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  • MrKiltYou's Avatar
    Mon 26th Aug 2019, 13:53
    All, As the title says, I am not sure where to start. I don't have my license yet and should be getting the ARRL study guide in the mail today. My general goal is backcountry and emergency communications. I like to do a fair amount of solo camping and off roading. It seems like there is a big social component around amateur radio, but for me (at least right now) in it and of itself doesn't hold interest as a hobby. Thoughts on the best approach given my goals?
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  • G8GYW's Avatar
    Fri 6th Sep 2019, 20:10
    Greetings everyone. My first post here so please be nice :joyous: Iím returning to amateur radio after a forty year break and making my first foray into HF. My first task is to erect an antenna. My wife is very proud of her garden (and rightly so) and doesnít want it spoilt with an unsightly antenna farm, so my initial solution will be an end fed random wire. I donít want to bring the radiating element in to the shack which will be on the first floor (second floor if youíre in the US!)) so Iím thinking of using a 9:1 unun with a short coax feed. My question is about the earth/counterpoise requirements. I know there are as many solutions as there are radio operators, but as I understand it these are some of my options: 1) No connection to unun ground (except coax feeder screen) 2) Copper wire to unun ground running down the wall and connecting to a ground stake. The wire will be 6 metres long
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  • Hitdogg's Avatar
    Sat 14th Sep 2019, 10:43
    Hitdogg started a thread Getting Started in The Junk Box
    Ok, so I have the radio, I have the license, now what? I guess how do I go about talking to someone. I have tried giving my call sign and asking if the frequency was busy. No answers from anybody. I do understand a little about bands. Like the 2m, that is 144.1 all the way up to 148.0. So if I'm wanting to talk to somebody, does that mean we can pick a frequency, say 144.123 and chat away? What about a repeater? Do we both put in the repeater frequency? I got my radio and license so that I could use it when I went 4 wheeling. But I wanna get familiar with the way things are in case SHTF. I don't wanna try and learn during that time. I'm sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place, I am a noob in ever sense of the word. Thanks in advance!
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  • Mike K's Avatar
    Sun 1st Sep 2019, 21:50
    Mike K started a thread Handheld Radios Yaesu FT-70D Cannot Create Memory Banks in Yaesu
    Hello, My issue is when I assign a memory bank to given frequencies in ADMS software by checkmarking desired bank no, then uploading, no memory banks show accessible through pressing Band Key on radio. Cannot create a bank manually either per manuals instructions. Shows No Bnk Is there a known firmware glitch with this radio. Radio was bought new last month, what gives? Would like to checkbox all my channels to put into assigned banks 1,2,3,4 etc, then be able to enter the desired bank by pressing band key, and rotating knob for selection of individual mem banks to scan separate from others. What gives, very frustrating!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  • operator35's Avatar
    Mon 26th Aug 2019, 01:56
    Hello, can anyone tell me what program I could use to program the Oppxun T-M5 400-480 mhz. mini handheld radio? Thank you.
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  • SaucyJack's Avatar
    Wed 11th Sep 2019, 00:02
    SaucyJack started a thread LPDA questions in Antennas
    Alright, so I've been digging around trying to find complete information on the construction dimensions for this thing and have come up with nothing for the last few pieces of information. It's a high frequency antenna so millimeters matter here. First, if my boom is made of wood and I have a 6 gauge copper wire running along the top and bottom to connect the elements, do I need to shorten the elements based on the width of the copper wire? Second, if my boom is made of half inch wide square aluminum tubing, does the boom count towards the length of the elements? Should I drill holes and insert them internally or mount the elements to the top? Is there a difference? Will it affect the elements lengths? Lastly, what's a stub exactly? Does the geometry or spacing of it matter? Is it just a wire? If using an aluminum boom that's too long, does it count towards the stub? (If the elements are soldered directly to it). Thank you for any help you can provide.
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  • MrKiltYou's Avatar
    Wed 4th Sep 2019, 00:01
    I recently picked up a used FTM-400DX to run as a mobile rig. I programed a bunch (about 200 in the areas I normally travel) of my local repeaters into memory. When I am in scan mode sometimes it gets stuck on a repeater. Currently I have the scan function to stop and hold and will just bump the dial to get it to move on if it stops on a weak repeater to get it to continue scanning. My issue comes when sometimes it stops on a repeater and when I bump the dial it will not continue scanning. I have to disable and enable scanning for it to resume. I noticed it mostly does it on NOAA broadcasts but not always. The actual weird part is that it doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes it will get stuck and will not let me bump on a given repeater and other times it does. Thoughts? I am pretty new at this.
