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  • dtrewren's Avatar
    Today, 21:12
    Evening all, I had my first play with WSPR last night having previously been into JT65 and FT8. I set my Yaesu FT-450D up to 10W on 20m and performed a couple of transmissions. After a minute or two popped the wsprnet map up .... only hit the Neumayer Station in Antarctica range 13588km (8152 miles), plus another station in south Africa. See attached .... I went to the pub a little bit chuffed :)
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Today, 17:11
    That section is 50 Ohm feeder, and the addition of the make and female connector doesn't have an impact. You've decided to make a rather complicated antenna though. I spent ages making one of these for UHF (around 453MHz) and the big problem I found was simply cutting each section accurately enough with a very small gap between, just big enough for the soldering iron. Out of the plastic it worked quite well but didn't like the plastic sleeve at all which on the analyser, detuned it quite a bit. The frequency dropped quite a bit, and without the analyser, the gain wouldn't have been as planned. The grey plastic pipe is much worse, I suspect some of the stuff used to dye it grey causes the problem? These stacked sleeves dipoles should be very good gain wise - but none of the ones I built worked that well - I guess I just wasn't accurate enough in my measurements. At 1GHz plus - you need to be even better.
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  • Sudden's Avatar
    Today, 16:44
    Try a close call scanner next to it and see what the frequency is.
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Today, 12:30
    It's probably just missing the first few digits, so, you'd be tuned to 7.91010 (or similar, not sure of the coverage)...
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Today, 12:27
    Part A is coax, right? Maybe you should be looking at fraction of wavelengths of the operating frequency. Part of me says not to bother with that, why don't you do away with the connector altogether and just run the coax straight out...
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  • Noisewerx's Avatar
    Today, 09:15
    Hello all Just picked up 101ZD Allworks fine but when i select 40 metres digital read says 91.100meg The same as v when you put it on aux Can anyone help or have any ideas Cheers
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  • Brundizzle's Avatar
    Today, 08:12
    Hi John, thanks for your reply. Using a SDR Dongle and the right software is enough to receive and decode the ADS-B signal on a normal laptop/desktop/rpi. I am pretty sure teh signal can be picked up with different type of antennas as well, but from searching the available content on the internet (that I could find), people seem to get quite good results from a CoCo. As I basically know nothing about antenna's I decided to follow that advice :joyous: So I got all materials I need.. and just got confused about above mentioned issue :joyous: cheers, Bruno
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  • John_D's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:06
    Not sure which wireless you have but I thought that ADS-B aircraft broadcasts required a dedicared 1090Mhz rig. For that frequency a simple vertical plus radials would suffice, fed by low loss coax.
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  • K7KBN's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:37
    K7KBN replied to a thread Mr. in Bands & Modes
    Little pocket sized frequency counter. He keys up close by (say within 50 feet), and the counter measures it and displays it. Same idea as using a scanner as Dem suggested.
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  • bedmonson85's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:20
    The BITX40 or uBITX they are fantastic radios. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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  • flboy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:59
    What type of antenna you thinking about? Not much you can do as a Tech on HF so I assume you are talking about a 2m/70cm (VHF/UHF) base antenna. No need to ground that lile yoi are thinking about. Put it up as high as feasible from the peak of your roof with the three radials installed and you will be all set. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
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  • MitchellB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:38
    Bob Heil pine board project
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  • auldwilly's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:00
    Thanks for reply Prefer cost less than $300, no expensive test equipment needed for test or alignment.
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:25
    OH8GAD replied to a thread QRP transceiver kits in Amateur Radios
    If you.can do Morse, Banggood do an 80 metre Pixie kit for less than EUR 2,00. They do more expensive ones with more power, but still QRP for up to EUR 14,00. They also do a really good 0 to 50 MHz frequency counter for just under a fiver.
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  • KK6YK's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:05
    Thanks Eric & Jim. It's fun to have you guys to share my startup with. Jim, I did restart my membership with ARRL just this last week and I thank you for the reminder about W1AW code broadcasts. Have started to think about getting the Kenwood TS-440S out and get it setup, at least as a receiver. The big problem is this artic weather we have here now which is not something I want to face getting an antenna up. May start searching for a reasonable indoor setup I can use for receiving only. It would be nice if there was an indoor unit that would allow me to pick up the amateur bands for listening then I could place it in the house for anytime listening. As I practice code my mind is starting to crank up about where I want to go in getting on the air and that right now is QRP CW station. Think I need to start a priority log with questions that come up like what QRP kit would be a good one for me to consider if I think I could handle putting one together. At my ripe age there is not a lot of time for dilly...
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  • KE4RM's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:16
    Way to go, Pat. I am trying to relearn/refresh about 2 or 3 new letters/punctuation/prosigns a day. Taking it slow so it really sinks in. Keep up the good work. Oh, you probably know this but, ARRL has a bunch of archived W1AW code practices sessions on its website if you are a member. I haven't gotten back enough yet to use them but will when my relearning is complete I plan to give them a try. Jim KE4RM
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  • brutus51's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:20
    Working on getting my tech. license and scoping out base equipment. Most problematic is the antenna, my home's roof pitches toward the back end of the house. Consequently the height from the back yard to the top of the roof is approx. 30 feet. Would like to ground an antenna to the back yard chain link fence but would probably need one greater than the 30 feet, which wouldn't make the better half or the neighbors happy. What options do I have? Placing it on the roof is not particularly desirable and may violate city code, looking into this. Thanks.
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:35
    Pat, that is great news indeed. Keep up the great work!
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Mon 15th Jan 2018, 22:53
    pmh replied to a thread QRP transceiver kits in Amateur Radios
    How about the classic Foxx 3. Kind regards, Phil
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  • John_D's Avatar
    Mon 15th Jan 2018, 22:21
    John_D replied to a thread Mr. in Bands & Modes
    In most of the EU the inte-rplane "chat" frequency is 123.450mhz. easy to remember! Plane to ground station frequencies vary as to where you are geographically. Generally once airbourne the pilot will change from the airfield control to the local "Radar" frequency to request a service of one kind or another.
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  • John_D's Avatar
    Mon 15th Jan 2018, 22:16
    John_D replied to a thread Wave bands in Bands & Modes
    Have a look here and you will not go wrong
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  • John_D's Avatar
    Mon 15th Jan 2018, 22:10
    I use the 590sg also; may I suggest you check the Sound card settings. Good luck; I look forward to a FT8 QSO with you,.
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Mon 15th Jan 2018, 22:07
    5B4AJB replied to a thread QRP transceiver kits in Amateur Radios
    That's a tricky one! How much do you want to spend? What features do you want? Check out the Wiki!
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