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  • n4trc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:51
    This, I think Sooo.... so far I’ve found three reasonable options for qrp and accys.... 1- Molex (more specialized tools, no guarantee w/ pin contacts) 2- Power Pole (ANOTHER specialized tool?), some complaints of arcing contacts with THIS one, too. 3- Faston 250 series crimp spade connectors...I already have the tools (both manual and Greenlee Ratcheting), fairly universal (easy to find parts, ’prepper’), current handling of terminals are more than adequate, but requires artsy, divorced electrical tape ‘dressing’ to prevent shorts
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  • Psi*'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:18
    I googled "Molex 1545 series" and searched quickly thru several Molex web site pages and found nothing with respect to "mating cycles". Just sayin'
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:05
    K6CPO replied to a thread Wires X access in Yaesu
    Define "cheaper" and just what your specific concern is.
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  • n4trc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:12
    These USED to be an ARRL/ARES standardized power connector for low current radios/equipment (although now contested w/ PowerPole, etc.), but some spec sheets on that Molex 1545 series seem to indicate that they work WELL... for about 24+/- "connect-disconnect (plug/unplug?) cycles" ????? Here it is... "Physical Durability (mating cycles max) 25" Pins made of an inferior metal, perchance??? Funny, My Heathkit HW-9 and PSA-9 used these connectors, no??? I never had to change THOSE out that often... When do these connectors need to be changed out? When is it time for the Molex pin extractor tool and replacement???
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  • Cardcutter's Avatar
    Wed 20th Nov 2019, 16:47
    Hello I am Jim Brown from the beautiful mountain village of Dahlonega, Ga. I have my Tech. License but as a new Ham I find myself with so many questions that I hardly know where to begin. There is a local club but I work nights ,so I am very limited as far as access to an Elmer. I am hoping to find some information here. I will be asking a lot of the newbie questions. Thanks Jim
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Wed 20th Nov 2019, 08:14
    uh oh, double tap
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Wed 20th Nov 2019, 08:12
    Welcome, You're in luck neighbor, there's tons to do. Is there a specific thing you had in mind today? Nice to have you back in Richard. There are over 450 hams in our little sliver along the Columbia River, there should be someone to yack with. I check in from time to time here to see what's up out in the world, much like tonight. I noticed our license start dates are real close and I also came off an extended "rest" as well. Is there something in the water around here? There's more to do in AR than ever before, especially in the digital realm. Almost too much... and CW is having a renaissance despite not being a test element for nearly 20 years IIRC.
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  • vu2nan's Avatar
    Wed 20th Nov 2019, 06:03
    Hi Tim, The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Just cut your antenna to size, use it and see how it works. You may then get into antenna analysers, SWR meters etc. and learn as you go along. Good luck! Regards,
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Wed 20th Nov 2019, 01:10
    5B4AJB replied to a thread Help neeeded for book in The Junk Box
    You could program a simple scanner to sweep between two frequencies and record the output, modify that output to interface with whatever, yes. Software Defined Radio can also do this, with a USB stick, like FunCube or RTL-SDR. SDR's are cheap now, you can get simple ones on eBay for under $15...
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  • kc7txg's Avatar
    Tue 19th Nov 2019, 23:55
    Greetings, I have been dormant many years. I want to learn more about this hobby. Thank you, Richard, KC7TXG
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  • WV8PFW's Avatar
    Tue 19th Nov 2019, 20:24
    WV8PFW started a thread Hello in Introduce yourself
    Hi, My name is Paul call sign, WV8PFW. I am a fairly new amatuer radio operator and have a technicians license. I joined this forum to share in the learning about our hobby. I am retired and other hobbies include camping and traveling. I intend to test for General some time in the spring. For now, I am interested in learning everything I possibly can about the radio I purchased, a Yaesu FTM3200dr. I am not very experienced with the forum sights, I belong to one other which is dedicated to 5th wheel campers. I have learned on the forums that many questions have already been asked and you just need to know where to look for them. Then if you have unanswered questions, you can sort of jump in to a string that has already started. With that said, perhaps someone can direct me in the right direction for a question. I am getting ready to travel out of town for a while, and would like to reach the c4fm repeater operated by my radio Club while I am in Florida. Is there a string that will direct me of how...
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  • AC5PS's Avatar
    Tue 19th Nov 2019, 17:26
    I’ll pick B !
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  • Pete85's Avatar
    Tue 19th Nov 2019, 09:13
    Hi All, I'm a writer currently working on a novel that uses HAM radio as part of the plot and I have a very specific question that I'm hoping someone in the community may be kind enough to answer. I am clueless about HAM radio, which is why I am here, and I apologise in advance for my ignorance. Is there a consumer device out there that one can set to automatically 'record' or monitor a dormant freqency if it comes into use? Let's say, hypothetically, there's a frequecy that no one broadcasts on, but I wanted to moniter that frequency and receive an alert (a buzzer, alarm, flashing light, whatever) so that if a signal is used one day, I know about it? Is there any equipment from the 70's, 80's or 90's that did something like that? I hope that makes sense and I'm grateful for an insight anyone can provide.