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  • McCaffs's Avatar
    Thu 22nd Aug 2019, 16:37
    Hey all, Pardon the dumb question in advance, first time post and extreme newbie... So I am patiently waiting for my call sign to be posted on the database but until then I am trying to use local GMRS repeaters on my FTM-400XD in my Jeep Wrangler and when I go to transmit I get ďERROR TX FREQĒ and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the problem is. Any and all help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks Mark WRDX376
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  • xArt's Avatar
    Wed 4th Sep 2019, 05:55
    Hi :) Iíll be ready to let this one go within a day or two after some more testing, but all is well so far. This is a new free Windows program for programming the Yaesu FT-2D. An FT-3D version will follow shortly after. Cheers:)
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  • WA2OLZ's Avatar
    Sat 24th Aug 2019, 16:00
    I am setting up my TS-480 for mobile use and would like to try some sort of air tube mic as well as make the whole thing as inconspicuous as possible. There are many such devices on EBay that have the possibility of modding to work. Here is an example: Has anyone already gone down this path? Hints, ideas, etc ???
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  • Jrrla's Avatar
    Wed 21st Aug 2019, 22:17
    Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a bind. I'm a new HAM and trying to get my rig up and running. I have a TYT th-9800. I accidentally purchased a DIAMOND MR77S antenna to work with it, not realizing that this antenna has an SMA MALE connector, which won't work with the TYT th-9800. I then did some research and upon someone's recommendation I ordered an SMA FEMALE to SO239 FEMALE adapter... which doesn't work either. It seems the TYT th-9800 already has the SO239 FEMALE as it's connector on the radio, so I am figuring I need a SMA female to " fill in the blank " MALE adapter, but I don't know what adapter works. I've also seen someone else mention a PL259. Any help would be much appreciated. I would like to not have to send back the antenna, but rather find the proper adapter. THANKS! KN6DUF
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  • Jimmyjaffa's Avatar
    Tue 10th Sep 2019, 22:44
    Hi all, new to the site so please be gentle. I'm looking for suggestions for a multi band vertical antenna to be mounted on a mast higher than roof height? Many thanks all
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  • Justin B's Avatar
    Sun 8th Sep 2019, 22:50
    Hi. Went to the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club last night intending to take the Technician exam and if I passed that then I could take a stab at the General test just because I was there and there was no additional cost. I passed the Tech test and to my astonishment the General as well! The last time I studied for the General exam everything ran on tubes so I felt extremely lucky. I had a novice ticket in the early 70s but never took the General as I never could get above 10 wpm comfortably. After hashing over the "good old days" with the wife a few months back she suggested I take a stab at getting a license and she bought me a nice little Icom VHF rig for Fathers day. Just waiting for my listing to appear in the FCC database and I'll be good to go. Guess I'll start mounting the radio in my truck this week so it's ready to go. :joyous: I've got a lot of catching up to do so I better get started reading old threads.:biggrin-new:
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  • Gsxrgrizz's Avatar
    Tue 10th Sep 2019, 20:17
    I am looking for some direction on my 2 new Baofeng UV-5TRP radios before I decide to send them back for replacement. When I program them to hit the local repeaters I am able to reach VHF towers up to 25 km away from my location without a problem. That being said, I am not able to hit any UHF towers no matter how close I am to them or what I seem to try. I've factory re-set them, tried multiple UHF towers in my area, replaced the stock antenna with a Nagoya 771, drove under the actual tower and used my Yaesu VX-8DR to confirm the repeaters are in fact online. Is there anything I am missing or not aware of??? Another issue I am finding is that, when connected to VHF, I am getting feedback almost as if someone is repeatedly keying their PTT button. I tried to increase the squelch to 9 but this did not fix the problem. This only thing that seems to resolve it is to switch from wide to narrow band. I know the only thing I've not tried differently is to have someone else program them to make sure it's...
