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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:45
    Thanks. I have the manual and assembly book and I have found them online as well. But no one seems to have the schematic.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:13
    I have the manual and the illustration book as pdf's. Neither has a plain schematic, but the illustration book shows the parts layout, circuit "x-ray" views with components and traces and a block diagram. Will that help? It is available on as "SA-2500", otherwise I can google drive or email it.
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:01
    I need a schematic. Just got this tuner and the schematic which was lose in the manual was missing.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:45
    brandon lind replied to a thread The lovely C.B. in Non-Ham Radio
    Do NOT put more than 300w down that coax, its not rated for more than that. A few comments on the amp thing. FCC regulations say you cannot run a power amplifier of any kind on 11m. Currently, the band is doing well enough to make nearly countless contacts most days of the week with the 12w ssb limit. If (when) you do use an amplifier on 11m, on behalf of everyone out there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy a decent one that actually has output filtering to remove harmonics. Since amps are illegal on CB, most of the people selling them online, even some of the "name brands", have absolutely no output filtering (because there are no requirement for quality control and emission standards) and you will very likely be creating harmonics all the way into the mid-VHF region. This interferes with ham operators, TV's, hospital gadgets, and many many things a decent person would not knowingly wish to interfere with. Although I've chosen not to use more power, I personally have no issue with people using a little more...
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:12
    I just acquired a Heathkit SA-2500 and I need a schematic for it. I have the construction manual for it but the original schematic was loose in the manual and mine got lost somewhere over the years before it got to me..
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  • jimisbell's Avatar
    Fri 24th May 2019, 23:29
    I am looking for an old fashioned tri-band beam with band traps for sale cheap or a design for a home brew version. I would be single if I bought a new one a $600 plus shipping. So am going cheapskate. I can build my own if I have drawings and tubing sizes etc. and I already have an 40 foot tower with work platform to put it on. I have a triband bumper mount, trapped vertical, but I think the two element beam would work better.
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  • Psi*'s Avatar
    Fri 24th May 2019, 22:24
    I have a grid dish for 2.4GHz. Guessing that it is ~2' diameter ... something like this but not that exactly tho pretty close. At the moment, I forget exactly where I bought, but is was inspired by Broadband Ham net. I can't be very useful for several months as we are relocating and just about all ham stuff is stifled. But, when I get back .. it will be in spades and hope to make up for the almost useful information.
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  • Redbicycle's Avatar
    Fri 24th May 2019, 10:14
    Redbicycle replied to a thread New Member in Introduce yourself
    Welcome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • VK2AJS's Avatar
    Fri 24th May 2019, 04:45
    Beware the chinese 2.4GHz multi-element yagis on ebay. Some of them are usable only on certain wifi channels with atrocious SWR elsewhere. I've purchased a few duds & it's good to be able to show the vector network analyser SWR trace when demanding a refund.
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  • Joedub1421's Avatar
    Fri 24th May 2019, 04:14
    Hope everyone is doing well tonight. Haven't been punched yet but looking forward to being part of a good community. Joe W
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  • DMack's Avatar
    Thu 23rd May 2019, 18:19
    DMack replied to a thread The lovely C.B. in Non-Ham Radio
    This is exactly where I am right now. I just got my Ham license a couple years ago but I don't have any Ham equipment yet. I bought a CB radio both for my vehicle and my house because the equipment is cheaper and I thought it would be something good to learn on given the large number of features on the high end CB units. I'm running a 9' whip on my Nissan Xterra and my house antenna is the full size 24' variety w/ ground plane that was advertised to also support 6 - 20 meter equipment. Can somebody recommend a good amplifier to use for both my vehicle and my house setup? Could this same amp also serve me on 10 meter equipment as I begin to migrate in that direction? Current Equipment Galaxy DX 959 w/ SSB, 102" whip, antenna rated for 500 watts Galaxy DX 2547 w/ SSB, Solarcon Max 2000 w/ ground kit, antenna rated for 5000 watts Cables for both setups are RG8X type coax
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  • WaveyDipole's Avatar
    Thu 23rd May 2019, 08:29
    That's what I figure is going on here. I have been advised that they are investigating but it has now been a couple of weeks since the initial response to the ticket that I opened.
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  • trooper's Avatar
    Thu 23rd May 2019, 02:31
    Brandon Just a note, I changed the PA because someone suggested that it could be the problem but things didn't change. I'm going to do some more testing as you suggested and I think I will change the coax also. Ken
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  • K7KBN's Avatar
    Thu 23rd May 2019, 01:46
    K7KBN replied to a thread electrical problem in Mobile Operating
    SWR (where the R stands for "Ratio") is independent of power being transmitted. I agree with Brandon: replace the RG-58 with RG-213. It's larger in diameter, made to military specs, and it should do you a lot better. Just watch the bending radii when installing it. RG-8X might work also; it's just slightly larger than the -58 (same size as RG-59, the older 75 ohm cable TV coax). However, the smaller the cable the higher the losses.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Thu 23rd May 2019, 00:49
    The way to measure the voltage when keyed is to somehow find or otherwise expose a small amount of wire near the radio to connect the meter to. Does the voltage converter have a power rating marked on it? As for the heat sync material... Its super bad practice to reuse existing heat sync compound due to the high probability of air bubbles being trapped between the module and heat sync when the new module is put in place. I only know this because I nearly fried a very expensive 8 core CPU doing that. Fresh (and much softer) heat sync goo is usually applied as a small but thick spot in the center so that the part pressing down spreads it and eliminates the possibility of trapped air. Next time, clean everything completely and start fresh. Rant complete :) Increasing SWR with power is a sign of something horribly wrong. Under proper conditions, that does not happen. So many things could be going on, I will list a few. See if anything stands out. -Is the antenna mounted along side anything conductive? Is...
