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  • evillama's Avatar
    Sun 2nd Jun 2019, 15:29
    We have three cars in our family and frequently caravan places together. I've used different Walmart-purchased FRS radios but hate recharging/replacing batteries, and always wanted to install handheld mics in the cars to simplify the radios' use (without installing a full CB radio). I recently picked up five UV-5Rs on sale for $99, thinking they were usable like FRS radios - but after doing some reading on Ham Radios, I think I "over-purchased" for our typical use. Although since Baofeng makes car-chargers, dash mounts, and handheld mics - I'd still like to make use of these radios in some way. Seems these can be programmed to use FRS channels, but I have two questions: 1) Is a license really needed to use FRS channels? I've read conflicting information on the internet :-( 2) If yes, I will go ahead and take the test for my license - but does everybody else in my family also have to (even if we just use one channel together)? Thanks in advance.
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  • rrlangly's Avatar
    Mon 27th May 2019, 22:36
    Hope this is the right forum to place this post. As I'm trying to get a better understanding of grounding and bonding, this is the first step I've been working on. I have several components to my radio and at times I've noticed that when I touch the box, I would get a slight shock. I always thought it was just me walking across the carpet but now I'm starting to get a better understanding of things, but still a long ways to go. I have started with bonding my system. I have a copper bar mounted to the wall behind my gear and I am going to run flat braid copper from the chassis of each box directly to this bar. Then my understanding is that I should run a wire from the bar to ground ... and here's the problem. I live on the 10th floor of a high-rise and have nothing to attach it to. No incoming water pipe (all pvc), no A/C copper lines, and if I understand this correctly, I can't use the ground in a 120v electrical socket either (green wire?). So how do I go about grounding this properly? Any...
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  • maalikm's Avatar
    Wed 29th May 2019, 00:12
    I am having some trouble with my Rigblaster Plus (Original Version). First I plug in the power adapter and connect the DC power to the Rigblaster; the device power on. Next, I wired the jumpers and connected them according to the manual. I connected the Rigblaster to my radio via the mic cable, plugged in my mic into the front of the Rig Blaster, and pressed the PTT button on the mic. All is nominal there. Then I connected the USB to serial adapter to my computer and then the serial cable to the Rigblaster. I also made sure to connect the computer's audio line out to Rigblaster's audio line in. The adapter itself shows up in the device manager, but there is where my luck ends. Not matter what drivers are installed (I tried the ones from West Mountain Radio), what COM port is selected in the software, what software I use, what baud rate is selected for the adapter, what settings are set on the radio itself, or even what computer I use. The radio never enters transmit mode and no power is being...
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  • Advisesoonest's Avatar
    Wed 29th May 2019, 21:55
    I am using a newly purchased Chameleon antenna the complete vertical element with the supplied ground stake. I live in an HOA. I installed it as instructed. Using my rigs built-in antenna tuner my SWR is flat across all the bands but I am not radiating. My tuner is making my radio happy but the antenna is not resonating. I called CQ for an hour nothing heard!* Next step must be radials. I purchased a 20-inch square steel plate, connected the steel plate to the ground stake and ran proper length radials off the steel plate 2-4-6-8 radials. I am not being heard! What do I have to do to make this antenna resonate? Frustrated but never giving up! Terrence Franck N9BMM
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  • oldranger53's Avatar
    Sun 26th May 2019, 01:38
    oldranger53 started a thread Sigma RF2000 ? in Accessories
    Hello to all! W7ORW here, for the first real post. A friend and Elmer here loaned me a SWR meter today. It is a Sigma RF2000. Despite my usual efforts to find a manual online, or a YouTube video about it, I'm coming up empty. There is an adjustment knob on the front of it. I don't know what that is for. The SWR readings I'm getting on 40, 80, and 20 meters is so low that I am not confident it's correct.
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Thu 30th May 2019, 01:26
    OK, I found a Mosley CL-33 that I am going to install on my tower. Before I put it up I want to refurbish it. I live on a sea water front property. I will be opening up every joint cleaning and treating with Penetrox and inspecting the integrity of the trap coil forms and R and R as needed...if needed. But I am wondering about the surface of the elements. When Aluminum ages it forms an oxide coating that is protective of the aluminum. Unlike rust, it doesnt continue to get worse. But the coating may increase the surface resistance of the elements. So I am wondering if just leaving it alone is best OR polishing it and painting it with a protective coat of cold galvanizing zinc paint or something else would be a good idea. Penetrox is just zinc filings in a waterproof grease and it works pretty well down here on the coast but would not stick to unprotected surfaces very long. I would just as soon not take it back down for a while.
