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  • G7NFP's Avatar
    Today, 06:25
    G7NFP replied to a thread Pre-Noob in Introduce yourself
    Your dad's licence from the 50s? It would be interesting to hear what age he is now. Then check out the oldest person to sit the Tech exam & see if he comes close. The youngest has already been mentioned, but not the oldest. Perhaps we should start a thread re the youngest & oldest to sit the exams. I wish my old man had taken an interest & sat the exams when l did 30yrs ago. He was a train driver & l remember when l was a kid doing my homework he was at the other side of the table with his homework. All about locomotives, their engines ect. I recall that his homework was way harder than mine & l was a teenager. If he had turned his attention to radios l have no doubt that he would have left me behind. Sadly both my parents have now gone. But all his study didn't go to waste as he bought the house (cash, no mortgage) & built up his bank balance. Last year l inherited the lot. Likewise, the qualifications l gained in electronics purely to get that ham licence allowed me to gain employment in...
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  • dnwiebe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:29
    dnwiebe replied to a thread Pre-Noob in Introduce yourself
    Well, it looks like I'll be taking my exams this Friday. The interesting thing is that my father will be with me. My interest in amateur radio has resurrected his own, and he recently took a Technician exam and aced it (of course). He stopped there because he didn't know he could take more than one exam at one sitting, but now he's coming with me to bump himself up to Extra. The VEC we set up the exams with was able to find a reference from the 1950s that listed my father's old license, so it's possible that he'll be able to get boosted to General for free before Saturday. Anyway, it'll be an interesting day.
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  • Zmais's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:33
    Hello I have received a Kenwood TS-520D and when I turn it on the tubes do not turn on the tubes are good but there is either something I need to turn on or a problem with my filament supply Please Help.
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  • Goose's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:36
    Goose started a thread Mobile Radios YAESU VX-6R or something else? in Amateur Radios
    Hi everyone, sorry for my poor English grammar, I need some advice about a portable radio with the following specification: - PMR446 (466Mhz) and LPD (433-434Mhz) with CTCSS support, TX & RX - Air Band (VHF 118-137Mhz) support, RX only - the ability to monitor an Air Band frequency while being on PMR446 or LPD frequency Could you please suggest a radio with this feature? I think that YAESU VX-6R should works but I donít know if I could monitor an Air Band frequency while being on PMR446 or LPD frequency.
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  • coreyvon's Avatar
    Wed 8th Jul 2020, 11:56
    Hi I passed my foundation exam last week and I have been on the hunt for a cheap dual band radio. I have spotted a LEIXEN VV-898 10W radio at a decent price but I am concerned about it meeting the IR2080 standard. I have looked at a few radios and cannot see anything identifying that they meet this standard. Could someone please advise. Thanks
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Wed 8th Jul 2020, 07:36
    5B4AJB replied to a thread audio into local repeater in Yaesu
    You might need to enable CTCSS, check with the local group/web for the tone frequency...
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  • KL7XK's Avatar
    Tue 7th Jul 2020, 18:34
    KL7XK started a thread audio into local repeater in Yaesu
    Good morn im trying to get my (FT-991) to transmit the audio into local repeater. i can bring up the reapeater and hear the ID and hear it accept my carrier but no audio (voice) can be heard Queation ?? is there a setting on the 991 to get my audio to come through to repeater? it works on outher stations but not to repeater. had outher check repeater (working Fine). im am useing a 12 ele beam up 30 ft with 50 watts. there is no tone on reapeater. so i have that set off. tryed to get ahold of yeasu radio but no answer there..covid 19 i soppose? thank you for any help on this .... Mike KL7XK
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  • G7NFP's Avatar
    Tue 7th Jul 2020, 09:16
    Hi from UK. Perhaps if you posted a few pics that may help. Then give R2D2 the answers he asks for. If you had that guy at your house for a couple of days, your head would perhaps be spinning, but l have no doubt that he would solve all your antenna problems. However l also have no doubt that he would insist that you "learn & understand" rather than just set it all up for you.
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  • R2D2's Avatar
    Mon 6th Jul 2020, 21:23
    What make / model of circuit breakers do you have? Which ones are tripping - GFCI?
