buck's "Easy Way" book, and the General version of the same app for the iPhone. I could probably get by with one of these three things, but I usually listen to the videos when I'm driving, read the book when I'm at home, and fill in the gaps (and check my comprehension) with the questions on the iPhone app. I'm not sure exactly where to go after this. Hams- what did you do first after getting your ticket? What about when you got your General? Extra seems like a far-off dream for me, so I'm not sure what to even ask about that one. The...
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  • Wattz2J's Avatar
    Thu 13th Feb 2020, 01:35
    Good luck!
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  • M0WAO's Avatar
    Wed 12th Feb 2020, 22:52
    Good luck!
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  • KB7WHO's Avatar
    Wed 12th Feb 2020, 17:55
    KB7WHO started a thread Mobile Radios Kenwood TM-V71a how to set PM Channels in Kenwood
    I have been trying to set the PM Channels in my TM-V71a. I am not sure what the instructions mean when it says "be sure the microphone control is off". I when I do the F, PM sequence, I cannot figure out how to select the channel where I want to store the configuration. The microphone buttons don't work and the tune select knob changes the Tx/Rx channel. Thanks in advance. Ken KB7WHO
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  • AC5PS's Avatar
    Tue 11th Feb 2020, 23:05
    Don’t stay up to late studying the night before, good luck !
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Tue 11th Feb 2020, 09:25
    Best of luck!
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  • GraemeC's Avatar
    Mon 10th Feb 2020, 21:21
    Sitting my foundation exam on Saturday, havenít been very well the last few weeks so not nearly enough home study done, feeling slightly better now so some hard cramming between now and Saturday and cross all my fingers and toes..... wish me luck.
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