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  • Jon Hudson's Avatar
    Today, 09:20
    SDRplay have put together a searchable catalogue of articles, applications, data and links to YouTube videos which provide help and guidance on many aspects of SDR use - this is a growing resource, which should prove useful to many SDR users (not just owners of the SDRplay RSP family) - the catalogue is available at:
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Today, 07:08
    WZ7U replied to a thread Base Radios Yaesu-FT-101EE-SSB-Transceiver in Amateur Radios
    "The seller states it was powered up but had no antenna to test the receive & transmit functions....." Means it doesn't work in my mind. That phrase and ones like it make me nervous. If you are able to effect any needed repairs, then great. I suppose it depends on how you value your time. I would only buy a radio with that caveat as a project rig and not as a ready to use rig. Plus, if it somehow did work as it should, bonus! Eventually I suspect you will have to recap it and who knows what else. Expect problems and bid accordingly. YMMV and all that. Best of luck however you choose to go.
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  • paul6892's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:16
    paul6892 started a thread Base Radios Yaesu-FT-101EE-SSB-Transceiver in Amateur Radios
    Hello, Currently I’m a SWL only using a Kenwood R-1000 Receiver with a long wire end fed antenna. I was a novice ham KN4YYQ back in 1960 when I was in High School, after that I enlisted in the Navy 1961, after 23 years I retired (Fleet Reserve) in August 1984 as a FTCS(SW) I’m planning to get back in to Ham radio again with a full up transmitter and receiver Rig latter this year. I will be taking the Technician exam next month in Gulfport Mississippi and later on I will take the General exam. I’m also a retired Defense Contractor, Combat Systems Test Engineer. My QTH address is; Paul Chastain
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  • 7J1ADJ's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:41
    7J1ADJ started a thread Base Radios Japanese Version of IC9100 in Icom
    I read about how to open/mod the frequencies of the IC-9100. Years ago, Japan made it almost impossible to mod domestic radios for TX, even with hardware mods. It is referred to as the "J-Mark" stamp and if the radio had that, there were no TX mods available. I am looking at buying a IC-9100 and wonder if radio can be modified to use for the USA Ham frequencies. VHF in Japan is only 144-146 for example, and UHF is 430-440. I would hate to buy it and not be able to use it in the USA on the other frequencies. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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  • yt9tp's Avatar
    Fri 21st Sep 2018, 06:31
    yt9tp replied to a thread Radio rookie in Portable Operating
    If you mean something universal then it could be some mobile radio like Yaesu FT857 which covers all bands and all modes. You may use wire antennas like dipoles for HF. Thez are lightweight and easy to set up. It is goot to have some telescopic pole, even simple cheap fishing pole of 6m or longer would do. for higher frequencies, it is good to have some easily deployable antenna like Jpole made of twin lead cable. There are some Yagi constructions that may be collapsed and packed up in backpack. However, it is more practical to have additional walkie-talkie radio for VHF/UHF. You need battery of course and that is most problematic part of the setup because of the weight. If you go to LiFePo route it might cost but would be significantly less weight. You may set it up in military like manpack, but I prefer something that I carry in backpack as I always need to carry on other stuff besides radio, like additional clothes, food, camping gear or so.
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  • yt9tp's Avatar
    Fri 21st Sep 2018, 06:21
    yt9tp started a thread UZICE AWARD in Contesting
    Celebrating Užice City Day, Radio club “Aco Vučković” YU1ABH, Radio club “Sevojno” YU1AAX Sevojno and Radio club “Užice” YU1ACE establish UŽICE AWARD which is active each year from October 1st to October 16th. To win award you have to collect enough points making contacts (QSOs) with amateur radio stations which base locations are in the Užice City Area. Points are calculated and diploma is issued for each calendar year separately. Award Requirements: - Stations from Serbia: at least 6 points - Other European stations: at least 4 points - All other stations: at least 3 points Points:
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Thu 20th Sep 2018, 15:20
    I would say keep it as high as possible, but yes, you need guy-ropes, at least three, better four. I don't know if steel rope would interfere with the aerial's performance, but if you're worried it might, you get nylon line that has well over a tonne breaking strain - even a much thinner type which can handle 500 to 750 kg would probably enough.
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  • Joevano's Avatar
    Thu 20th Sep 2018, 14:55
    I tilted up my mast this weekend. It consists of 1-5' section, and 2-10' sections of Rohn antenna mast mounted on a tilt up bracket which is mounted on a 2" pipe 4' into the ground with concrete. The mast is secured to my fascia with a sturdy bracket so there is about 15' free in the breeze above the fascia. On top, I have a 5' cross beam with the 2m j pole and discone antennas mounted at the ends. As you can see in the pic, as I raised the mast, it bent slightly, but not kinked. Watching it in the wind, it does not look as stable as I thought it would be. I'll need to take it down when my LMR400 comes so wondering if I should either: remove the 5' section and have a total height of 20', or, guy it to the eaves and peak to keep the height. What would you do?
