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  • maalikm's Avatar
    Sat 30th Nov 2019, 14:01
    Currently, I am using a DBJ-1 antenna (like this for my VHF radio. It has served me well, but I am looking into upgrading to something a bit better to help me reach more distant repeaters. I don't want to spend more than around $120 on a new antenna. Is there an antenna that will get me better performance for this price point (provided that the height, radio, and location are kept unchanged)? Or am I really best sticking with what I got right now. If $120 isn't enough, how much more would I have to spend to see a real improvement. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Sun 24th Nov 2019, 20:15
    Is it just me or does it seem this forum is one of the worst for people posing a question and then disappearing forever? I see many posts where the OP never returns to acknowledge the people that try to help them. Another reflection of current society perhaps?
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  • Starbug's Avatar
    Mon 18th Nov 2019, 14:48
    Hi All, I’m currently studying for my foundation license and going through the exam secrets book, but I’m stumped by the correct answer given to one of the questions, see below, surely 2 and 5 is fairly hard to read with a good but not brilliant signal strength? The Question: The signal report 2 and 5 means A a weak signal and very difficult to read B a weak signal but still very clear to read C a fairly strong signal but is hard to understand
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  • Txcoastie57's Avatar
    Tue 12th Nov 2019, 02:18
    Txcoastie57 started a thread Wires X access in Yaesu
    Will Yeasu ever make a cheaper access to wires X?
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  • kcody's Avatar
    Tue 12th Nov 2019, 02:58
    This is about a VHF system used by a volunteer fire department. By day I'm a computer guy, so apologies in advance if I get any of the lingo wrong. Our station is in an island community, and about 9 miles away from county dispatch. We are not the town's main station. There is not a whole lot of topography, and sometimes the radios work just fine. Sometimes they don't. Each Sunday, dispatch conducts a radio check of all police, fire, and EMS units. This past Sunday, only the handheld received anything at all during the radio check. We have a base station with an antenna on the roof, a mobile in the fire truck which was parked outside the building at the time, a mobile in the utility truck which was off at the time, and that handheld.
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  • KM6WKA's Avatar
    Sun 24th Nov 2019, 17:26
    KM6WKA started a thread HAM Switchboard? in Accessories
    Is there a product or technique for operating a "HAM switchboard"? The idea is that operators would call into a single frequency (or something like the DARN network), then the control station which was receiving those calls could shift the calling station's conversation to a different frequency/network, keeping the original frequency/network open for other traffic. Like a telephone switchboard does, but for HAM ... operator calls into Net Control with a resource request, and Net Control routes the call to the Resource Control station, so the Request doesn't tie up Net Control's availability. I suppose the Net Control operator could reply to the incoming station with instructions to shift to the different frequency, but I would like to learn if it is possible to do it from the receiving Net Control station, without forcing the incoming station to change. My concern is that sometimes a station may be able to reach a repeater, or some simplex frequencies, but they may be out of reach of the target...
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  • wildwes's Avatar
    Wed 13th Nov 2019, 15:40
    Good afternoon! I am looking for advice as to what antenna to purchase. I am new to ham radio, I am not currently licensed, I will be taking my test to get my technician's license in a little under a month. I have an ICOM IC-2000 on the way, and I am wanting to go ahead and get it set up to listen, and to transmit once I am licensed. I would like some recommendations for both an antenna to mount on my truck to use the radio as a mobile rig, as well as a recommendation for an outdoor antenna for my house. I want to get a quality antenna that won't damage my radio when transmitting. I realize that quality doesn't come without cost, but what I am looking for are recommendations for reasonably priced antennas that will give acceptable performance. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  • Speedie's Avatar
    Sun 1st Dec 2019, 23:51
    Hi, Just moved in to a new house with a fitted burglar alarm. When I key-up on HF, the alarm goes off. I'd prefer not to permanently disable the alarm as it's quite useful for deterring burglars! I can't find any fuse or isolator switch for it. Can anyone offer any advice?
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  • osfp40's Avatar
    Tue 12th Nov 2019, 14:41
    hello, I was wondering if anyone has had this problem with the ts 480hx.. I am using a Heil headset and I have it plugged in my radio and the headset is plugged into the headphone plug on the radio. My problem is when I TX there is a buzzing sound coming from the radio. It sounds like a cracked speaker. I bought this radio Brand new a year ago last August so of course it is out of warranty. It doesn't seem to affect the way the radio works, it just drives me nuts.:mad-new:Thanks osfp40
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  • KC1LUX's Avatar
    Wed 27th Nov 2019, 23:47
    KC1LUX started a thread Howdy! in Introduce yourself
    I'm Mike, originally from CT, USA but currently living in northwestern VT with my wife and our two pets. I've been playing with radios since before I can remember, but just recently acquired my General license. While not studying for the Extra I enjoy DXing, SWLing, chatting on local (and not so local) repeaters, and messing around with FT-8. I'd love to start getting into more satellite stuff as well. My current rig is the Yaesu FT-991A but I also have the little UV-5R that I bought so many years ago. Anyhoo, it's nice to be here and I hope to find some of you on the air! 73 KC1LUX
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  • n4trc's Avatar
    Thu 21st Nov 2019, 15:12
    These USED to be an ARRL/ARES standardized power connector for low current radios/equipment (although now contested w/ PowerPole, etc.), but some spec sheets on that Molex 1545 series seem to indicate that they work WELL... for about 24+/- "connect-disconnect (plug/unplug?) cycles" ????? Here it is... "Physical Durability (mating cycles max) 25" Pins made of an inferior metal, perchance??? Funny, My Heathkit HW-9 and PSA-9 used these connectors, no??? I never had to change THOSE out that often... When do these connectors need to be changed out? When is it time for the Molex pin extractor tool and replacement???
