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  • gnuuser's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:19
    the industrial grade outlets have the "holes" in the back but have screw clamps in them instead of the spring contacts The cost a little bit more but are far more reliable. for lighting purposes 14 gauge is fine but i tend to frown on it for running outlets themselves. but you have to go by the maximum expected load amperage of the circuit and the total length of the circuit to size the wire properly. maximum amperage would be considered depending on the equipment ( lite electronic devices ) and the utility devices appliances and any device expected to draw a heavy current load. total length of circuit is used to calculate voltage drop, and conductors need to be oversized to compensate for the voltage drop. you would not believe how hard i had to drum that into the apprentices before i retired
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  • Tempstar's Avatar
    Fri 5th Mar 2021, 11:41
    Cool. Glad you found it.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Thu 4th Mar 2021, 04:13
    I had a loose neutral wire in an outlet across the room. The guy that built this cabin thought daisy chaining 2 rooms (lights and all outlets) with 14ga wire using those push the wire in the hole type outlets was a good plan. I keep putting this off but I guess it is time to rewire.
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  • charlie's Avatar
    Tue 2nd Mar 2021, 23:42
    It could be that anybody with an interest in electronics, who sees inside some of the hi tech items being sold today, may be scared off of going any farther in the field. With the miniaturization of components it's easy to see that starting a project could be the beginning of a real headache, so why bother. When I became interested in the late 40's it was an open field to go in any of a hundred directions, all in the name of radio. Especially when the WW2 war allowed such a choice of equipment in surplus sales. (I would love to know how many of the ARC-5's were sold! I got one of them and had a blast!) There doesn't seem to be much of a source of items that can draw the attention of today's youth, so the computer games draw the crowd that otherwise might find radio interesting enough to invest time or money into. Just my two cents. Charlie
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