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  • Steffen_W's Avatar
    Thu 20th Sep 2018, 08:39
    Hello, I posted in the ICOM forum, but no one could help (with the following problem), therefore I wanted to ask if somebody here has an idea. I'm using a SDR created with GNUradio to transmit and receive GMSK signals in FM-D mode between an ICOM IC-7100 and IC-9100. If the signal from the SDR is send to the IC-7100 as audio signal from the pc soundcard via an audio connection to DATA2 socket, the signal is correct transmitted to the IC-9100 and the input of the receiving SDR (connected via USB-cable to the IC-9100) is shown in following link. Example for klinke audio connection If the same signal is send to the IC-7100 via a USB cable to the USB-port to use the internal soundcard, the received signal at the IC-9100 is not correct. Example for USB connection
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  • chris_debian's Avatar
    Thu 20th Sep 2018, 07:40
    As all of these links are now dead, and sadly we can't get to Tony's (SK) original document, I wonder whether it's worth having a new Sticky post, with fresh info? Thanks, Chris 2E0FRU
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  • chris_debian's Avatar
    Wed 19th Sep 2018, 20:19
    Hi, Have you had a look at eHam? Chris.
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  • galileotech's Avatar
    Wed 19th Sep 2018, 12:56
    I have a VHF/UHF antenna (ANLI A-100) and was checking on it with my antenna analyzer (N1201SA) through 50ft of Mini-RG8x feed line. (Antenna is in attic area 30 feet up from ground) I was expecting the standard curve showing an optimal SWR in the VHF and UHF bands. I did get this for the VHF band but the UHF, while under a SWR of 2, produce a rippling pattern across the band. I am new to antennas so I thought I’d ask here from the most knowledgeable so... What can be inferred from analyzer scan showing multiple minimum SWR (ripple) across a band? UHF Scan (Question about this one) Expected VHF Scan
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  • Steffen_W's Avatar
    Wed 19th Sep 2018, 09:19
    Hello, I got comparable results while using the IC-9100 to send and the IC-7100 for receiving. Any ideas how to fix the USB connection? Thanks for your time and help. Best regards Steffen
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  • W5LRC's Avatar
    Wed 19th Sep 2018, 02:44
    W5LRC replied to a thread FT-60r in Yaesu
    Rgr I’ll have to give that a go. Read there is an internal fuse or also something about an external power switch but I wasn’t able to find either of those. I’ll give them a call and see what they say. Thanks for the help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Wed 19th Sep 2018, 02:36
    K6CPO replied to a thread FT-60r in Yaesu
    Contact Yaesu Repair. They might be able to give you some insight. And they could certainly repair the radio if it needs it.
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  • W5LRC's Avatar
    Tue 18th Sep 2018, 20:13
    W5LRC replied to a thread FT-60r in Yaesu
    Just got a new battery pack in the mail today. Threw in some brand new batteries and still nothing. Beginning to think I somehow burnt the part of the radio that looks for the battery. It no longer will run off a battery. Only off the cigarette plug. Any ideas on fixing this or is it toast? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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  • cxr9431's Avatar
    Tue 18th Sep 2018, 18:36
    I have been hunting eBay, Craigslist, and other markets looking for a nice starter HF Rig to get on air and make some contacts and I found alot of these S and D (G) models. It seams like these radios offer the bands I want and the options needed to start making some DX contacts and learning the basics of antennas and such. Has anyone had one of these radios are they a good starter? Are they forgiving to a newbie or super complex to work? How do they interface with computers? I am considering this as a viable first rig as the prices look pretty good, and really would appreciate some wisdom from others who have experience. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Tue 18th Sep 2018, 14:09
    Obed replied to a thread Hello from KD2QKV in Introduce yourself
    Welcome to the forum and the hobby. Have fun.
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  • cxr9431's Avatar
    Tue 18th Sep 2018, 13:42
    Good morning, I'm happy to say I just got my offical copy of my license and new call sign. Saturday I sat for my Technician and General and passed both. I look forward to getting into EMCOM and DX and will be here reading and asking as I select my transceivers, build my HF antenna and try to get on air in the coming weeks. I look forward to to jumping into this great hobby. 73, Corey Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Tue 18th Sep 2018, 12:44
    Obed replied to a thread Radio rookie in Portable Operating
    Yep, we need more info.... this camping, is it going to be in a camper, travel trailer, backpacking? Camping in secluded areas or close to cities? Repeaters available or are you just looking to operate HF?
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Tue 18th Sep 2018, 09:33
    paulears replied to a thread Radio rookie in Portable Operating
    In these cases, we always ask the same question. Who, exactly, do you wish to talk to? People local to you? People further away, or even people in foreign countries? Do you have facilities to charge batteries? Is weight a consideration? Can you climb trees or find ways to erect antennas? Perhaps you could tell us what you can already do, and how you want your purchase to work?
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  • M0WAO's Avatar
    Tue 18th Sep 2018, 07:03
    M0WAO replied to a thread TS-2000 Won't XMIT on 60M in Kenwood
    as the MARS mod is done does that modification covers the 60 meter band? is that mod done by Kenwood if so do they garantie TX on 60 meters band? some info;
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  • W8EEO's Avatar
    Mon 17th Sep 2018, 22:38
    My forum has moved twice since I was here last. The new url for hamchatforum now is: I am interested in trying to get the site more active. Thanks again for letting me back on your forum. 73 I will be back W8EEO
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  • kj5yn's Avatar
    Mon 17th Sep 2018, 22:27
    I am stumped as is Kenwood technical support. My TS-2000 transmits fine on all my MARS frequencies EXCEPT 60m!It has the MARS mod. WHen I try to xmit on 5mHz, the red xmit light comes on on the rig, but the txvr is not putting out any power on that frequency.I have played around with different MIC Gain settings, but that has no effect. I'm frustrated.
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  • Smiley97's Avatar
    Mon 17th Sep 2018, 21:00
    Hey all, I’m just now getting into the whole ham radio world and I’m looking for help on how to setup/ what i need to set up a basic portable ham radio Man pack to take camping and such. Any help would be appreciated!
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