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  • travis.farmer's Avatar
    Today, 09:00
    I had applied for early release from probation, at the advice of my probation officer at the time. I know the struggle everyone will have to trust me, but i will do my best to earn it. ~Travis Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Today, 04:27
    The problem Travis is that for many, they have certain boundaries that, if crossed, one does not simply come back from. Unfortunately, it seems you have just such an issue here. Part of the problem is so many people have no clue what goes on in sex offender treatment, and given the option, they would rather not. Which is completely understandable because we are all given the right to have our own opinions whether based in reality or not. Plus, some people are just downright vicious and do not believe in the redemptive ability in the human spirit; partly because so many have claimed to be rehabilitated then turned around within a period of time and re-offended, sometimes on a worse degree. Some people have built in prejudices and opinions. Some can't admit they are wrong. Ever. That's the problem dealing with humans. I'm sure if you have truly achieved the level of aftercare in your sex offender treatment, by definition you should have demonstrated the ability (among other things) to honestly empathize...
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  • travis.farmer's Avatar
    Today, 00:10
    well, i am sorry for your opinion, but i had nothing to do with your wife being raped, and i have no interest in your family. my interest is in learning the art of amateur radio. besides, what exactly do you think i could do over the radio, that is monitored by millions? i say again, that is not who i am anymore. ~Travis
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Today, 00:05
    "well, if that is your opinion, then you must be of the opinion that people are incapable of change, and learning. those charges were from 2002, and i am not that person anymore." It has nothing to do with your ability to change. It has to do with my 2 daughters, 2 grand daughters and one great grand daughter, and a wife that was raped as a child.
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Today, 00:00
    Sixmeters, are you clairvoyant? Or did you already do the research?
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  • travis.farmer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:57
    oh, i see, you are now "K5DBC". congrats on the vanity callsign. ~Travis
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  • travis.farmer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:51
    well, if that is your opinion, then you must be of the opinion that people are incapable of change, and learning. those charges were from 2002, and i am not that person anymore. by the way David Caldwell, i am curious as to why your license was canceled. you had a "General", why let it go? ~Travis
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:35
    This could be someone else, but it is not a common name. BUT if this is what you meant by "screwed up years ago" I HAVE NO sympathy for you....NONE!!!!!! My opinion is that you should be behind bars for life. But, if its not you, I would still like to see why you are being refused a hearing.
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  • KI5BUC's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:59
    I found this link just googling the name and location. Is that you? If so I'm afraid I may side with the FCC on this one.
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  • K7KBN's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:47
    Two questions for you: 1. Are you licensed? If so, what's the call?* 2. When you refer to "your area", just what "area" do you mean? *If you're not licensed, listen all you want on the Baofeng; just don't transmit.
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  • OK1RP's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:20
    OK1RP started a thread Base Radios Orion upgrade options availability in Ten-Tec
    Hello, sorry to bother over here but I would like to ask kindly if someone can let me know if it is possible to buy somewhere second receiver (subRX) board for Orion II and/or internal auto-tuner board please? I have chance to buy Orion II w/o these options which are mandatory (almost) for me so I am interresting if it is chance to find them somewhere additionaly and install it to it after purchasing the Orion... Many thanks, 73 - Petr, OK1RP
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  • AndyG0CCX's Avatar
    Tue 16th Jul 2019, 07:46
    Well, if you've just got your license and want to check out what's on 2m and 70cm near to you (and you don't want to spend a heap of money) the the little Baofengs will do the job (you'll have read through all the comments about them or you wouldn't have called them 'sub-par'). I have a couple and they do just fine, for local simplex on 2m and for running through local repeaters on 2m and 70cm. If I should drop one or it gets stolen, it's £25. My wife and I had a meal out on Saturday that cost more than that, so I won;t be crying! But you could also look around and get a used Yaesu dual bander for little money. Does the same job, but better. If you haven't yet got your licence, then that's the first step, of course. Find local clubs and meet up with other hams. Find out what YOU want to get out of the hobby and go down that path. 2m and 70cm is a good start but you might find yourself drawn to HF SSB, digital modes or microwave frequencies!
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  • cobalt75's Avatar
    Tue 16th Jul 2019, 00:04
    Hello all! I am totally new to this and have what most might consider a sub-par radio in a BaoFeng UV-5R. I am looking however to get the most out of it in my area. If you can help guide me to posts or links I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Mon 15th Jul 2019, 14:01
    Even using lora, you are not getting 500 miles out of a 10w VHF transmitter reliably. For VHF to work that far (without legal limit power and a prohibitively expensive antenna array and feed line) you would need to have an extensive knowledge of RF propagation and a keen eye on the weather. It is an absolute mystery to me why preppers (im one too) always jump straight to VHF for their communication needs when HF is super reliable for DX work... Actually prepping for a communications blackout will require far more than an arduino and a few youtube videos, no offense intended. Heck, even CB is more reliable for 500 miles than what you wish to do. Get an HF radio/license and study radio wave propagation. Each band is specific in how it refracts or absorbs in the various layers of the ionoshpere (for HF) or atmosphere (for VHF and up), which is why the military use radios that periodically probe the ionoshpere back and forth and automatically set to the best frequency for a given scenario. At 500 miles,...
