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  • K4CQO's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:40
    Hi Jim, Welcome to the net and hope that you are successful on getting your general and extra. I belong to GARS, but we are not doing any testing at this time due to covid-19. But here are the ones in the Atlanta area that are holding tests: North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL) The VE Team will be holding its first exam session since February this Saturday, September 12th. for more information. - Ed.] All license class exams will be available. The exam session will be held at Slopes BBQ, 34 Crossville Road, Roswell, GA, 30075. Hours are 9:00 - 11:00 AM. The exam fee is $15 cash. Other Details: Seating limited to 8 candidates. No walk-ins accepted. Pre-registration via email to [email protected] required. Phone reservations not accepted.
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  • Cardcutter's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:43
    Hello I am still kinda new to Ham so I ask you indulgence ahead of time. I have had my Tech license for a year or so now but I really have not done anything with it. I work nights so I am very limited on getting together with the local club. I did buy a cheap hand held and have made a few contacts. I am Looking at upgrading to a General or maybe even an extra before long. Then I think I will set up my shack. Thanks JIM Brown
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  • kk4ldm's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:09
    I am having an issue with my antenna that may be normal but wanted to ask someone. I Purchased this antenna a few years ago and has been hanging on my mast just recieving HF signals. I tried to tune it for 10 meters the other day and my radio seemed to not want to tune it. I borrowed a antenna analyzer from a friend and noticed some strange readings. SWR above 3-1 and 80 Ohm resistance The antenna is at 29 ft on metal mast in inverted V pattern My radio did finally tune the antenna after a few attempts. I just want to be cautious dont want to fry my HF finals for high SWR and Hign Ohms. is my antenna bad or is this normal??
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  • Ericspof's Avatar
    Sun 20th Sep 2020, 23:49
    Thanks this comment made me go look at the adapter and it whus not connecting with the center pin i have this working now because i saned the tip down as much as I whus able to and now ots working great picking up stuff Nice and clean can't wait to take my test and hopefully I will pass
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  • 2E0JTP's Avatar
    Sun 20th Sep 2020, 21:19
    2E0JTP replied to a thread New guy in Introduce yourself
    Congratulations. Welcome to the bands. What part of the hobby are you interested in starting out in?
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Sun 20th Sep 2020, 19:01
    Maybe there's a female (SMA) connector on the radio, the adapter you bought has a female end. A male-to-male SMA should fix that...
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  • Ericspof's Avatar
    Sun 20th Sep 2020, 18:21
    Is thare any way with out me having a lissens yet to test this or do I jest need to find a club and get some help And whus with u suggest me to save money up for a good radio my plan is to save up and when I take my test and pass im going to buy something good but I'd have to say I'd guess someware arownd 150 200 at most for a radio that will be going in my car I got the bofang jest to listen and see if this is something I wont to spend money on Thanks for the helpful
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Sun 20th Sep 2020, 17:42
    It's very possible the problem is not the antenna but the radio. Baofengs are noted for having bad front ends that are easily overloaded by better antennas. I know my UV-5R goes deaf when I hook it to a good outdoor antenna.
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  • quinmarc's Avatar
    Sun 20th Sep 2020, 02:01
    Hello, I want help for having problems with the soft Chirp daily-20200718, to load memories in the soft The problem is ... I am loading the frequencies by hand in the Chirp . Until line 14 of memory I have no problem loading the frequencies but when I write on memory line 15 a window appears with the legend "Invalid value for this field list assignment" and "index out of range". The same happens in others memories following line 15 I correctly enter the frequencies for example 146.240000 or any other and this happens to me. Can someone guide me how to solve this problem? Thank you very much in advance and best regards Quinmarc
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  • Ericspof's Avatar
    Sat 19th Sep 2020, 22:32
    Hi I'm sorry my English not so good. I buy bofang uv-9s radio to listen on never broadcast and I buy a tram antenna for my car and the antenna not doing anything but if I go the the rubber duck it came with it kinda pick thing up but come is really bad I wonts good signal frome in car but don't have money's to jest keep trying antennas did I buy wrong antenna or adapter I dont understand whuts wrong Antenna i but Adapter I buy Please help or suggest a antenna that works
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  • Pazzo723's Avatar
    Sat 19th Sep 2020, 20:54
    Pazzo723 started a thread New guy in Introduce yourself
    Just passed my exam 15 minutes ago. Looking forward to learning more and talking to you all!
