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  • Bozza's Avatar
    Today, 11:12
    XYL said I need a better antenna so I have bought a ten metre fibreglass pole. Start off small and extend the pole when it gets darker and she spends less time outdoors. My plan is to use the antenna on a few bands. Perhaps 2.5 metre height with coiled wire to start with broom stick style. Could this get me on 10,20 and forty metres (1/4, half and full wave?) Would I need a coil? Think the CB antenna quarter wave tank whips manage without?
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Today, 07:41
    Morse is like pythagoras - it rarely seems to have use, but later on it just pops up and works for you. I always used to practice when driving beeping out the vehicle in front's licence plate. Receiving is always harder, but the benefits of cw are that you get more options in busy bands, because a huge proportion of users can't understand it, so if you can, you have an advantage - and that is the critical bit. You may not have a tower, huge antennas and legal limit power, but you have a mode others don't!
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  • donmelton1956's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:21
    A good antenna analyzer would be a good investment. You could adjust your antennas to resonance without transmitting illegally. Get one that covers all the bands you want to work. The Comet CAA-500 Is a great one. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:35
    OH8GAD replied to a thread Bike mobile ground plane in Antennas
    Years ago, back in the mid-eighties, a mate of mine put a CB radio on his push-bike. The radio and small moped battey were in a basket on the front and the aerial, a DV27, was clamped to the rear rack. He seemed to get as good results as most folk in cars.
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  • travis.farmer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:25
    I think on most of the practice tests i have taken, my biggest issues are remembering formulas, and what frequencies are in what band. I am glad that the requirement for knowing Morse code is no longer on the test. try as i might, i still only remember two letters ("S" and "O"). it is my hope that by immersing myself in listening to code, and responding, that i will eventually have it learned. I have software that will code and decode CW, but i am unsure how well it works decoding manual code sending. in the mean time, i can enjoy voice and digital communication (well, once i get my license). ~Travis
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:48
    paulears replied to a thread Bike mobile ground plane in Antennas
    It needs to be as big as possible, practically, the simple rear frame is the best you can get - those ones with spring loaded top hinged sections seemed to be the types I see. In technical terms, the ground plane simply isn't big enough or circular enough so your performance is very variable - remembering a good VSWR doesn't actually mean a good antenna, just a resonant one! The military manufacturers, Harris, in particular, solved these problems with a clever very long and flexible antenna that attached to the radios on the webbing - it had a short bendy section that then had a half wave dipole encapsulated into the top section - so the soldier with gun in hand, had an antenna that started just above shoulder height - up in the clear, with a circular radiation pattern. My humble opinion on bike antennas is that they're a fad, that never worked very well, and made you the centre of attraction of totally the wrong type. On today's roads they're also dangerous when cornering when a lorry goes past...
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  • travis.farmer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:47
    will this be used while riding, or simply as a portable mount for the antenna, to be used while the rider is off the bike? if it is the last one, perhaps making the antenna break-down to a smaller profile would aid in riding the bike. particularly in weather disaster situations, where branches and trees may be down. I recently came across the Buddipole (, though i realize it is expensive, it is mentioned because it breaks down. ~Travis
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:19
    5B4AJB replied to a thread Bike mobile ground plane in Antennas
    That should be enough, what you really need to worry about is that thing hitting trees and getting tangled in random stuff. A spring mount would help with this a lot, I used to have a small (20") 2m antenna on the handlebars and it was always getting fouled...
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  • St8kout's Avatar
    Yesterday, 00:24
    I emailed the company to bring this to their attention, and told them not to worry about a refund/replacement as it was cheap enough to be disposable. To their credit, they insist on sending me a replacement, so who am I to argue.
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  • St8kout's Avatar
    Yesterday, 00:20
    St8kout replied to a thread Off Center Feed antenna in Antennas
    Hmm, for some reason half of this post was lost. In a nutshell, I made a so-called 'ugly balun' using the existing coax, winding 21' of it around a plastic container, and although it minimized the touch sensitivity, it made my 40m SWR go from 2.6 to 4.0, with about 700nH showing on my antenna analyzer. My IC-7300 built in antenna tuner brings it down to about 1.8 but now I get a buzz out of my home theater speakers on 'transmit.' Sigh. It's always something.