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  • KI5BUC's Avatar
    Mon 15th Jul 2019, 04:48
    KI5BUC started a thread New Call Sign in Username Changes
    Hello, Can you please change my user name to reflect my new call sign. It's K5DBC. 73
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  • jcane's Avatar
    Fri 12th Jul 2019, 05:33
    jcane started a thread KM6FMR Intro in Introduce yourself
    Greetings everyone, Looking to grow my radio skills and become more active in the HAM community. Currently running with Echolink and want to get my indoor radio kit/antennae setup soon. I'm currently doing research on indoor and mobile setups, any recommendations are appreciated. Also very interested in Packet Radio and Mesh networks. Would love to get more exposure to this technology and how to utilize it. Cheers, KM6FMR
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  • Sparks1973's Avatar
    Wed 10th Jul 2019, 15:27
    My son lives 500 miles away from me and being prepper. the thought of him in a rid down situation just kills me. I would like to set up a lora message system and voice over ham to be able to communicate with him and others. how many meters wave length with what sort of linear amplifier and antenna should I look at that is both compact compadable with a Shield?
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  • AB6WP's Avatar
    Wed 10th Jul 2019, 08:29
    AB6WP replied to a thread Base Radios Yaesu FT-900 with no Power output in Yaesu
    Dear Brandon, I value your comments greatly. Once I get to the FT-900, I will make the few static measurements with the DMM as you suggested in your last posting. For now have been able to construct an RF probe as per VA7OJ/AB4OJ article on the net. I can also make a simple oscillator to put out a few milliwatts. 73 de AB6WP
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  • Redbicycle's Avatar
    Mon 8th Jul 2019, 17:47
    Try stop bits of 1. You can try installing the arduino development en. It comes with a very nice serial port terminal that will let you see what the port is or is not tx/rx. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • Ots's Avatar
    Mon 8th Jul 2019, 15:52
    Ots replied to a thread Base Radios Kenwood TS-2000 CAT connection and parameters in Kenwood
    Kenwood's web site has a download for using the Kenwood control software and it covers interfacing with a pc. It's not much but maybe it'll help.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Mon 8th Jul 2019, 03:16
    brandon lind replied to a thread Base Radios Yaesu FT-900 with no Power output in Yaesu
    it is unlikely you would hear the signal trying to drive the final. I have had a few instances where I know for sure it didnt make it out of the radio.. Just start out seeing if the diode junctions in the final transistors are functioning with a DMM on a diode test setting. Unplug radio, get to final section. Positive lead to base and negative lead to collector and emitter. there should be a reading of around .65 to .75 volt if they are good
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  • W5KAP's Avatar
    Mon 8th Jul 2019, 00:09
    I recently decided to go ahead and interface my TS-2000 with my Dell laptop. I'll be using Log4OM and Omnirig which was downloaded as part of the Log4OM download. I purchased a serial cable with the FTDI chip set in it and downloaded the drivers onto my Dell. I can't seem to get the two communicating. I used 4800 baud, no parity, and two stop bits. Since that didn't work, I tried very combination I could and none of them o=worked. I can tell my computer sees the cable as a com 5 because "com ports" disappears when I remove the cable. I cannot find any thing oertaining to proper CAT settings in my Kenwood TS-2000 manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 73 de Kenn W5KAP
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  • Dale's Avatar
    Sun 7th Jul 2019, 20:33
    Dale replied to a thread Balun for Underwater Antenna in Antennas
    Thanks for your interest in this topic. When I started this project I was surprised how well HF and VHF propagate in fresh water. As you can see in the following paper, the losses are much lower in fresh water than in sea water. I have validated and extended these calculations to better address our particular needs. Our proof-of-concept used an Archimedean spiral antenna (because the math and antenna construction are straightforward) with +10 dBm input and we had good rx strength in nearly 10 m of lake water and a distance to shore of 200 m. However, the form factor of the Archimedean spiral won't work for our application (diameter is way too large) so I designed a QFH, which, although tall, has a diameter of only 13 cm and does not require a ground plane. I simulated the antenna in air using openEMS (by scaling due to e_r of about 80) and got good results. ...