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  • VK2AJS's Avatar
    Thu 23rd May 2019, 00:26
    VK2AJS replied to a thread MURS Antenna Upgrade in Antennas
    The DBJ-2 has a MURS version
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  • VK2AJS's Avatar
    Thu 23rd May 2019, 00:18
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  • trooper's Avatar
    Wed 22nd May 2019, 21:53
    Hello everyone, lots of questions to answer, I will do my best. The radio is mounted in my military Humvee which is 24 volts and I have a 12 volt converter just for the radio and it reads 12 volts at the radio. The radio power wiring is factory and looks like 12 or 14 gage about 6 feet long. The antenna is a 2 meter firestix using about 16 feet of RG58 with no markings. My watt/SWR meter is a MFGJ812B. I was wrong on the SWR It was not adjusted properly. Anyway the three settings and there power and SWR are as follows: Setting low Mid High Should be 10 25 50 Watts 3 10 23 SWR 1.3 1.9 2.9 I can see that the SWR is not good at the higher settings.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Wed 22nd May 2019, 16:33
    Tell us about the antenna, mount and mounting location as well.
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Wed 22nd May 2019, 16:29
    First, I'm shocked. The Mitsubishi M67781L final is rated for 40 watt. 50 watt is the absolute maximum rating. Yet, the yaesu technical supplement clearly states it runs at 50 watts. I cannot believe they would design a radio to run a device at its absolute maximum rating. Must be a rugged part... You say you replaced the power amplifier. So you tore the radio apart and swapped the M67781L final module? Being yaesu decided to push that device to its limits, I sure hope you used good heat sync compound! Break it down for us in detail. Tell us what gauge wire you used to power it, how long that wiring is, and what you connected it to. A 50w radio isn't going to work right on a cigarette lighter circuit! Does the display dim when you key up? Can you check the voltage while you key up to ensure it isn't dropping? Next, tell us what kind of coax you are using (should be printed on the side and likely hard to see), how long that is, and if the cable itself without the antenna passes a continuity test....
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  • Awgydawg's Avatar
    Wed 22nd May 2019, 15:28
    I have an FT-65E handheld with the rapid charger SBH 22, the unit slots in or you can charge a battery on its own. I am now looking to buy an FT-70DE, but this comes with a slow charger that plugs into the side of transceiver. The rapid charger SBH 28 for the 70DE looks the same and has the same output (SBH 22 8.4V 800mA - SBH 28 8.4V 900mA). The slight difference in output current won't matter but are the terminals and slot sizes the same? Thanks in advance if anyone knows.
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  • 5B4AJB's Avatar
    Wed 22nd May 2019, 06:27
    5B4AJB replied to a thread electrical problem in Mobile Operating
    Sounds like the coax is damaged, you have a braid shorting at the far end, or the D.C. cabling isn't man enough. Please tell me you wired it through fuses directly to the battery... Either that or it's a setting somewhere?
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  • trooper's Avatar
    Wed 22nd May 2019, 02:11
    OK I replaced the Power amp and the power levels are still at about 5,15 and 25 watts instead of 10,25 and 50 watts. I have attached an external watt/swr meter for these readings and the swr is less then one. Any ideas? Ken
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  • VK2AJS's Avatar
    Wed 22nd May 2019, 00:20
    Even with the analyser fixed at 50ohm output Z, terminating the 300ohm lengths of ribbon with a 47ohm resistor & looking for SWR minimums gives much more consistent results, both in terms of the frequency multiples where the dips occur for any given length & across different lengths. Much obliged.
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Tue 21st May 2019, 17:35
    N4AAB replied to a thread Hello! in Introduce yourself
    Hello and welcome to the forums !
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  • N4AAB's Avatar
    Tue 21st May 2019, 17:32
    I found out my Internet provider filters emails about 10 years ago. They don't tell me when, nor what, they filter other than they claim its all spam. They used to filter my password reset requests for other forums. Apparently their filters didn't like the headers or something similar.
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  • KD9KVS's Avatar
    Tue 21st May 2019, 01:49
    KD9KVS replied to a thread The lovely C.B. in Non-Ham Radio
    Maybe I view things a little differently, if someone takes time to do the studying to learn how to build or do anything with anything, they are doing what they can to better themselves. Trying to remember that you were probably at that place at some point, and remaining humble to what they are doing. Maybe congratulate them and make suggestions on how they can improve it from one you built years ago. Maybe I think to simplistically, but life is to short to be haughty over anything. As Ms. Frizzle would say, take chances, make mistakes and get messy!!! Do not forget to have fun. When you have a bad memory, and have had a near death experience that forever changes your life, it is even easier to appreciate the small things. I will get off my soapbox and hush for the time being. I really do appreciate reading others stories and experiences. Thank you all for sharing, and keep them coming.
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  • maalikm's Avatar
    Tue 21st May 2019, 01:41
    Thank you for your suggestion, however, I've found a $35 Rigblaster Plus on eBay and decided to give that a try. What is the procedure for using this interface?
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  • scottwiblemo's Avatar
    Mon 20th May 2019, 20:53
    Please change my username to KG7LRL.
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