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Tue 19th Nov 2019, 07:35
    RST = Readability, Signal, Tone as a radio ham you will only need two, 599 or 5NN :) Only readability matters, signal strength is mostly irrelevant and tone is usually reserved for CW...
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  • K7KBN's Avatar
    Tue 19th Nov 2019, 06:48
    And these reports are made by humans, who don't all have the same degree of hearing acuity or, as in my case, hearing loss. Many older receivers (say from around 1960 and earlier) don't have S-meters; those that do rarely have "accurate" S-meters. If a received signal is "weak" but is understandable without undue difficulty, a 2x5 might indeed qualify. If you have a directional antenna, aiming it more directly to the source of the signal might bring it up to a 3x5. If it's a legitimate QSO, log it. Reminds me of the junior Naval Officer who would call the flagship every hour and ask "how do you hear me?". One evening, the Admiral picked up his handset and said, "I hear you 2X2. That's TOO loud and TOO often."
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  • Starbug's Avatar
    Mon 18th Nov 2019, 14:48
    Hi All, I’m currently studying for my foundation license and going through the exam secrets book, but I’m stumped by the correct answer given to one of the questions, see below, surely 2 and 5 is fairly hard to read with a good but not brilliant signal strength? The Question: The signal report 2 and 5 means A a weak signal and very difficult to read B a weak signal but still very clear to read C a fairly strong signal but is hard to understand
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Mon 18th Nov 2019, 12:07
    Looks like a "smart" charger connector, I forget what they are called. Radio controlled cars etc use them...
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Mon 18th Nov 2019, 12:05
    5B4AJB replied to a thread QTY 8900 in Chinese Radios
    What are you powering it with? It sounds like a supply problem...
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  • tcshrek's Avatar
    Mon 18th Nov 2019, 01:48
    tcshrek started a thread QTY 8900 in Chinese Radios
    Have a QTY 8900 with a 1/4 wave antenna. When I key the PTT to transmit, the screen blanks resets, and beeps- no transmission. I saw on one forum that the 8900 has a SWR safety that cuts the radio when a high SWR is seen- is that what is happening? Anyone have any ideas?
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  • m0bov's Avatar
    Sun 17th Nov 2019, 17:38
    Hi, any ideas what type of connector this is? Would like to get one for a project. Thanks.
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  • KB1DY's Avatar
    Sat 16th Nov 2019, 16:44
    KB1DY started a thread say hello in Introduce yourself
    Hello all, I just joined today. I live in Ea. Massachusetts and I have been a ham for 41 years. Interest cover the low band (when they are open) 2M and now I am delving into digital i.e. C4fm and the like. 73 de KB1DY Bill
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  • Justin B's Avatar
    Sat 16th Nov 2019, 05:26
    Justin B replied to a thread Antenna Recommendation in Antennas
    I put an ICOM 2300H in my truck a couple months ago when I git my ticket back after a 50 year "break!" I put an MFJ 1402 shorty antenna on the roof of my truck and it works great! On the base I am using a homebrew vertical dipole outlined in a post a couple down from this one. I could hit a repeater about 15 miles away with my 5 W Chinese HT attacked to it and with the Vertex VX-4000 I am using as a base station I have no problem hitting repeaters30 miles away. This is with the antenna currently about 10' off the ground. Justin B. KI5GKD
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  • KB7GK's Avatar
    Fri 15th Nov 2019, 19:27
    KB7GK replied to a thread Antenna Recommendation in Antennas
    Mag mount, lip clamp type, direct to body NMO (requires drilling large hole), thru glass antenna, other type? Once you decide how you want to attach it, you can shop for the exact antenna you want. My advice is to get it as high on the body as possible, permanently mounted, with a good clear coax run to your radio. If you run a direct power line to your battery, and have a good ground connection at the antenna, you will be fine. Flip through the pages of a recent QST and decide who gets your money. Comet or Diamond make good VHF/UHF antenna systems, as do all the other folks that advertise in QST. Be sure to use good quality RG58 coax as well.
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  • wildwes's Avatar
    Wed 13th Nov 2019, 15:40
    Good afternoon! I am looking for advice as to what antenna to purchase. I am new to ham radio, I am not currently licensed, I will be taking my test to get my technician's license in a little under a month. I have an ICOM IC-2000 on the way, and I am wanting to go ahead and get it set up to listen, and to transmit once I am licensed. I would like some recommendations for both an antenna to mount on my truck to use the radio as a mobile rig, as well as a recommendation for an outdoor antenna for my house. I want to get a quality antenna that won't damage my radio when transmitting. I realize that quality doesn't come without cost, but what I am looking for are recommendations for reasonably priced antennas that will give acceptable performance. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Wed 13th Nov 2019, 03:28
    Is there a CTCSSish issue here? Maybe someone monkeyed with a programming preset on accident. I would be getting all over that problem if it were me & my station.
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  • WZ7U's Avatar
    Wed 13th Nov 2019, 03:13
    WZ7U replied to a thread TS 480 HX buzzes when I tx in Kenwood
    Sounds like maybe a feedback related artifact. Check swr, maybe common mode pollution on the coax... are you under the antenna any appreciable percentage? Does it do that only with the Heil headset? Need to narrow down the possibilities here...
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