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  • 2E0JTP's Avatar
    Sat 19th Sep 2020, 09:56
    For a PDF of the manual: Have a read, feel free to ask questions once you know how to operate the radio. In regards to the questions you have that the user manual will not answer: A horizontal dipole is not usually appropriate for VHF FM. You will need a vertical antenna tuned for the VHF ham band if you want to hear, let alone talk to anyone else. It needs to be resonant around 144-148 MHz, but it will allow you to receive much further afield than those 4MHz it's resonant at. Go to for a list of current repeaters. This is a really useful website, and it's also available as an app for your smartphone, so you can look repeaters up based on where you are at the time.
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  • justgotaticket's Avatar
    Fri 18th Sep 2020, 19:24
    Theoretically I could use 900mhz to communicate with my job's two way business radios. I suppose I will make one when I finish my ee degree. Or before.
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  • Maddog's Avatar
    Fri 18th Sep 2020, 18:51
    new to the hobby. My first radio is a Alinco DR-112 bought used. with no manual. Unit lights up. but I hear nothing from the speaker no matter what frequency is chosen. I have no clue what the buttons mean or do, and there seems to be two levels of buttons? One in blue and the other in white. how to access the different levels is a mystery. The mic has several buttons, numbers and 4 letters and slide switches that are all a mystery. radio is attached to a horizontal dipole antenna. I heard word that there is a local repeater in my town. I don't know the frequency though. HELP! detailed help please, and have patience with me as i learn, i wil have many questions i sense. Thank you every one!
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  • 2E0JTP's Avatar
    Fri 18th Sep 2020, 10:45
    2E0JTP replied to a thread Handheld Radios Vhf in Amateur Radios
    If you want to take one with you in a boat, buy a proper marine VHF handheld. They are about 100-400. They all do the same basic job, the more expensive ones look prettier and make you feel better outfitted, but that's about it. Do a Google/Amazon search for "handheld marine vhf". The Cobra MRHH125 or Standard Horizon HX210E VHF Handhelds are probably the best value at the moment. Remember, the VHF radio licence course doesn't just give you the legal ability to use the radio, it also teaches you HOW to use it properly. That's what will probably save your life, not the walkie talkie.
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  • 2E0JTP's Avatar
    Fri 18th Sep 2020, 10:30
    A handheld radio that can do 27MHz (I assume you mean SSB and AM/FM), as well as 144MHz and 440Mhz, and you'd like 900MHz? I hope you've got deep pockets, because you are going to have to build it yourself. Alinco make a hand held that does 144MHz/440MHz/1200MHz, but not 900MHz or 27MHz Wouxun make a mobile that does 28MHz/50MHz/144MHz/440MHz, but not 900MHz, it doesn't do AM or SSB though, so no good for CB. Even the expensive high end Icom base stations will not do everything you want out of the box, and they start at $1200 and go up to $7000+
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  • leveikin's Avatar
    Fri 18th Sep 2020, 09:29
    leveikin replied to a thread Base Radios IC-730 doesn't increase RF power in Icom
    It appears to be an issue where the radio is cutting power because the SWR is too high. On a dummy load, the radio transmits full power. The internal and external SWR meters show that i never gets above 1.3:1, but the manual says it can safely go to 2:1. I have been able to calibrate the SWR meter on the radio, but I haven't found a setting to calibrate when the output transistors throttle.
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  • justgotaticket's Avatar
    Thu 17th Sep 2020, 23:38
    I wouldn't use the CB band, I would just like for my radio to be able to use it if I really needed to. I'd buy a $600 radio if I could use it. If it has 33cm that would be a plus but I imagine there is no way one would have all four.
