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  • paulears's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:37
    If you install a stand alone omnidirectional antenna horizontally, it then becomes directional - so while it would no doubt work, some directions would be off limits.
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  • JohnF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:49
    When you move to your new location are you going to be able to put in the radials that would be needed? If not, then do not think about buying a HF-9V. I have a HF-6V and it needs plenty of radials to work properly. John
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  • JohnF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:43
    JohnF replied to a thread antenna for ic-7300 in Amateur Radios
    Is he serious? This is a windup surely.
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  • dtrewren's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:10
    Hi Phil, This is very true, there are lots of fake FTDI chip sets to. In fact the latest FTDI drivers will detect a fake chip and the driver commits suicide - this can be fixed but worth remembering if all of a sudden everything stops working. The Prolific adaptor I have is definitely (well as far as I can tell) genuine as was purchased via work not off of eBay or similar. Looks to me like HRD has some type of timing issue with this chip set. Strange because the same interface cable works perfectly with a whole range of other Ham and non-Ham software. Since installing the FTDI cable I picked from Amazon everything has been working perfectly without a single glitch even on the older V5 HRD version which using the Prolific cable went over every few minutes. Now a happy Ham, 73s
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  • W9NDN's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:36
    W9NDN started a thread Stealth or similar in Antennas
    I have an Alinco sr8t and mfj 941e and I'm looking for a few ideas for 80/40/20 antennas that don't require much more than roof height. I have my J Pole mounted to flag pole about 20' up. Any suggestions? 73 Matt, W9NDN
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:32
    Thanks for sharing, one to keep in mind for other applications too. Sadly, many of the Prolifics chipsets are fake. Usually the cheaper ones on offer, and applications are getting good at identifying these and preventing them from being used. Kind regards, Phil
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  • 2E0FVL's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:13
    At home Fldigi - love it and QRZ for logging. Out on the 7 or 8 special event stations each year Log4OM linked to QRZ Logbook for live updates.
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  • hitfactor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:39
    I have a simple end fed wire antenna from chameleon, emcom II is the model. With a 100 foot counterpoise the built in tuner works on 80m to 50 mHz.
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 21:17
    K6CPO replied to a thread Homeplugs in The Junk Box
    Most cable modems now have built in routers. I can connect to my internet either using either wireless via the computer's, tablet's and phone's built-in WiFi or via Cat 5 or 6 cable as I have done to my Blu-Ray player. The last thing in the world I would ever do is distribute my internet vial the power lines. One failure in the plug and you've got 115 VAC running back through your cable to your computer. Real safe...
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  • dtrewren's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 20:50
    Good evening everyone, This might be old information to some but its new to me so I thought I would post as it might save someone else a big headache. I really like the Ham Radio Deluxe software and had been using version I also down loaded the latest version 6 to trial with the intention of buying. I am using HRD to control my Yaesu FT-450D using a USB to serial adaptor plugged into the radio CAT interface. I have been struggling with software stability. The rig control would run for some random length of time 5-20 mins an then lockup usually taking out the COM port requiring a PC reboot - very very annoying. Anyway I raised support tickets with HRD in the US and after a bit of back and forth they asked me about my USB to serial adaptor which in my case had the Prolific chip set. Essentially they said they have had all sorts of trouble with this type of adaptor specifically the Prolific chip set. They recommended using either FTDI or Silicon Labs chip sets.
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  • dtrewren's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 20:37
    Hello David, I think there are boards available commercially already : These are being produced by KD2C and are supplied built. The boards are shipped out of the US and so for me including postage they are more expensive compared to making one as I already had the parts and tools. As KD2C is selling these I would not start selling myself but might make one up for someone if they are really stuck and can't buy one. Cheers & 73s, Dave
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  • Sudden's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 20:15
    Not quite amateur radio software but used with amateur radios. VirtualBox which runs WinXP, Win 98SE, Win 3.1 and Ubuntu so that I can use some really old radio software. DosBox wich runs Dos programming software for a Tait2020 pmr converted to 70MHz and other Dos programs.
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  • Obed's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 19:54
    depending on how much you want to spend and what detail of installation you would like to do... check out the tarheel antenna site. They make several types of mounts to go on the top of the vehicle...manual or motorized... their screwdriver antennas work very well on 40 and 80 meters, I have 3 of them mounted on my vehicles and am setting one up for use on my office, my son uses one on his truck... they also make a ladder mount...
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  • G0FYQ's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 17:47
    Hi Dave, Thank you for sharing this which I found it very interesting, Iíve been looking for an alternative solution since the passing of G4HUP. Is this something you would consider manufacturing your version of Yaesu FT-450D IF tap? Because this is something I would consider purchasing. Thanks anyway.
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  • Van's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 17:26
    Van replied to a thread Hamstick or ? in Antennas
    What would happen if you embedded a long wire on top of the rubberized roof of your coach and used an antenna tuner. I have a 37' coach and it usually is not stationary so I'm trying to come up with something that I can use while moving (not driving) and doesn't require setup time. I haven't tried this yet but it would be like a 90' horizontal loop. Van
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  • OklabyGodhoma's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 17:19
    I think I already know the answer to this question but I'll ask anyway. Has anyone found a way to "lockout" a channel or channels when utilizing the scan option. I know I can always go into CHIRP and eliminate the channels but I'm looking for a way like I have on my scanners. 73 All W5HLG
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  • Van's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 17:11
    Van replied to a thread Stationary RV Antenna in Mobile Operating
    I will be following your thread hoping to learn something about antennas to use on my class a coach. Two items I am contemplating and will appreciate your comments. Firstly is a hinged antenna bracket with a 90 degree angle bar to raise the antenna, securing the angle bar to the ladder when antenna is raised. The other concept I've had is to embed a 80' wire looped on top of the rubberized roof and connect it to a remote antenna tuner like the Icom AH-4. My coach is generally not stationary.
