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  • K7KBN's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:43
    K7KBN replied to a thread New PC Monitor in Accessories
    Take a small portable AM/FM radio to the MonStore - see which ones make the noise. If you have a little radio that also covers some of the ham bands, so much the better. I've used a Samsung 22" - about 12 stone and thruppence if my conversion tables are right. It hasn't caused any noise in the eight or so years I've had it. Don't know if any manufacturers make a plasma-display monitor, but I certainly wouldn't recommend one if electrical noise bothers things around your area.
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  • G6KIZ's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:21
    IMO no. The boom of a yagi is purely a mechanical mounting device and does not have any impact on performance.
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  • Sudden's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:15
    Sudden replied to a thread New PC Monitor in Accessories
    I use a Dell E176FP 17" monitor it sometimes when starting up puts noise on my Tait 2020 PMR I use for 70MHz. It does not affect any of my other radios, FT 897 or Icom 260E or my hand helds. I got it for nothing off a Freecycle site. If you keep a watch on the sites you can get quite a lot of nearly new free stuff thats ideal for radio use including computers, metal work for aerials and wood to build more shelves for your equipment.
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:11
    pmh replied to a thread New PC Monitor in Accessories
    I can thoroughly recommend the BenQ monitors, I have one in the shack - a GL2250, which cost around 80. It's a 21.5" but you can get bigger. However, as it's quite close, it is more than adequate. Kind regards, Phil
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  • GW0PZZ's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:11
    GW0PZZ started a thread New PC Monitor in Accessories
    Hi all I need to get a new PC Monitor as my old one has become very noisy and there's enough QRM at my qth from neighbour's etc with out me adding to it. Do any of you know of any radio friendly monitors? . Any advice would be most appreciated Thanks in advance 73's
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  • 1EyedRoss's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:58
    I did go for a dual band radio (Cheap Leixen VV898 as a result of family issues). Also bought a Baofeng just to have one. It actually picks up the repeater 25 miles away, with a better antenna on it. KI7LQM
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  • W8MLS's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:00
    W8MLS replied to a thread PSK31 Help getting running with PSK31 in Bands & Modes
    You really don't want any ALC to register when you transmit. I usually run rig at full power and adjust it with output level. I can keep power down to about 20 watts and no ALC. Also turn of any dsp filtering, NB, NR, etc. CAT control is only going to give the program the ability to adjust the vfo, change bands, and PTT. How are you interfacing your sound card into the 450? I use Signal link. I don't like to use windows sound card. Keep windows wav files separate from what I am feeding the radio. Good luck
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:23
    pmh replied to a thread PSK31 Help getting running with PSK31 in Bands & Modes
    You need to be in USB mode for data signals. When selecting Digi mode on the Yaesu it gives you access to other menu adjustments such as processor, etc. I have the settings for the FT-897D, but not the 450. I am sure such settings are freely available from a google search. PSK Reporter is a good program to see if you are getting heard. I set my transmit up by putting the radios readout into ALC mode, then adjusting the output from the sound card until the meter occasionally registered. If you are not getting heard, then it could be that you have the output from the soundcard too low. You do, however, have to make sure you don't have this setting too high, or you will end up with lots of splatter.
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  • Si Rootikal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:53
    Hi. I got my Foundation licence last week and very happy! M6YDF. Hoping to get into PSK31. I've had some success already but need more advice. I'm using a Yaesu FT450D with my laptop. I have the CAT serial cable between the two and the data port of my FT450D is connected to the headphone and mic sockets of my laptop. I've adjusted everything many times but still think I'm missing something. Recieve is always fine, transmitting seems the issue. When I press send in DM780 the radio goes into transmit and all seems good but I get reports of unreadability or no reply. I understand no reply could mean I'm not being heard but like I say I have a gut feeling things need tweaking. Thanks in advance
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  • K5MOW's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:34
    K5MOW replied to a thread Greetings in Introduce yourself
    Welcome to the hobby from the Houston Texas area. Roger
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  • G6KIZ's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:51
    G6KIZ replied to a thread Age Old Antenna Question in Antennas
    I can tell you how the Sandpiper antenna in the link works as I used to have one. The vertical section is a 1/4 wave at 10 meters. There is an 80m or 160m loading coil and whip mounted on top of that. The horizontals are loading coils and whips for the other bands chosen. For efficient working you need a good system of radials. I added a high value resistor from the whip section to ground to bleed static. Setup was relatively easy using an antenna analyser but would probably be a bit of a drag with just a vswr meter and rig. It's a cheap and cheerful multiband vertical design which does work. Despite the various claims just about any vertical needs a good system of radials for efficiency. So long as the VSWR is good at the antenna then IMO 100m of coax while certainly far from ideal won't present insurmountable losses at HF (check the coax specs). If, on the other hand, the match at the antenna is poor and you use an antenna tuner at the rig end the high VSWR present on the cable will increase...
