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  • vu2nan's Avatar
    Wed 4th Mar 2020, 09:11
    A ľ λ Ground Plane Antenna for 70 cm I built years ago! 73, Nandu.
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  • Tigerbrew's Avatar
    Sat 7th Mar 2020, 17:17
    Hi all. Some months ago I purchased a Czech military radio and up until now I haven't had much time to do anything with it, however I recently got it unpacked and struck it up as there was some charge left in the NiCad battery and had a little play around with it. These particular field radio's don't come with any sort of charger for the battery, not quite sure why, perhaps they are meant to be plugged into a vehicle, as out in the field there will be no power facilities. To charge these cells up I'm going to have to connect a voltage direct to the battery pack pins but I'm unsure what voltage to be supplying to the pack and this goes for any sort of re-chargeable battery not just my mil radio. With most 12 volt lead acid batteries, the charge voltage is about 2 volts over and above the running voltage and I wondered what I should feed into any sort of NiCad cell, regardless of it's running voltage. For example: If a 12v LA battery is 14v charge, does a 7.2v NiCad need 8-9v or a 9.6v pack need...
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  • Blake Terry's Avatar
    Mon 9th Mar 2020, 00:11
    Hello everybody, My name is Blake Terry. I just passed my Tech and General license exam. I should have my Call sign sometime Tomorrow. 73 and hope to here some of you all on the air wave.
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  • ivoimg's Avatar
    Wed 25th Mar 2020, 13:33
    ivoimg started a thread Base Radios Newbee Survivalist question in Amateur Radios
    I'm a 65 year old grandfather who would like to be prepared in the event some parts of the communications grid fails due to natural disaster or other causes. I live near Houston, TX and have kids in Dallas, TX. I want to put something in both of our houses in preparation for a disaster so we can communicate. Money is not a big issue here, just want something that will work. Thanks.
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  • xdm's Avatar
    Mon 9th Mar 2020, 19:34
    xdm started a thread mag mount antenna in Antennas
    Will this antenna connect to a baofeng UV-5R+?
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  • tngw1500se's Avatar
    Fri 20th Mar 2020, 15:51
    I was going to take my test but all meetings and testing is canceled. Is there no other way?
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  • Yakol's Avatar
    Thu 12th Mar 2020, 11:00
    Yakol started a thread Listening to repeaters in Yaesu
    Good morning all. I recently received my technician license and want to listen in to learn the radio etiquette. I purchased the Yaesu ft60r and the programming software to put repeaters into my transceiver. In the software it has a category to insert the following: tone,dcs,ccts,none and so forth. I put my repeat channels on tone thinking that I would be able to listen but I'm not hearing anything on any of the repeater channels. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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  • charlie's Avatar
    Tue 17th Mar 2020, 23:14
    charlie started a thread Coax Connectors in The Junk Box
    Does anyone know of a coax connector chart that I can use for a reference? Thanks in advance, Charlie On edit: I need the OD dimension. 1/4 inch?? Seems to be two of them and one is .249 inch od.
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  • charlie's Avatar
    Wed 4th Mar 2020, 13:55
    Hi, I'm Charlie, K3UIM, 86 years old and waiting for God to call me home. I love ham radio, WordPerfect as a word processor and BMW motorcycles. (Stopped riding at 75. Ö sigh ...) I retired from tool making at Talon, Inc. in Meadville, Pa after 33 1/2 years, to the day. I enjoy tinkering with electronics, modifying circuitry and home-brewing. After about 25 years of hamming I dropped out for about 25 years and just recently found myself hankering for the smell of melted rosin. (Hi) I maintained my license, figuring I'd one day retire and get back into the rat race. I work 40 CW and find it a wee bit difficult getting back up to the 20 wpm speed I used to do. (Funny thing about that, I've discovered a lot of things I "used to be able to do" since aging. sigh.) Enjoy life! Charlie
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  • KR0Y's Avatar
    Sun 22nd Mar 2020, 02:28
    Hi, I'm just moving from UHF/VHF. I've got an IC-7300 connected to a simple CX50 dipole (on the roof) and a USB cable to a computer. That's about as far as I've got. I can find CW signals on the 7300, but I'd be grateful for any recommendations for what software to run on the computer to talk to the IC-7300 and generate/decode the morse. Eventually, I'd like to use a paddle, but to experience the communication I thought it'd be better run it through a program. Eventually, I'd like to do a lot more on HF, but CW is calling me now. I've no idea if the antenna is set up correctly, but that's a question for another day. Thanks in advance for any info, KR0Y
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  • joemz's Avatar
    Sun 8th Mar 2020, 23:27
    joemz started a thread Handheld Radios FT3DR displaying DTMF in Yaesu
    I'm brand new to amateur radio, and just purchased a FT3DR. I live in an HOA and haven't figured out the antenna issue yet, but got a magnetized roof antenna for the car. I bought a Diamond SRH77CA antenna for the HT for walking around. I was sitting at home and wanted to see if I could reach anyone on 146.520 I noticed that the screen displays DTMF when I transmit. Why? Is there a set up problem that is causing this, and is this the reason I'm not getting any replies? Also, when i key up a local transmitter I get a reply in CW. Is this related to the same DTMF issue? thanks in advance joe AD2AI
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  • KevinJones's Avatar
    Wed 11th Mar 2020, 09:16
    Hello, I am building a yagi with center frequency of 859 MHz for cell phone. It has 19 elements and is 80" long. It uses a conductive beam with the elements bonded. I have used VK5DJ yagi calculator for dimensions. I would like to support it near the center of the beam. I have made a non-metallic stub for it to mount to (pvc) which will be bolted to the mast with 2 quarter-20 bolts. I am wondering if using steel bolts to connect the stub to the beam will have an adverse affect on performance, as they will be in the path of the signal beam. Thanks...