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  • kc7txg's Avatar
    Tue 19th Nov 2019, 23:55
    Greetings, I have been dormant many years. I want to learn more about this hobby. Thank you, Richard, KC7TXG
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  • m0bov's Avatar
    Sun 17th Nov 2019, 17:38
    Hi, any ideas what type of connector this is? Would like to get one for a project. Thanks.
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  • tcshrek's Avatar
    Mon 18th Nov 2019, 01:48
    tcshrek started a thread QTY 8900 in Chinese Radios
    Have a QTY 8900 with a 1/4 wave antenna. When I key the PTT to transmit, the screen blanks resets, and beeps- no transmission. I saw on one forum that the 8900 has a SWR safety that cuts the radio when a high SWR is seen- is that what is happening? Anyone have any ideas?
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  • Johncampo's Avatar
    Tue 10th Dec 2019, 14:45
    Johncampo started a thread Research Your Club in Clubs
    Just wanted to give my experience joining a Ham Radio Club; as a total newbie to the hobby. I received my call sign in Feb 2019. I immediately started looking for a local club in Morris County. As Ive read, joining a local club is how you learn more about the hobby. I found a local club from the ARRL website. I joined this local radio club and found out it was total bootleg; what a waste of money! They were unorganized and only had interest in catering to those knowledgeable members. I got the impression they had no interest in teaching new members. Their website is a couple years out of date and provided no useful information for a new person to the hobby. I made it clear I was a total newbie with no knowledge of the hobby but it didnít seem to matter. I thought clubs would have some type of new member orientation but with this club you are basically left to flounder on your own. I attended 3 meetings and not once was there an acknowledgment about new members; other than their initial voting in. My point...
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  • Pete85's Avatar
    Tue 19th Nov 2019, 09:13
    Hi All, I'm a writer currently working on a novel that uses HAM radio as part of the plot and I have a very specific question that I'm hoping someone in the community may be kind enough to answer. I am clueless about HAM radio, which is why I am here, and I apologise in advance for my ignorance. Is there a consumer device out there that one can set to automatically 'record' or monitor a dormant freqency if it comes into use? Let's say, hypothetically, there's a frequecy that no one broadcasts on, but I wanted to moniter that frequency and receive an alert (a buzzer, alarm, flashing light, whatever) so that if a signal is used one day, I know about it? Is there any equipment from the 70's, 80's or 90's that did something like that? I hope that makes sense and I'm grateful for an insight anyone can provide.
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  • KB1DY's Avatar
    Sat 16th Nov 2019, 16:44
    KB1DY started a thread say hello in Introduce yourself
    Hello all, I just joined today. I live in Ea. Massachusetts and I have been a ham for 41 years. Interest cover the low band (when they are open) 2M and now I am delving into digital i.e. C4fm and the like. 73 de KB1DY Bill
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  • KM6WKA's Avatar
    Sun 24th Nov 2019, 17:03
    KM6WKA started a thread Good day! in Introduce yourself
    As you may have guessed, this is KM6WKA, James Butler, hailing from the Los Angeles, California USA area. I'm a Technician-class HAM, operating a Yaesu FT70-DR HT with its original "rubber ducky" antenna, a Diamond SRH77CA and, in my vehicle, a mag-mounted Browning BR-180 with a pigtail adapter. My initial interest in HAM came from the rather frequent emergency situations in which we find ourselves (wildfires, flash floods, earthquakes), and my desire to keep my family safe and in communication with the world, no matter what Nature throws at us. A couple of my significant interests, during my career, have been good communication and community service, which led me to become involved with HAM, CERT and other groups. I'm a proud, active member of ARES LAX (Amateur Radio Emergency Services - Los Angeles), for example. I joined this forum to learn from more experienced HAMs (I've been licensed for 2 years), and because I'd like to figure out some of the challenges my work with ARES brings. Thanks for...
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  • AJ4UY's Avatar
    Thu 28th Nov 2019, 19:33
    AJ4UY started a thread Mobile Radios Ten Tec Scout 555 documentation error(s) in Ten-Tec
    Ten Tec Scout 555 One of several documentation errors found within the Service Manual of Ten Tecs' Scout 555. 1) The 50 Watt P.A. S/A schematic page denotes Q3 as p/n MJE 370. Wrong, it is actually p/n MJE 521. 2) Ten Tec added a 6 wound 22 guage wire Toroid across the Final Amplifiers Output Load Transformer Primary to "+ 13 v " supply wire. I have operated Radio Fine, with this Toroid temporarily removed. This Toroid addition is not denoted on the schematic.
