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  • Obed's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:18
    welcome Jody... have fun on the forum
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  • W6NLA's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:57
    I just joined as well! GCalifornia! 73 Jody W6NLA
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:51
    OH8GAD replied to a thread Hello in Introduce yourself
    Seriously, if you'renot up and ready with the food bowl before your furry fiend awakes, you deserve to have your toes chewed! :D Welcome to the forums.
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:04
    Obed replied to a thread Hello in Introduce yourself
    welcome to the forum. Have you met up with any of the local club members, found and elmer? What preparations are you making for the test and what level of license are you aiming for?
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:01
    welcome to the forum. I have enjoyed my time here, hope you do too de KK5UG
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  • AppalachianGunSlinger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:32
    Looking for a inexpensive external microphone that has bluetooth capabilities. Must have some type of tx nutton itnis as well. Must also be compatible with programs like zello. Please advise what works well for this type of thing while staying as inexpensive as possible and also have decent battery life.
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  • AppalachianGunSlinger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:25
    Was into radios a good bit in the warly 90s priorities shifted and let others handle the tech. Anyways much was lost betweent then and now. I want to get some knowledge back as my priorities have shifted. I am getting into emergency communications for self and family, and extended group. I hope to be able to polish off my knowledge and full in my understandinng of certain basic, such as channel security, transmission of data, emergency coms. I hope to be able to run things off if others and learn as well as observe. Hopefuly getting a better understanding of ho, why, as well as terminology. I appreicte it. Btw retired Army OIF combat veteran. Retired up in NGA with my service dog, wife, two other pups, and my wifes cat who thinks he is part of the pack. Chaotic but furry and warm nights snuggled by oups my life is with lots of tail wagging and morning kisses by a cat who still attacks my feet if I dont get up to feed them in the morning!
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 00:51
    5B4AJB replied to a thread FT-817ND carrier hum in Yaesu
    You don't have CTCSS enabled do you?
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  • AC9SF's Avatar
    Thu 15th Mar 2018, 21:58
    Newly registered and looking forward to HRF as a source of new knowledge, exchanging views and hopefully new ham friends. AC9SF
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  • Spamcan's Avatar
    Thu 15th Mar 2018, 19:58
    Spamcan started a thread FT-817ND carrier hum in Yaesu
    Bought an 817ND and 6 mo later, I'm finally setting it up for its first operation (FT-8) using an SCU-17 and my Nextbook (Win) and WSJT-X. Got it all set up, running, and tried to bag me some QSOs and do a few CQs. No luck. I noticed, however, my signal out had a kind of fuzzy aspect to its generated tones. Hmmm. Disconnected the peripheral stuff and fired it up barebones on CW. Same buzz to the carrier when monitored on another rcvr. Modulation even registers abt 10-15% on a modulation meter. Uh oh! Swapped power over from the NC-72B brick to the internal battery @ 9VDC and hit the key.... (all this on a dummy load) same problem!. Beat the hum against a sig gen to determine its freq and it's about 120 hz! Can't be the mains or external pwr supply 'cause the battery operation result is identical. Anybody heard of this before? Any hints for troubleshooting? Any recommendations of a service outfit/person? I'm all ears! DE KA7MWQ and listening!
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Thu 15th Mar 2018, 16:36
    welcome to the forum...lots of friendly folks here and just like any club or being on the air, there are a couple old grouches too....have fun with the hobby and the forum
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  • W6NLA's Avatar
    Thu 15th Mar 2018, 11:48
    This is Whiskey 6 November Lima Alpha, Jody, in So. Cal! I just got into the ham hobby in January. I guess I'm one of the fortunate ones... my YL got into it with me! We both took our Tech exams on Feb. 3, and had our calls by the 5th! In Feb. we studied for our General and passed that on March 3! Still awaiting verification of that through the FCC. Don't know what happened there. But now we're studying for our Extra! We belong to a few local clubs, but so far I'm not seeing all the friendly faces that I've read about in these groups. Mostly the old-timers are stand-offish and a couple even downright rude! Anyway, enough of that here, don't wanna get a rep. 73s Jody, W6NLA
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  • JOHN MARCHAND's Avatar
    Thu 15th Mar 2018, 10:28
    Hello, just wondering if anyone has ever built the Two tube regenerative battery radio on PG-116 of Radio Receivers Projects You Can Build book ? Does the receiver work well, are there any improvements ? Any help will be appreciated, Thank you ! :)
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Wed 14th Mar 2018, 14:58
    no apologies necessary. It seems that no one on here has the information you seek (I know I don't), but you would never know if you did not ask.
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  • om1ava's Avatar
    Wed 14th Mar 2018, 14:37
    I try to find someone who can offer an advice and posting empty messages can bring it to somebody's attention. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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  • FireWood's Avatar
    Wed 14th Mar 2018, 00:13
    FireWood started a thread Handheld Radios TU-1 manual in Kenwood
    Hi, I cannot find a manual to my TU-1 Encode Tone Unit for TR-2500A. It was my fathers but he gave it to me and I cannot figure out how to set a -100 offset for my TR-2600A. Please help.
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  • corvus's Avatar
    Tue 13th Mar 2018, 21:26
    20/12 is comfortable/do-able. I started with 20/20 and was getting frustrated. My biggest problem is trying not to go back and make corrections...
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  • flboy's Avatar
    Tue 13th Mar 2018, 20:27
    flboy replied to a thread Scope Importance in Icom
    Spectral scopes are great. I love the one on my IC7300. I really like seeing the band and immediately seeing where signals are and thier relative strength. I just touch the screen on the signal of interest and the radio tunes instantly. No more blindly turning the dial to see what is out there. I can see what is out there literally. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Tue 13th Mar 2018, 20:10
    a big fan of Heil products myself...have several of their microphones, and their headsets, they are all I have used for the last 20 years.
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Tue 13th Mar 2018, 18:57
    I use Heil products on a couple of my radios and I find them to be very good. Heil is pretty much the "industry standard" for amateur radio headsets and microphones, at least in the US.
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Tue 13th Mar 2018, 18:54
    K6CPO replied to a thread Handheld Radios FT-70 Select Memory Bank to Scan in Yaesu
    Glad to see you got it sorted out. For the most part, I find YouTube to be quite helpful. For example, I learned how to change the disc brake rotors on my truck there. You have to be careful, however and filter the videos to eliminate the would-be filmmakers that can't hold the camera steady and videos with bad information.
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Tue 13th Mar 2018, 09:57
    I would suggest setting the character speed at 20wpm and the spacing at around 12wpm to start. If that's too much, set spacing down to 10 wpm. The reasoning behind this is that you will get proficient at some point and 20wpm will seem slow. If you learn the sound of the characters at 20wpm, the spacing will decrease till it matches 20wpm. It will happen but only if you stick with it. So, enjoy your new language and practice practice practice! GL & 73
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Tue 13th Mar 2018, 09:47
    I doubt that would be very effective. I've never quite understood this system, but CW at 50wpm is far to fast to assimilate for a beginner. I would have thought 12-15wpm is a more practical and easier to achieve speed to start with. After all, not everyone on the air can do 12wpm very well. I was trained by a Royal Navy submariner. We started at 12wpm - and our speed was supposed to have remained constant. The gap between characters gave thinking time and this gradually shortened. My problem was my sending speed increased considerable - up to over 20wpm, but my receive maximum was around 15. In use, I'd send to fast and the good operators speeded up to my sending speed and I got lost. I have no idea what I was sent in my test - I could write it down but not actually read it, and the examiner took the paper away before I'd had a chance to read it! I don't think I could have learned at a faster speed.
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