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  • OklabyGodhoma's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 17:05
    A couple of other factors you may want to check just to make sure that both of you are on the same page. First is to make sure both radios are set to High power. Second is to verify that your antenna mounts in both radios are solid. Baofeng's seem to have problem of the antenna mount not being tightened completely from the factory. This problem does not show up with the factory rubber duckie because the base is in solid contact with the case. When you change to the Nagoya 771 within a short time the loose mount shows up. Simply holding the portable tightly in your hand and swinging the antenna from side to side will show if the problem exists. Of course its an easy fix by using needle nose pliers to fit into the slots and tighten. Careful not to put too much strength into the process. Lastly verify you truly have a Nagoya 771 and not the knock-off that is out there. Rather than me going into that here simply do a search since there are several articles on the real thing vs. the knock-off and they...
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  • OklabyGodhoma's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 16:43
    I have both a UV-5R and BF-8FHP and utilized the free CHIRP programming software and easily added all the NOAA frequencies into memory. I have never seen any "special channels" or reserved areas in either radio. A word of caution; the software automatically programs your radio to transmit on any frequency you enter at the radio's highest power. Alas, there is no way to turn the power to 0 or receive only so make sure you program these frequencies to the low 1 watt power setting. A point to remember is if you do program these frequencies in your radio then you can forget about ever using the scan feature ever again because it will get to the weather and stop. Of course you can restart scanning and it will scan all the channels until it gets back to the weather and will stop again.
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 10:08
    paulears replied to a thread Homeplugs in The Junk Box
    These devices were designed quite poorly from every perspective apart from the internet part - which works quite well. In my house I tried one, and it did mean that on the 'short-wave' bands there was a lot of horrible noises, what decided it for me was that it performed worse than ordinary wifi! It isn't supposed to, but it did. Network cables seem the fastest and most reliable, wifi connection with dongles in the PCs came second, and the mains wiring connection was early worst. A bit of investigation suggests that my neighbours, on the same phase of the mains have a mains fed baby alarm of some sort, and there's very low level internet data on the line suggesting other neighbours may have similar things going on. There's also a chance that if you have any ham neighbours, your data could be compromised by their activity - and you'd probably not notice, just experience sudden slow speeds and the occasional dropout of service. Paul
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  • dtrewren's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 09:38
    Hi Dan, On the SDRPlay web-site there are very useful single page spec sheets associated with each of the available units so it is quite easy to compare the functionality. In the UK the RSP1A is £99 ($133) and the RSP2 is £130 ($175) which I think is an excellent price considering what functionality you get for your money. Thanks for the digital speech link I will definitely check that out and am going to have a crack at FT-8 this evening if the band is behaving. I have been to the Tattoo in Edinburgh, my wife is Scottish. We found a very nice old Scottish whisky bar afterwards and I don't remember much after that :) It was raining that day to - rains a lot up in that neck of the woods. The weather is always unpredictable in the UK especially where I am over in the west. It can be lovely in the morning, raining at lunchtime and snowing by tea time. Just get used to it really - I was on a business trip to California earlier in the year and it just seems to be sunny all the time which was weird. ...
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  • AndyG0CCX's Avatar
    Fri 15th Dec 2017, 09:14
    AndyG0CCX replied to a thread Homeplugs in The Junk Box
    Alas, even when amateur radio is the 'primary user' of a given set of frequencies, it's not a 'protected service', so the poor old ham has to grin and bear all sorts of interference, with things like Homeplugs being amongst the worst offenders. Plug them in and you will almost certainly be radiating some unwanted interference. It's only if that interfered with a primary user - police, ambulance, TV or radio broadcasters etc that someone would step in. As you have been considerate enough to sign up and ask (most don't) perhaps you might consider using a 'switch' (a box that will connect computers etc together) and lengths of CAT 5 cable. Not so neat, but usually faster and more reliable than any form of wi-fi - and no interference for any nearby hams! :) Thanks for taking the time to ask!
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Thu 14th Dec 2017, 22:03
    There are folks who love CW, but I'm one who cannt follow it. But I'll try FT8 digital next year. Welcome to the hobby !
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Thu 14th Dec 2017, 22:01
    I spent $500 on a used Alinco DXsr8, and about the same on an antenna. Then the power meter, the antenna tuner, etc. Welcome to the hobby !
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Thu 14th Dec 2017, 21:59
    Howdy ! Welcome to the forums and back into the hobby.
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Thu 14th Dec 2017, 21:54
    I use N3FJP's logging software. Paid the shareware fee. It has stood me in good stead. Tried others, they either didn't like my computer, or the software didn't do what I wanted.
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  • 1saintly's Avatar
    Thu 14th Dec 2017, 21:22
    1saintly started a thread Homeplugs in The Junk Box
    Hi i am totally out my depth with HAM Radio. Only reason i signed up, was that i have been told that if i use Homeplugs to distribute my Internet/network around my house, it will cause interference to any nearby HAM Radio users, as i don't know if any live nearby, i can't go and ask them, don't want to plug them in only to find out i am blocking or interfering with their radio.
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