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  • WV8PFW's Avatar
    Tue 19th Nov 2019, 20:24
    WV8PFW started a thread Hello in Introduce yourself
    Hi, My name is Paul call sign, WV8PFW. I am a fairly new amatuer radio operator and have a technicians license. I joined this forum to share in the learning about our hobby. I am retired and other hobbies include camping and traveling. I intend to test for General some time in the spring. For now, I am interested in learning everything I possibly can about the radio I purchased, a Yaesu FTM3200dr. I am not very experienced with the forum sights, I belong to one other which is dedicated to 5th wheel campers. I have learned on the forums that many questions have already been asked and you just need to know where to look for them. Then if you have unanswered questions, you can sort of jump in to a string that has already started. With that said, perhaps someone can direct me in the right direction for a question. I am getting ready to travel out of town for a while, and would like to reach the c4fm repeater operated by my radio Club while I am in Florida. Is there a string that will direct me of how...
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  • Cardcutter's Avatar
    Wed 20th Nov 2019, 16:47
    Hello I am Jim Brown from the beautiful mountain village of Dahlonega, Ga. I have my Tech. License but as a new Ham I find myself with so many questions that I hardly know where to begin. There is a local club but I work nights ,so I am very limited as far as access to an Elmer. I am hoping to find some information here. I will be asking a lot of the newbie questions. Thanks Jim
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  • Deltawhiskey's Avatar
    Sat 30th Nov 2019, 17:14
    Deltawhiskey started a thread Handheld Radios New to amateur radio, question about Ft2dr in Yaesu
    Hello, Iím testing on December 7th and expecting to pass tech and general. I picked up a month old ft2dr for cheap, but Iím struggling with SD card issues. I have a new class 4 32gb sandisk that the radio doesnít like as well as a class 10 32gb pny. I have a samsung class 4 8gb that the radio likes, but after backing up the radio the card is not recognized by my windows 7 machine. Iím kinda puzzled on this one, and I donít really want to just buy random cards until I find one that works. Any advice greatly appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • Fred4hp's Avatar
    Mon 25th Nov 2019, 02:43
    I have a Zumspot hotspot and it runs about 110degrees according to the dashboard information. Is this about the right temperature? Anyone know what temperature is getting into a danger range for this device.
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  • WB0RXQ's Avatar
    Mon 9th Dec 2019, 22:36
    WB0RXQ started a thread PA0LL LL-Tuner in Accessories
    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find one of these tuners? Pretty sure not too many of them ended up in the US and I am very interested in finding one. If you know the whereabouts of one of these tuners, or somebody willing to sell theirs, please pass along that information. Thank you --Corey (WB0RXQ)
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  • SHEEPDOGGIT's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:01
    SHEEPDOGGIT started a thread Portable Radios Yaesu FT-891 & FTM-400XDR vs. Yaesu FT-991A in Yaesu
    I'm new to ham radio and am in the process of studying to take my Technician & General exams simultaneously over in the next few months. Can anyone familiar with the Yaesu FT-891, Yaesu FTM-400XDR (or perhaps the FTM-100DR) AND Yaesu FT-991A shed some light on the pro's and con's of owning either the first two as a pair versus the latter as a stand alone? I'm primarily looking for a portable solution (and not necessarily a true mobile or base station only rig). If it helps, my priority is to have an HF, VHF/UHF, & C4FM FDMA solution that is first and foremost portable since I am HOA-limited (followed by the desire for an adequate base station, then possibly a mobile option down the road). In other words, while a true mobile rig would be nice, it's not as important as being portable and serving as a base station at home (though DXing will be limited by HOA restraints). Are there any performance issues regarding the filters of the FT-891 vs the FT991A, for example? Are there benefits to having...
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  • Johncampo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:08
    Johncampo replied to a thread Research Your Club in Clubs
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
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  • K6CPO's Avatar
    Tue 10th Dec 2019, 21:07
    K6CPO replied to a thread Research Your Club in Clubs
    I did the same thing when I was first licensed. I knew joining a club was the best way to learn. I tried a couple of different clubs. The first one I went to completely ignored me at my first meeting. I never went back (except once and in a different capacity.) The second club I tried acknowledged me and made me feel welcome. (In retrospect, it may have been because they saw a sucker coming.) Now, almost nine years later, I have served as Vice President and now President (starting my eighth year.) I must be doing a good job because the club voted me Ham Of The Year for 2019. Being a member of the club helped me gain confidence in amateur radio and I'm now a member of the local ARES group, Public Information Coordinator for the Section, and a Fire Department volunteer in the city where my club is located. I also became a Team Leader with our local VEC and administer the bulk of licensing examinations given in our county. As the OP has said, don't go with your first choice if other clubs are...
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