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  • MrKiltYou's Avatar
    Fri 6th Sep 2019, 15:40
    All, I am working on getting rid of my short mag mount dual band antenna. I thought pulling it off and on when I go in and out of my garage, but that is becoming more of a hassle then I thought it would. My first thought was an NMO mag mount, but even just unscrewing the antenna seems like I am going to hate still. So I guess that leaves me two options. The first being mounting something like the Comet CA-2x4SR on a lower mount like a bumper mount. Which from my understanding will limit the contact when overheads, but will also affect my TX/RX capabilities. So my first thought was the Diamond K9000 motorized mount. This would get rid of the hassle of getting in and out of the car, though not my memory issues lol. Is there a preference between the left and right side of the vehicle? I guess I forgot to mention what that is. I am mounting on a Gen 5 4Runner luggage rack. My understanding is that center of the vehicle (does that only matter on a mag mount?) is the best place, but I really don't...
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  • Neil H's Avatar
    Sat 7th Sep 2019, 10:25
    Hi I've been using a Baofeng radio in the air while flying a paraglider for several years now but having been through three different radios I've lost faith in their products. The usable range seems to be fickle and vary from one radio to the next and after some research I decided I'd get a decent handset. I don't need anything complicated I only really need VHF so I thought Iíd pick up a Yaesu FT-4VE. Small, light, well built and supposedly more reliable than the Baofeng. However I need to have a hands free kit as I'm flying the wing and having had an accident recently due to taking my hands off the controls to fiddle with a radio this is now an absolute must. The connection I have on my current hands free kit ends with a plug that has two little jacks in a row, they look like a standard 3.5mm audio jack next to what at a glance looks like a 2.5mm jack, labelled MIC and SP. Is this a universal connection? These kits and ones like them online that I can find often have a long list of compatible...
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  • Flint's Avatar
    Sat 17th Aug 2019, 21:49
    Hi. Building my first QRP radio and almost finished- hope to test tonight. However Iím winding the final coil that calls for 14 wraps of 28 ga wire, but I just ran out and only have 30 ga. Will using the 30 ga wire have an adverse affect on my radio? Thanks...
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  • ON1PHD's Avatar
    Wed 28th Aug 2019, 06:54
    Hi all, I'm new here and this is my first question. For a festival in Gent (Belgium) I need to play an audio file on 2m band (I have a FTM-100DE)during 30 minutes. I could play the file on a speaker and hold my microphone close and push the button but this seems a bit, well, unpractical. Can I play a file from my computer directly or is there a way to get audio in the FTM-100DE and trigger the PTT? For those who wonder who I am: I'm an artist and PhD researcher at University of Ghent (Gent in Dutch) and responsible for the communication of the festival (the HAM spectrum authority BIPT approved the event). My website: All useful answers are welcome! 73
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  • Dale Fiorillo's Avatar
    Thu 22nd Aug 2019, 19:19
    I need to pass lmr400 into my house through a 7" wall. 1" Siding, 5 1/2' insulation, and 5/8'' wallboard. I do not want to bend the coax, so a right angle connector to a plate on the outside of the siding. I have seen 8'' bulkhead passthroughs, female N on both ends, but have read they are to be avoided like the plague on vhf/uhf. The radio is only 6' from the inside wall. I really would like to keep the losses as low as possible, the antenna is 100' away. Antenna is a Comet gp9, up 40'. I am tempted to just drill a small hole through the walls, pass 8' of lmr240, and attach appropriate connectors. I am new to vhf/uhf, and lmr400, but many years of HF experience. The purpose of all this is to provide a relay for search teams and the area communications center, and I went through hell with my HOA and city building inspector to get permission for the antenna. So, any tips from you will be greatly appreciated. I have only purchased the antenna so far, almost everything is ready to buy, just the...
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  • Fayling5's Avatar
    Sun 1st Sep 2019, 10:25
    Hi have just joined Does anyone know where i can Get a power cable for a Swan 260 cygnet export model Or diagram to make a power cable It is a round 5 pin plug Have searched the web but nothing found Thanks Frank vk5vl my email [email protected]
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  • RM44's Avatar
    Wed 28th Aug 2019, 09:53
    Hello, My name is Rick; I live in Woodstock, GA. I am brand new to Ham Radio, but am pretty pumped about it. I have an interest in antennas especially; my next step is to get an analyzer and/or SWR/Power meter (Hamfest coming up in Nov). Right now, I have a UV-5R with a store-bought 1/4 wave whip on one of my wife's cookie sheets. Looking forward to chewing the rag with y'all. :)
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  • Mike K's Avatar
    Wed 28th Aug 2019, 01:03
    Mike K started a thread Handheld Radios Yaesu FT-70D Memory Bank Setup and Scanning in Yaesu
    Hello, Question: Memory Bank Setup and Scanning How do I scan from main channel list, ignoring channels that are in my assigned channel Bank 1? Example, I have 10 channels entered I like to scan most everyday, however I also have approx 20 channels entered (addressed) into my Bank 1 Memory. I can scan all 30, or I can go to Bank 1 and scan just the 20 in there. When I lock out these 20 "Bank 1" scan from my main 30 channel entries outside the No.1 bank with a solid arrow on display, it also stops them from scanning when in Bank 1.