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  • W5DXP's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 22:28
    Sure, you can run ladder line all the way but it is a little lossier than open wire feedline. Ladder line should be spaced at least 4 inches away from anything metal or wet. Electric fence standoffs make good spacers/insulators.
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  • travis.farmer's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 22:24
    ok, i am a bit paranoid about lightning safety, as i should be. my feeling, during a storm, i would want to completely disconnect, 100%, from the antenna. but how much of it is paranoia? hypothetical situation: if i had some sort of tower for my antenna, i would want at the very least a lightning arrestor (do these things actually work?), and i would want a switch of sorts to disconnect the antenna, and ground it. how safe is the feed-line from the Ham Shack, to the disconnect at the base of the antenna? i would disconnect it from my radio whenever i am not using it (and during a storm), but is it safe to have the cable entering the Ham Shack? I know lightning looks for the quickest path to ground, but with that much current, would it not also travel in the cable to the Ham Shack? my thinking is to disconnect the inside cable, and get it outside, where lightning belongs. sorry for my paranoia, i have been holding it in for a while. ;) ~Travis
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  • kd8kpt's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 21:18
    Hello great Ham Radio Gurus! I am in need of your wisdom! I have been a Ham for a few years now and am starting to branch out into the homebrew world. The current project is trying to build a bike mobile set up for public service work. An aging neighbor has given me several antennas. Three of which were mobile whips in 2m, 20m, and 40m. Here are pictures of the 2m variant that I wish to use.
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  • M6IHN's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 20:42
    I am going to make a doublet antenna and have been deciding on feeder type. I was going to make my own ladder line which would be a run of about 35m from antenna connection point to entrance to shack and then change to 450ohm Ladder Line to enter the shack and connect to atu. My question is why change to open line why not run whole length with ladder line which would be much simpler and neater? The run will be down side of house then run along bottom of fence, under decking to opposite side of garden and along bottom of fence again to centre mast and up to antenna connection. A second question is running with open line or ladder line resting on the floor under decking going to cause a problem? Thanks in advance
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  • paulears's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 20:32
    I thought I'd compare the US questions with our specification for ham radio. The similarities and differences are quite unusual. Q2 - no UK equivalent to this one. Military comms and amateur stations not a feature of ours. Q3 - international goodwill is odd too - ours is to do with self-training. Q4 - picket fencing? We usually refer to this as flutter. Q7 - seems amazingly simple, when to do one of the others, you need Ohms law and resistors are mentioned there! Q9 - this one we'd get right here I think. We'd probably use RCD rather than GCI Q11 - we don't have any link with radio control kit at all Q12 - towers are not a feature of the exam here. Climbing them would come under a totally non-amateur set of regulations. Q15 - Oddly, we don't have any exposure figures here - we do have them in general advice to all people, but not anything legal or linked to licences.
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  • D211365Q's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 19:32
    Hi Team, Please can someone help me with an issue programming my new Hytera PD565 radios? I have a number of Hater PD565 Handhled VHF Radios, one by one they have been damaged by water/general abuse over the years so I Purchased 4 new PD565 radios. The old radios are running firmware version A5.06.05.000 but the new radios are running version A7.06.01.007. I want to programme the new radios by cloning the programme off one of my old radios but due to the different firmware the CPS cannot read the old radios.
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  • Bongo's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 16:35
    Hi all. I am a newbie and would like to know if the Alinco DX SR8 and the R8T. Will this radio allow me to use the HF Aero Bands etc. Im not sure if they are wide band or not. Any help much appreciated. Regards Bongo S.Ireland
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  • GTGallop's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 13:14
    NICE! I never got higher than an 80 on the practice - then I aced the exam with a 100%. You are GOOD TO GO! I think your proposal is MORE than reasonable and along the same lines and spirit of what I was talking about.
