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  • 2E0FVL's Avatar
    Today, 07:12
    Hi Jim, welcome to HRF.
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  • jim.k6xwx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:42
    Howdy HRF folks! Jim here from Northern California - just wanted to say HI! Radios: Flex 5000C (currently replacing the internal PC motherboard and hard disk), Yaesu FT-857D, Yaesu FT-2980, Yaesu VX-6R, Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate Built my first 2m antenna about 2 years ago - a basic copper pipe J-pole. Works good, no gain, but fine for local stuff. Built a 7 element 2m yagi out of 2x4 boards and aluminum tobing from a scrap yard - 16 feet tall - was a test / for fun project - worked great! Still have the antenna, dismantled the 16 foot mast. Will be putting up a Diamond A144S10 10 element Yagi Beam Antenna in the next 2 weeks or so. Planning to put up a ZS6BKW antenna - tís a design from ZS6BKW (aka G0GSF), similar to the G5RV, but it actually resonates on five bands, (well 6, actually) and doesnít rely on a tuner (ATU) to make it work.
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  • vu2nan's Avatar
    Thu 29th Jul 2021, 05:43
    Here's a slideshow of a selection of my QSL cards. 73, Nandu.
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  • G8CVF's Avatar
    Sat 24th Jul 2021, 22:25
    Sorted THANKS
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  • G8CVF's Avatar
    Sat 24th Jul 2021, 21:47
    Hi I hope I have posted this in the correct slot as I could not see a 'technical' section. I have just purchased an ancient VX-150 which works fine except that the previous owner has swamped the TX memory with 1001 channels Repeaters, Simplex, Favourites and more. I thought the easiest way to delete them is to 'factory reset' but what a laugh. To achieve reset it's as simple as 'follow the instructions' ie. switch TX off hold F key and PTT key, switch TX back on and you will be greeted by a scrolling list choose Reset ALL then operate the F key again to set it to the new choice ie. ALL memories have gone but alas NO it is still the same no change. It could be that being in my 80's the grey matter has retired but I don't think so I can still 'just about' follow instructions. However I am a little concerned that when looking 'on line' I come across using the F key which is the 'bottom' key on the left hand side but read another blurb and they ask you to operate the PTT and LAMP key, anyway neither does...
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  • vu2nan's Avatar
    Tue 20th Jul 2021, 06:55
    vu2nan started a thread My vintage shack! in Show Us Yours
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Fri 9th Jul 2021, 11:34
    You might be able to run it under DOSbox. It's pretty good for games etc, but I'm not 100% sure your serial ports etc will be emulated - you might need to go and find an old laptop for it to run on...
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Thu 8th Jul 2021, 20:36
    You're using the wrong search parameters. Try searching for "project boxes." Here's what I got on Amazon: The only difference is these are mostly plastic. You can find metal ones at any of the usual electronics supply sites, Mouser, Allied, etc. Just about any project built in a metal box can also be built in a plastic one. You just can't use the box as a ground return.
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  • tzvi's Avatar
    Thu 8th Jul 2021, 19:52
    Eddie here...log program 30 + years old...created in dos...hope find way to run it...hrdware is compac has xp& have win 7...I'M ANALOG SO SPEAK ENGLISH ! ( SORRY ) Any help to 89 year old will be appreciated...thanks & 73...w2de PS...PROGRAM IS HYPERLOG 4....30+ YEARS OLD
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Thu 8th Jul 2021, 07:12
    A dremel tool with a cut off wheel will get you much further than any nibbler tool or knockout punch may as well get a sheet metal break while you are at it :)
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  • syd's Avatar
    Wed 7th Jul 2021, 20:02
    syd replied to a thread working with sheet metal in The Junk Box
    Sounds like a nice idea, but I cannot find anything that fits this description on EBay or Amazon for that matter. What would I search for to find such a thing? Try searching EBay for a hobby box and you will see lots of stuff, but nothing related to sheet metal working. syd
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