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  • chris_debian's Avatar
    Sun 2nd Jun 2019, 18:09
    Hi, all. I'm looking to buy a VSWR/ power meter for my shack. I'm confused by all the options. I'd like something that works 'in line', rather than occasional attachment. My main interest is QRP, so I'd like something that indicates lower power, but higher if needed. As I prefer to operate QRP, I'd like something that can assure me, for example, that I'm not pushing out more than 5 watts.
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  • N3QIG's Avatar
    Sun 2nd Jun 2019, 23:06
    I'm using a Yaesu FT-857D and hamstick antenna in my 1997 Ford F-150, V6 pickup. The setup works GREAT, but I have noticed that the reception clarity lessens/quiets down, when I'm accelerating. Any thoughts? The power line comes directly from the battery, and I've placed plenty of grounding straps throughout. Thanks! Mike, N3QIG
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  • maalikm's Avatar
    Fri 31st May 2019, 02:17
    Having got my Rigblaster Plus setup, I dabbled a little in PSK31 and have had 3 QSOs so far. However, I have a troubling question... How much power can I run PSK31 on my Icom IC-725 before I damage it? I am using no external amplifier. Is there any safe amount of time to run full power and if so what is it. I ran the full 100 watts at times without any heating or reports of garbled signals, but something tells me I'm doing it wrong. Any help would be very appreciated.
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Tue 4th Jun 2019, 22:42
    I think there is a way to do some simple programming tasks on my Baofeng UVB2Plus by the keyboard. But I dont have a manual for it. My problem is simple. Transmit time is being limited to less than 30 seconds and I believe this is adjustable. But I dont know which parameter I am looking for and how to access it. I think hitting "menu" is where I start and then use the up and down arrows to step through the parameters. But I dont understand the abbreviations nor do I know how to change the setting. Would appreciate help if anyone knows the answer.
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  • camerart's Avatar
    Sat 15th Jun 2019, 10:25
    Hi, I have two Windows 10 computers. My Funcube works on one and not the other. I've: tried a 'system file check' cleared Funcube from REGEDIT reinstalled SDR programs. Re-loaded the Funcube DLL from the website. The Funcube shows as LINE IN In all SDR cases Funcube is not showing, in one case there is no 'souncard' box where there is on the second computer.
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  • selectcase's Avatar
    Sun 9th Jun 2019, 21:26
    Hi my name is will and I am totally new to amateur radio. I have always wanted to get in to it and when i saw an Icom IC 718 with dsp module for sale locally at a very good price after research I bought it I have contacted the local club..ordered the exam books and am starting the learning curve...I icom is sat in the box as motivation :) Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
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  • KevinJones's Avatar
    Sun 16th Jun 2019, 17:02
    I am turning to the ham community as I have not been able to find answers anywhere else. I am interested in making a dipole antenna with a gain higher than what the nominal 1/2 wave dipole achieves. I hope to achieve around 9db gain omnidirectional in the horizontal plane (maybe more). This is for the 2.4 GHz band used on wifi equipment. I have tried to do a lot of research on the web, but am still finding I have specific questions which are not being answered. I am familiar with the fact that 6db and 9db direct screw-on antennas are sold for 2.4GHz wifi equipment. The ones I have seen have been called dipoles. The closest thing I have come to which addresses somewhat in detail is a Youtube video ( where the presenter dissects one such antenna. I have included screen shots which show the dimensions of element. Note that in the author's notation regarding the length of the coil, the 70mm refers to the length of the wire section before coiling. ...
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  • KD9KVS's Avatar
    Wed 5th Jun 2019, 19:47
    This is technically vhf, but do not want to ruin my radio or antenna. This is a mobile base unit, not an ht.
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  • K5MOW's Avatar
    Wed 29th May 2019, 02:13
    K5MOW started a thread Handheld Radios DMR in Amateur Radios
    Good evening everyone Can everyone recommend a first hand held DMR radio. What is a good radio that isnít too much past $200. I am totally new to DMR. Thanks Roger Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Sat 25th May 2019, 03:01
    I need a schematic. Just got this tuner and the schematic which was lose in the manual was missing.
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  • Edward52316's Avatar
    Tue 11th Jun 2019, 17:30
    Hi My name is Edward KG5QLA my QTH is in Houston TX. EL 29kn
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  • Je Brown's Avatar
    Wed 12th Jun 2019, 13:38
    I have an old Transel TAB5T multiband mobile antenna. I have used this on my van in years past, and it worked fine. If used as a base station antenna, a monoband vertical should have a radial system. But what about the TAB5T used as a base station antenna? Does the addition of 4 different band resonators (3 at right angles to the mast, and 1 vertically at the top) make it, in effect, ground independent? Not to say that a radial system would hurt, but are radials necessary or effective as in a monoband?