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  • solarfly's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 02:37
    Hi folks, I used to have my Kenwood D700A installed in my pickup truck, going from the battery through to a fuse distribution panel mounted to the floor. This was relatively straight forward. In my current car, I have high-end Rockford Fosgate amplifiers to drive good quality speakers in the door. This installation already has heavy gauge cables running to the battery with a fuse inline (I have to check the gauge but it looks like 10). I don't anticipate running the stereo at any significant volume levels while transmitting at the same time (for numerous reasons, such as power draw and the fact that you can't have music playing in the background while transmitting, by FCC rules), but also I want to be able to filter out noise from either the power amplifiers or from the radio. I was thinking of installing the Kenwood main unit under the driver's seat (the Rockford Fosgate amps are under the passenger seat) to separate the coax away from power interference, but at the same time the ground and power...
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Mon 21st Aug 2017, 01:01
    N4AAB replied to a thread HELLO EVERYONE in Introduce yourself
    Howdy ! Welcome to the forums and the hobby !
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  • kd0vey's Avatar
    Sun 20th Aug 2017, 21:22
    kd0vey replied to a thread Age Old Antenna Question in Antennas
    I hope this isn't too late to help. I have a Hustler 5btv vertical on my metal pole barn roof and a 4btv that I take with me when I camp. Both work fine on 10-80m. A tuner is not needed. From what I have found the 4btv does not need radials when mounted within 2 feet of the ground. The 5btv uses the metal building as a radial and works a lot better. But I wouldn't notice the difference without going from one to the other while testing. Oh, both need a 1:1 balun to reduce the static. The air choke suggested in the installation manual did not help much at all. When in a park I sometimes put a flag on the 4btv to raise it in stealth mode.
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  • pmh's Avatar
    Sun 20th Aug 2017, 20:37
    pmh replied to a thread HELLO EVERYONE in Introduce yourself
    Hello Kevin, And welcome to the forum. Kind regards, Phil
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  • travis.farmer's Avatar
    Sun 20th Aug 2017, 17:32
    How about an alternative: those that have proven that they intend to take, and have the ability to pass the exam, and use the knowledge responsibly, can move on to full member. I just took this practice test while i was waiting for a response (printed directly to PDF): actually, i find it to be my personal best score. perhaps a fluke. ;) ~Travis
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  • GTGallop's Avatar
    Sun 20th Aug 2017, 17:11
    BINGO! You, sir, are the kind of people I LOVE to interact with. Creating the Sand Box would still give you access to interaction and an avenue to ask and research information. Don't get wrapped around the axle on the name - We could call it the Elmer's Corner. But I'm just looking for a way to filter out good people like yourself from people that are looking for a hall pass from a ham radio operator like "this guy who is a licensed ham said on the internet that I could use the Baofeng on police channels and it would be OK..." But they aren't looking to immerse themselves as you have. They really aren't interested in obeying the law so much as they are looking for a loop hole. Ask yourself this - Why would you join a Ham Radio forum to learn about non-ham radio communication when there are already GMRS forums, CB Radio Forums, Cell Phone Forums, et al. If you wanted to know about GMRS or PMR Radio, why not join a PMR Forum? I'm not on here asking about pottery and fine china because it is out of...
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  • travis.farmer's Avatar
    Sun 20th Aug 2017, 16:52
    what about people like myself? i don't have a license yet, though i fully intend to get one. but i am fully responsible enough to not touch the PTT button, until i have a license? I am just doing my research to have things set up correctly and responsibly, so that when i have my license, then and only then will i push the PTT. I would find it offensive to be stuck in a "kiddy pool" until i get my license. the action would also likely drive me away from even wanting a license anymore. ~Travis
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  • GTGallop's Avatar
    Sun 20th Aug 2017, 16:03
    Considering our friend, young PetrolHead hasn't posted up since July of 2017, I decided to go on a bit of an electronic journey and assemble a larger picture. Here is his first post from June 25th: The context of which leads me to believe he is not licensed and the term "petrol" while used in the USA is not a common reference. We call motor fuel Gas or Gasoline. This would indicate he is either a UK based member or that he is a more refined American. The second post of PH is the one we are discussing and reading here, dated June 25th as well. Third, on July 1st he posted up this thread:
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Sun 20th Aug 2017, 15:15
    Not legal in the U.S. either. I have a UV-5RA, and it requires at least a Technician license. But race car events bring in the big bucks, so they might be ignoring it.
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