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  • Jeromp's Avatar
    Thu 17th Sep 2020, 20:44
    Jeromp started a thread Handheld Radios Vhf in Amateur Radios
    Hi I live near the sea in Cornwall, I would like to be able to listen to channel 16 and other channels, I would also like a vhf radio to use in emergency when I'm kayaking. Could you recommend a hand held receiver and also a hand held transceiver for me ? Last time I really used a radio was a CB radio. Regards, Jeremy
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  • 2E0JTP's Avatar
    Thu 17th Sep 2020, 19:00
    2E0JTP replied to a thread UV5R vs UV82 in Portable Operating
    Looking at Amazon, both these radios sell for less than 30 in the UK (that's about the equivalent of $40 US). Neither of them are very good. They are both bargain bucket hand held radios. If you want to pick up a hand held radio that should be easier to operate and that should work without causing you or other radio users interference or problems, have a look at something like the Yaesu FT-4XR Web Link for about $75. In the long run, and depending on how you intend to operate, you may be better served by picking up a mobile style radio and an external antenna. They can be used at home as well as in a vehicle. They offer much better functionality and potential range, but are useless if you want to keep them in your pocket. :victorious:
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  • Big Daddy63's Avatar
    Thu 17th Sep 2020, 00:41
    What's the difference, and is the UV82 a better model radio for a beginner like myself. I own a Tenway UV5R Pro which I've been listening on until I take my test later this month. For the most part though, I'd like to know if getting the UV82 would be much of a step up. If not, which hand held would anyone recommend as a next step up.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Wed 16th Sep 2020, 20:36
    brandon lind replied to a thread Mobile Radios Ic-7100 MARS mod in Icom
    I would be more concerned with asking your radio to transmit through a filter unit it wasn't designed for. I have a big box of old 38-42MHz commercial Motorola radios. They are not being used on 6m because there are too many internal adjustments to the filter components to make it worth my time. A company like ICOM purchases components that are capable of operating on a variety of frequencies. The rest of the radio is designed around just the frequencies it was intended to be used on. Just because you can open up the radio and make one or two simple modifications to change what frequencies a radio can produce doesn't mean the radio can handle operating on them. CB'ers do this all the time, and luckily for them, 11m is close enough to 10m for many radios to operate undamaged. MURS is a similar situation. However, you are asking a circuit that was intended to properly pass 146MHz to operate on 120MHz. The commercial Motorola radios I mentioned can be easily destroyed by programming in a frequency outside the...
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Wed 16th Sep 2020, 18:44
    K6CPO replied to a thread Mobile Radios Ic-7100 MARS mod in Icom
    That radio wouldn't be type certified for use on the aviation bands. I don't understand why people continue to mod their radios, even though MARS is virtually extinct.
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  • 2E0JTP's Avatar
    Wed 16th Sep 2020, 16:02
    2E0JTP replied to a thread Mobile Radios Ic-7100 MARS mod in Icom
    What are the aviation authority rules regarding the use of wide-banded amateur radio equipment in aircraft, isn't it quite strict?
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Wed 16th Sep 2020, 05:38
    WZ7U replied to a thread Mobile Radios Ic-7100 MARS mod in Icom
    Ungh........ really? Yeah, there's a way - buy a radio built for the task. Why would you consider going cheap on any aspect of an aircraft? Would you use discount store fasteners on the airframe or powerplant? 87 octane gas with e-20 blend? For some reason I find the mindset offensive today.
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  • Jeanguypataterubberboot's Avatar
    Tue 15th Sep 2020, 13:05
    Jeanguypataterubberboot started a thread Mobile Radios Ic-7100 MARS mod in Icom
    I have just MARS moded my IC-7100 and it works great except It won't transmit on AM on the aircraft band. It will on FM and SSB but not AM which is the aviation mode. I was hoping it would work as I would like to install this radio in a friend's plane. Is there a way to open AM up on that band? Thanks for your help.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Sun 13th Sep 2020, 23:21
    brandon lind replied to a thread NanoVNA in Accessories
    Its not quite that simple. If I wanted to use my nanoVNA on 75ohm coax and calibrate to the end of that coax, I cannot simply attach a 75 ohm load + open + short, hit cal and be done. If I did that, the calibration would put the impedance marker at the center and call it 50ohm. No matter what ohm load you use during the calibration, the dumb thing considers that value 50ohm regardless of what it really is. The only way I have found to use 75ohm coax with the nanoVNA is to calibrate to the nano's port with 50ohm load and aim for the 75ohm point on the graph while tuning whatever is connected to the coax (because when that's a match, the input is 75ohm). When I attempt to measure accurate impedance values through 75ohm coax, I find myself first measuring the coax length then plotting the measured impedance out on a paper chart normalized to 75ohm (so I can use the constant swr circles as a guide) when accounting for the transformative effects of the coax and its loss. My RigExpert can do 75ohm but calibration...
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  • Jisake1's Avatar
    Sun 13th Sep 2020, 19:41
    Jisake1 replied to a thread Help identify Mast in Accessories
    Thanks for your advice. I will plan to install guy wires but not certain of tension. I read where some slack is needed and how professionals even have pulled a tower down at installation. Any advice in this area would be appreciated. I also had second thoughts regarding the lack of cross bracing, but have seen many towers with cross bracing fail on line. I only will have a small 5G receiver on the top, so not to concerned about load twisting. This was not used as a portable tower based on the base plate. Has a tilt down that was mounted next to a residence. Was a grandfather to the two brothers that sold it. (They intended to install but local city codes did't permit towers. Zoning. I have a wide open field so no concerns if did fail. Still, prefer to prevent that as well. Another forum identified as a Tristao in a 1976 cat. Feel that is best reference, as closest to the era and design.
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