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  • M3EVF's Avatar
    Tue 20th Aug 2019, 10:01
    Does anyone have or know the location of, a comprehensive UK DMR Codeplug for the Retevis RT3? There's a TYT radio that is identical I believe. I had a really good one a few years ago but I realise it's well out of date. Thanks
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  • osorio's Avatar
    Sun 8th Sep 2019, 03:55
    Hi. I'd like to ask those who own or familiar with the icom t70a. My Battery Indicator icon on the top left stays full even at low charge/voltage say 7.4v the icon is still full. Is this a known issue or normal? Does your t70a has this issue? I've read on the manual that the batt icon should go half at 50% charge level then blink when goes low close to empty. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
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  • Justin B's Avatar
    Fri 13th Sep 2019, 03:18
    Justin B started a thread Ideas on 2M Vertical in Antennas
    I ran across this 2M vertical antenna and am thinking about making one with some changes: I am thinking of using 1" aluminum tubing with a separator machined from either Nylon or Delrin. I would run the coax up through the lower tube then out through a hole in the separator and then attached to the elements with SS screws with the shield attached to the lower aluminum tube. Reckon this would work OK? Thanks,
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  • ToolAA's Avatar
    Mon 9th Sep 2019, 02:49
    Just wanted to introduce myself. Ham exploration started for me a few years ago when I started looking at ways to communicate with friends and family during emergencies when mobile phone networks might be strained or down. I found out real quick that mobile radios might not easily fill that need but that is how I got started. Fast forward to 2018 got my technicians license purchased a cheap HT to reach nearby repeaters. A few weeks ago I built my own antenna and got a mobile radio setup in the basement. Things are getting interesting now.
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  • dchapma1's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:12
    Hello All, New HAM here and new to the forums. I have always wanted to get involved in HAM radio and never really put my mind to it. I have an electronics background so radio theory, superhet receivers, etc is a no brainer for me. I restore vintage receivers as a hobby and have a small electronic lab setup in my garage. So I grabbed the ARRL books and read them cover to cover over the last week and took the Tech and General tests on Thursday and passed them both - now just waiting on my license. I picked up a cheap BaoFeng HT and a NESDR package and have bene playing with them listening only just to see what is out there. I am in Central Florida and there seem to be many repeaters near me and a local club that I will join in October at their next meeting. Studying up on radio options and antenna options and leaning towards the ICOM IC-7300.
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  • Dale Bloomer's Avatar
    Sun 8th Sep 2019, 16:22
    Dale Bloomer started a thread Handheld Radios Ft25 2 m in Yaesu
    Iím having a difficult time programming this yeasu radio is there any information on how to do it All I want is too use basic repeater on way too work. Any help you could give would be grateful. Have not been on air for over 20 years got station back up all yeasu equipment but have hard time n9OLC dale
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  • OK1RP's Avatar
    Mon 19th Aug 2019, 09:38
    Hi folks, I am looking for some upgrading parts for my O2. - high-end RX366 sureceiver for 566/565 + filters - LDG internal ATU model OT-11P for 565/566 (TT internal ATU model AT566K is also possible) - optional 250Hz Inrad roofing filter model 353 (300Hz TT model 2002 filter is also possible) for 566 - optional Model 310 external fan unit
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  • Rich A's Avatar
    Sat 24th Aug 2019, 17:08
    Looking to mast mount a COMET CFX514J triplexer. Can anyone familiar with that triplexer comment on how weather proof it really is? Any advise on how I should weather proof it? I'm pretty sure I can seal the coax pl-259 to the triplexer's so-239, but how about the rest of the chassis seams or the so-239 to chassis connection? Location will be experiencing typical New England (CT) weather. 73, Rich - WA1TRY
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