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  • W8MLS's Avatar
    Yesterday, 00:41
    LSB is used for 160 - 40 meters. Your license does not give you privileges for phone on any band below 10 meters. Maybe a typo on your part. If not you need to print the ARRL band plan for reference so you only operate where your privileges allow. Congrats on the tech license. Good luck
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  • Red Salas's Avatar
    Yesterday, 00:33
    Thank you Sent from my SM-T217T using Tapatalk
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 20:29
    paulears replied to a thread Base Radios Kenwood TS-2000 Squeal Feedback in Kenwood
    RF breakthrough. - your output is getting back into the radio, being demodulated and is the RF version of a feeding back microphone. What you need to do is to work out how it's getting in. First thing I'd try is to look at what you have plugged in. You have the speaker, but is anything else in? Data cables, keyers etc. Does it happen with the external speaker removed, using the radio internal one? I suspect it doesn't? This shows the route into the radio is via the speaker cable. If you have a meter, see if the sleeve of the connector jack is linked to the metal back panel of the radio. Not certain if this external socket 'floats' or has a grounded sleeve, but most have the sleeve connected to ground and the case. If you discover there is no short to that sleeve, it can be a good route into the radio for the RF causing the problem. Check the speaker cable to see if it is simple twin core, or thin coax. You could always swap twin conductors for coax, which may help - but I suspect the instability might...
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  • K9SKY's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 19:25
    K9SKY started a thread Base Radios Kenwood TS-2000 Squeal Feedback in Kenwood
    Hello, When I key up my mic, I get a squealing feedback from my Kenwood SP-31 speaker. This only occurs when operating on 2m or 440. I've been out of amateur radio for 10 years and am now getting back in. I'd really appreciate help. Thank you in advance, Bob (K9SKY)
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  • W7GIF's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 16:14
    Recently acquired a PW1 with a failed (smoked!) SPLITR Unit p/n B4890E. Damage to the unit is such that the board itself has been burned and "cratered", destroying board SMT component pads. Anyone with a PW1 parts cadavre with a good SPLITR unit, or if you know of a source for the SPLITR, please contact me. Email is good on QRZ for W7GIF. Thanks and 73, Allen
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  • Red Salas's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 15:01
    Thank you. I talk on LSB right now. I hear some HAM operators. Ill start listening to the HAM frequencies like you suggested. Sent from my SM-T217T using Tapatalk
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  • kc5fm's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 13:26
    Try this from your friends at the American Radio Relay League. The League also has an Operating Manual. Repeaters have their own guidelines and each repeater system writes their own. This one is an example. Ask your local repeater operators for theirs. Enjoy the hobby. 73
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 11:30
    I am not sure there is such a site and, if there were, this would more than likely be personal opinion. By far the best way to learn etiquette is to sit a listen for a while. Kind regards, Phil
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  • Red Salas's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 03:43
    I recently obtained my Technician class license. Id like to learn some good HAM etiquette. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Maybe a site to read. Thanks Sent from my SM-T217T using Tapatalk
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  • Red Salas's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 03:36
    Red Salas started a thread Information in The Junk Box
    I recently obtained my Technician class license. Im new to amature radio. I was thinking of getting a quad band mobil radio. Will all bands work on the same antenna? Also does quad band radios have AM, SSB, and HAM frequencies on it? It may seem like dumb questions but i just dont know. Thanks for any help anyone is willing to give.
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  • Red Salas's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 03:22
    Red Salas started a thread Greetings in Introduce yourself
    My name is Red im new to the amature radio world. Im from the Lonestar State. South Texas around San Antonio. I have lots of questions. I hope others are patient with people like myself who know little about HAM operation. I recently obtaine my Technician class license on 3-4-2017 Sent from my SM-T217T using Tapatalk
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  • Martin Wheeler's Avatar
    Sun 26th Mar 2017, 00:57
    New repeater in Swanton 442.3625. You should be able to hit it. It is connected to America link
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  • 2E0FVL's Avatar
    Sat 25th Mar 2017, 13:46
    TNX Phil, just trying to get back into it after selling the last DMR hand held 18 months ago at least the TYT MD-390 does more than the CS700 used to do! And has other uses should DMR get kicked into touch again!!
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Sat 25th Mar 2017, 11:43
    Alas, DMR isn't as simple as D-Star is on the DV4Mini. Firstly, there is the selection of DMR Master, then there is the interpretation of the 4xxx series numbers, for which the UK starts at 4400. At the moment, only TS2 is available, which applies even more limitation to the system. One of our members (M0NVQ) has been running DMR on the DV4Mini for some time now, so I'll send an e-mail to get a list of his settings and any notes he has made. Kind regards,
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  • 2E0FVL's Avatar
    Sat 25th Mar 2017, 08:06
    Ah sounds a bit like mine but read South Coast for M62, nothing personal retired from lorry driving so don't go that way these days!! Don't really want to use World and Europe so was hoping to reprogram those two with 80/81 but had a suggestion that it can't be done, but no reason why and not seen or heard the guy lately that said that which is helpful - Not!! Have TG235 on local repeater so thought I would add other two to make life more interesting, don't want to just do it as it's me it's bound to meet Sod's Law along the way!! Is 80/81 accessible from DV4 do you know if so what is the corresponding numbers as that would be handy? Sorry but I'm a painting by numbers person can't be arsed to read pages of text for a simple answer which to me should just be there!! Thanks for you reply so far.
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  • forjack842's Avatar
    Sat 25th Mar 2017, 00:58
    I have been mentally designing a mini beam using thick wall PVC 1" OD 4ft center to end elements. Director, radiator, and reflector. My intent was to use a 1/4 wave length of #16ga copper wound in coil fashion but spread to occupy each element half. Distance between elements....I'm not sure if this can be reduced via inductance. I could use some advice regarding this possibility. Tried to add a pic here but the "add pic from computer" allows selection but nothing happens, so it wont upload it and no reason given why not.
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