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  • R2D2's Avatar
    Mon 6th Jul 2020, 21:22
    Hex Beam aka the magic clothes line, is not a resonant antenna.. You can tune up anything you want with a tuner, but the harmonics are what are killing you. What feed line are you using? What lightning protection are you using, where do you have it bonded to earth ground.. Everything must be to ground potential.. Do you have your grounds cad welded?
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  • camerart's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 19:46
    Hi B, I look them up and probably take your advice, thanks. C
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  • charlie's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 19:18
    charlie replied to a thread Wooshing noise HF in The Junk Box
    Were you able to get rid of the noise?? If so, how? Charlie, K3UIM
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 18:01
    I'll bet those are imports, try with a known brand...
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 17:38
    You should consider the Lundahl LL1571 transformer in the series-series configuration as the turns ratio of 1:1.75 is closest to the ideal turns ratio of 1:1.83 for achieving a 600 to 2kohm match. Lundahl makes excellent audio transformers and, IMO, using anything homemade on that nice of a mic element would be a total waste of that microphone. Good luck! 73! B
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  • KF7NGJ's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 16:49
    Looking for someone to assist setting up Wires X on a FT3 Thanks, KF7NGJ James
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  • KF7NGJ's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 16:45
    Recently purchased a FT3 and having difficulty with Wires X. Looking for someone to assist in the Tacoma / Seattle ares. Thanks, KF7NGJ James
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  • camerart's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 16:23
    Hi B, Simple, I should be able to make that. Thanks, C.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 16:14
    Its just a coil of wire inside with a 2000ohm impedance. Since most radios have microphone input impedances of 600ohm, you will want to find an audio transformer to go between the two. Thats a nice mic!
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  • N7RRR's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 14:30
    Gentlemen, (I mean that loosely) :0) Over this past weekend, I erected a 40' Rohn 25G with a MFJ-1846 Hexbeam I run a Yaesu FT-991a barefoot at 100 watts Of course at 17 and 20 meters, it trips the GFCI circuit breakers in the house 30 feet away (My radios are in a separate building on a separate panel. The tower is grounded, the radio is grounded 8' copper driven with 3 ground rods in sequence. New remodel construction. I am thinking that with the "government" interference with the new breakers, this is a common issue. However, I am not seeing many solutions.
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  • G7NFP's Avatar
    Sun 5th Jul 2020, 03:33
    Hi from Nottingham Paul. You are not going to get very much for £60. If you intend on talking to the world you need to spend a hell of a lot more. However for VHF/UHF repeaters & simplex £60 will buy you a dual band Baofeng hand held radio. You can use it to listen in until you sit that exam. 30yrs ago you would need to spend many months study to pass ham exams. However they just got a lot easier. That's perhaps an overstatement as toddlers can pass the new exams. 5yr olds are passing them in the good ol' US of A. The Foundation exam is now available to sit online. So you don't even need to get out of bed to sit that exam. Oh how things have changed.
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  • essbee's Avatar
    Sat 4th Jul 2020, 23:44
    I read the manual for the MFJ-1622, and it seems like you're doing it properly. I had (I believe) the MFJ-2286 which is something like yours. I got it to use camping, and I had it fully vertical right on the ground with a counterpoise also on the ground. It took time to get things right and then I made marks and notes. It was sensitive to anything near it, including me. My only suggestions are to make sure the antenna components are screwed together tightly and that the tap only touches one coil ring. I'd try the counterpoise out horizontaly if you can manage it. It will work for you, but of course there are trade-offs. A tuner would certainly help but you can manage OK without. Good luck!
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  • SColie's Avatar
    Sat 4th Jul 2020, 17:00
    Hi people. I've just started looking into this Amateur radio hobby for the past few weeks in the UK. Always been interested but never got around to looking deeper into it. Now i have decided to take the plunge.... soon. I've not bought anything yet as I've fallen into that trap before, only to realise I've bought something that was not appropriate for the use or time i will have available to put into the hobby. My interests are Medieval re-enactment, Longbow archery, computers a little bit, wild camping and my wife and children..... not necessarily in that order. I have been looking at YouTube and Amazon to try and find were i might slot into this (from a financial and user point of view) and at the moment i can see a very limited amount of time for a while. Having said that i have already ordered 'The Foundation License Manual' to help me look a little more into this. I am a telecoms engineer by trade, phones and internal systems in the past but mostly just a desk jockey now more or less. I have a...