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  • KN4TMO's Avatar
    Tue 18th Jun 2019, 00:28
    Attempting to program a 980+ using CHIRP and settings for the 8900D without success. Has anyone else encountered this issue? It appears that the radio is not being recognized after plugging into the USB ports on my pc. Thanks in advance for any help
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  • timemeddler's Avatar
    Tue 11th Jun 2019, 10:03
    Hello, been putting together a 40 meter dipole with a tuner for other bands, inverted v planned for final setup. I am debating the merits of ladder line vs coax. I know there's no point to using a tuner on coax other than saving the transceiver. however I live in an urban area where RF noise is a concern, is there any appreciable difference between shielded coax and open ladder line? The run will be about 100 feet.
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  • xArt's Avatar
    Sat 22nd Jun 2019, 15:48
    Hi Guys :) I did an unboxing video for the current Vibroplex straight key (2019). Enjoy!
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Tue 11th Jun 2019, 01:47
    I just aquired a Mosley CL-33 tri band antenna. I will be refurbishing it before putting it on an 80 foot tower. The parts dont look exactly like the assembly pictures. One of the elements does NOT have solid aluminum stubs on the loading coils. Instead it has what looks like RG8 pigtails. Why?
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  • Vance's Avatar
    Today, 04:08
    KE0RRN Completed the General Test Yesterday Shopping around for a favorable HF rig, and I need an antennae that can be hidden from a VERY observant homeowners association. If you had about $1500 set aside for HF work, and a new General license to wave around, what equipment might you choose? I have my eye on the IC7300, of course, but I have been using Yeasu FT7900 for my 2m so I have some Yeasu familiarity. Thoughts? Thanks
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  • Floydie's Avatar
    Wed 5th Jun 2019, 05:39
    Baofeng uv5r emits a Loud pop at the start and end of any audio this is really annoying especially as in a racecar headset. Is there any way to stop this? Could I use a coupling capacitor on the speaker or some sort of shunt diode to kill the obvious dc burst?
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  • kar120c's Avatar
    Wed 5th Jun 2019, 19:44
    Yaesu, Icom and most chinese radios stock antennas are made of stiff material and they are uncomfortable to use. Aftermarket ones, like Diamond and clones sells some thin "rat's tail" antennas, flexi but fragile. Years ago, in the mono band era, many HT were equipped with sturdy, soft and very flexible antennas. To find a very flexy antenna nowadays i must buy a very cheap and unreliable china product and i don't want it. What is the reason (i think technical) why modern ht antennas are made to me stiff?
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  • pendra's Avatar
    Thu 20th Jun 2019, 03:15
    pendra started a thread Base Radios How to set WFM on FT-857D? in Yaesu
    On my $10 SDR , I can choose to receive on FM and or WFM But on my expensive Ft-857D the only choice I have is for FM option is FM only. Is there a way to change this? The reason is that WXtoIMG stipulates WFM for satellite data reception. Currently the pics I receive on FM seem to have lost( or not received) a lot of data. Thanks in advance
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  • alzadjali's Avatar
    Mon 17th Jun 2019, 13:34
    Hi there, I have the Yaesu FTM-400 mobile, is there a way to assign the beacon tx to one of the Program Key on the mic? Thanks
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  • TomC's Avatar
    Wed 19th Jun 2019, 17:05
    I have a new Baofeng UV-5X3. What is the expected battery life? I get about 15-20 minutes of scanning, then have to charge 1.5hours for another 15-20 minutes. That seems pretty short battery life. Is that the normal time? How long does the 3800mh battery last?
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  • chrisgjamskate's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:23
    Hello all, What is the best long range two way handheld radio that offers aes encryption? I am not looking to use a repeater, only site to site. Price is no concern. Thanks, Chris
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  • cake's Avatar
    Mon 10th Jun 2019, 18:49
    I plan to buy a signal booster for a phone (60db gain for car/rv, wideband) and attach a yagi type antenna. According to the plot form the manufacture (link) does this mean I have a range of about 30 degrees each way when aiming it? I only ask because I am wondering how accurate I need to be when I aim that style of Antenna. I know this is shortwave/ham forum, I figure you guys would know. My whole situation that I am trying to solve is Internet on a cargo ship. I have 2 windows for my room (port and aft) and the walls are steel. I was thinking to put a "Proxicast 11 dBi Yagi" behind a window and just aim it at land providing I have 60 degrees of arch. The ship is always moving, so I would guess I would just need to adjust it once in a while.?
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