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Sun 7th Jul 2019, 19:33
    K6CPO replied to a thread Handheld Radios Advice on FT-60R accessories in Yaesu
    I would recommend against the VOX headset. VOX can be difficult to adjust for optimum operation, especially in high noise environments. And they are pricey to purchase. Instead I recommend the Heil HTH-Y HT headset. These can be had for about $30 and are superior in audio quality to the Yaesu VOX headsets. My friend and I were working a large military air show and the net control operator said we had the best audio of anyone else, including two operators with the Yaesu VOX headsets. My HTH-Y worked like a dream until I ran over it with my truck. I immediately went out and bought another. (I'm now in the process of piecing the broken one back together with super glue, just to see if I can get it working again.) I didn't like the stock antenna on the FT-60 because it would easily get bent (mostly from my fat mid-section) and was difficult to straighten. Also, it's not the best in terms of reception and transmitting. As a replacement antenna, most people buy the Diamond SRH77CA dual-band antenna. I...
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Sun 7th Jul 2019, 18:46
    Unless your anticipated range is less than one metre, I wouldn't use 27 MHz. In most cases I have heard UW comms takes place below 30 kHz (reference: There are cases where folk are trying to use 2,4 GHz (reference:
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  • fauxfly's Avatar
    Sun 7th Jul 2019, 12:11
    Getting back to Hamming after about 20 years off...I used to run a small qrp rig for 40 meter CW and loved it- Now I'd like a small amp to add a little more power - I'm curious about these Chinese amps you see on Utube and for sale on Ebay/Amazon for only a few dollars. Do they really work?? Are they worth it or pretty much junk?? Recommendations for a HF amp - maybe 25 Watts or so?? Thanks guys!! (just wrote element 2 and 3 yesterday and am waiting for a new call sign - had to start over from the beginning as I had expired a few years back. I'd like to have a jump on the ability to transmit)
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  • SNOGAL's Avatar
    Sat 6th Jul 2019, 20:23
    SNOGAL replied to a thread Handheld Radios Advice on FT-60R accessories in Yaesu
    AC5PS, thank you for your reply. I was drawn to HAM radio for emergency/disaster purposes. I knew nothing of electronics or radios until the first day of the 2-day Tech class and then crammed some Gen'l test questions into my brain and passed both after the 2 day class plus 2 more days of studying. Now I have a General license but know next to nothing. I think you make good points. My plan is to get the FT-60R just to get on the air and get going with something, while I continue to actually learn some of this stuff. I'm joining my local RACES club. I hope to get to know people a lot more knowledgeable than I am, maybe get to see and try out some radios, see what other HAM interests may develop and go from there. I looked at reviews of more powerful and more expensive transceivers and I see comments about people who prefer easier knob-driven rigs with less functionality or others who prefer more functionality in a menu-driven setup. Until I get out there and try some things, I don't know what I...
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  • Redbicycle's Avatar
    Sat 6th Jul 2019, 14:35
    Redbicycle replied to a thread Handheld Radios Advice on FT-60R accessories in Yaesu
    Comet sells a mobile antenna I think it is sb5 that will work with no groundplane. It could work for your base station antenna. I am using one on a mobile mag mount sitting on top of my central air unit. I use the same setup on my truck roof. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • AC5PS's Avatar
    Sat 6th Jul 2019, 12:53
    AC5PS replied to a thread Handheld Radios Advice on FT-60R accessories in Yaesu
    The FT-60 is a good HT, I have one. What you are wanting to do will get you started but you probably will not be %100 satisfied. HTís are really not meant to be used as a mobile or fixed station. As a mobile you may have difficulty hearing with the built in speaker and 5 watts is not much power for a mobile. You need a 2M / 70CM duel band mag mount antenna that has a connector that matches the ft-60. Used as a fixed station with a high gain antenna you may receive a lot inter modulation.
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  • W5FCX's Avatar
    Sat 6th Jul 2019, 00:51
    W5FCX replied to a thread Questions about G5RV Jr. in Antennas
    I would suggest a ZS6BKW instead of G5RV. You can see the differences here: I havenít used the Jr variant but have built and used ZS6BKW and regular G5RV. The G5RV has a lot of trouble getting out. I could hear okay but received many poor signal reports and even more no responses when I could hear them just fine. I have also built my own stealth ZS6BKW antenna for an HOA home. It uses #26 polystealth black wire and is virtually invisible. The apex is only 20í up on 2nd story and itís legs slope outward, making it a sloping bee. Very much a compromise antenna. Itís resonant on 20 and 40 and tunes up on all others 80m through 10 (with tuner). If I can hear them, they can usually hear me on 100 watts (without pileups). If it were m, Iíd skip the G5RV Jr and graduate to the ZS6BKW. Hope thatís helpful.
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