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  • camerart's Avatar
    Sat 4th Jul 2020, 09:18
    Hi, I won a HEIL HC-5 dynamic mic in a club raffle. Does anyone have a circuit diagram for it please? Cjheers, Camerart.
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  • R2D2's Avatar
    Sat 4th Jul 2020, 00:29
    Commercial tower sites uses batteries, as does Ma Bell - with their copper line service, and most if not all cell towers should have a battery back up - good for at least 36 hours - continuous duty. When I was first licensed I operated my station with the help of 4 wet cell automotive batteries - 750 - 1000 cca each. The problem was that batteries eventually wear out and it costs too much to replace them. Even commercial tower sites, they replace their standby batteries once every 4 - 5 years, which gets very expensive when there is at least 10 batteries per a site. The only good thing from using batteries is that you have excellent lightning protection - since most lightning come in through the power lines not the antenna. The batteries filters the power going to the radios and protects them from lightning.
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  • defenderorganization's Avatar
    Fri 3rd Jul 2020, 19:51
    The antenna for the higher frequency is only 2 inches shorter Sent from my 5049Z using Tapatalk
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  • xArt's Avatar
    Fri 3rd Jul 2020, 13:26
    Hi, for test data, there’s a well known APRS test CD: It’s half hour or so of driving around LA, but the data is old, so doesn’t contain any APRS updates, even up to APRS v1.1, but it’s a great starting point for decoding. There are at least a couple of errors in it. One missing waypoint symbol (making the information body payload too short), and an out of range latitude byte resulting in a latitude error that depends on your implementation. Both of these are Mic-E position packets.
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  • R2D2's Avatar
    Fri 3rd Jul 2020, 12:58
    Forget it, I don't know why people with piece of crap antennas always thinks - it works great.. No, it doesn't work great, else you wouldn't be here! What you need to do is realize that your radio isn't a very good radio - has no filtering - which is why you are having problems. Then you need to address the antenna issue. When you become a ham, you need to realize that what you are doing is basically broadcasting - just like a radio station, just on a smaller scale. When you get involved with broadcasting - which is much more complicated then just listening - any radio / any antenna can be used to listen to something. You need to have a certain amount of equipment.. Again - this is where having a TRUE ELMER comes in.. You need to buy a REAL VSWR meter and a true dummy load. All hams should have a watt power meter and a dummy load! My advice is to break down, spend some money, buy some equipment - before you burn up your prize possession radio..
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  • KD5FQF's Avatar
    Fri 3rd Jul 2020, 02:07
    Greetings!!! Have been on somewhat of a amateur radio hiatus over the last 15 years or so... Recently dusted off my Icom IC-718 HF rig and have been trying to patiently work 20 meters through recent torrid band conditions with my portable MFJ-1621 (black box vertical antenna). Works well considering... I also have an MFJ-1622 apartment coil vertical antenna that I never used since taking the hiatus. Now I realize the 1622 has historically not gotten the best reviews, but I am determined to remember how to properly tune this beast and starting working 20 meters on it as well. I have no antenna analyzer or tuner. Just using the SWR meter on my 718 and checking the SWR while on RTTY mode @ 28 watts of power. Needless to say, it has been a headache this week trying to find the proper sweet spot on the MFJ-1622 for 20m with regards to the coil tap and counterpoise length and position. I can't seem to get any better than 2.75 to 3.2 : 1 on 20m. I used to use a Barker and Williamsson AP-10A back in 2000 on...
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Fri 3rd Jul 2020, 00:12
    Personally, I use a 220Ah Caterpillar battery with a Beleeb CL-C40 battery charger (not a smart charger). The charger makes absolutely no noise on any of my radios and the battery can take anything I throw at it. And when the power goes out, absolutely nothing at my desk changes. Linear regulators are definitely the cleanest, but hardly efficient. Switch-mode power supplies can be amazing if you find one that was built right. Buck-boost circuits can be extremely efficient and, if properly designed and filtered, will put linear supplies to shame. Good linear supplies can be just as hard to find too. Many of them have transformers that put out way too high voltage (because a higher voltage means smaller wire inside it for a given wattage) and the transistor has to work its butt off. If you pull 20A at 12v when the transformer (after rectification and under load) is giving the transistor 24v, the transistor is putting out (24-12)*20 = 240w worth of heat at the same current. The trick is to find a good linear...
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