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  • fixxervi6's Avatar
    Fri 6th Mar 2020, 18:39
    fixxervi6 started a thread Portable Radios General HF portable rig questions in Amateur Radios
    Hello all, new to HAM, studying for my general. I have no permanent base station at home currently, I just have a Baofeng 8 watt (forgot the model), FT3DR, and 400XDR in my jeep, so currently no HF capacity. I'd like to have a unit that is portable for HF so I'm eyeballing the FT818 with some accessories but it's low power. How feasible is it to use an HF amplifier on the 818 to get to say 50 watts, and then just grab the FT818 and a couple accessories for mobile base station operation? I don't know anything about amplifiers and I'm not convinced the 818 is the best way to go. Been looking on ebay and not coming up with much. KI5HPC
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  • 2e1gdo's Avatar
    Tue 10th Mar 2020, 12:15
    2e1gdo started a thread help in Software Defined Radio
    can sumone help me get my dnr id my new radio will be here tomrrow but still no dmr id thank from robert 2e1gdo
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  • brandon lind's Avatar
    Fri 27th Mar 2020, 08:03
    Who's excited about the thousands of little microwave reflectors Elon Musk is supplying us with? Lets just hope it don't get named Debris Scattering! lol
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  • OH8GAD's Avatar
    Sat 21st Mar 2020, 06:08
    Wow!, That's neat.
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  • ttarzan's Avatar
    Tue 31st Mar 2020, 10:05
    ttarzan started a thread Antenna model/type in Antennas
    Hi, Please, can anyone tell me, what kind of antenna is this? Or its purpose? Thank you!
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  • 2e1gdo's Avatar
    Fri 6th Mar 2020, 11:53
    2e1gdo started a thread help in Introduce yourself
    hi my name i s robert 2e1gdo just got dar radio but do not now how to get id can sumone help me ple
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  • xdm's Avatar
    Wed 25th Mar 2020, 18:15
    What are they from the FCC and what do they mean?
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  • David Homchuck's Avatar
    Thu 5th Mar 2020, 19:59
    I purchased a DJ-500 Alinco handheld and am having trouble getting it to recieve any frequency in the 70cm band. I am able to program repeaters and simples frequencies in the 2 meter band but when I type any number after 44 it kicks me back to the main menu. I am able to code in the alpha numeric names for channels but then I am unable to save them. I could really use some help if anyone is able. thank you.
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  • KE0DLO's Avatar
    Fri 13th Mar 2020, 14:17
    Could the admin please change my current username from KE0DLO (my old call) to my new vanity call - K4ZOO. Thank you! 73
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  • Yakol's Avatar
    Thu 12th Mar 2020, 11:11
    Hello. I just wanted to introduce myself to this forum. I recently received my technician's license and am trying to navigate the communication process. Happy to have found a place like this and look forward to conversing with you all. Good day to you all.
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  • 2e0sve's Avatar
    Sun 15th Mar 2020, 17:00
    Hi, I am a bit of a 'newbee' but noting in my training has told me how to estimate the power needed to get a signal a distance. I am not talking line of sight for which there are no doubt caculators. I want to get a reasionable signal to a friend in Finland about 2000km from me just outside london. Clearly this will rely on reflectiion and signal bounce (and of course atmospheric conditions etc), but how do I know whether to use 10wats 100 or 1000 (which I cannot because of my licence anyway). Is there a rule of thumb for this and where can I find it? best
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  • cul8tr-g8t's Avatar
    Tue 24th Mar 2020, 20:35
    Hi, My name is Terry. I am a new HAM and live in Central Oregon. I want to build a dipole antenna, and understand that the antenna needs to be 468/frequency in MHz. However, i'm not suer what the measure of the results are in. Meters?
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  • Tigerbrew's Avatar
    Sat 28th Mar 2020, 13:16
    Tigerbrew started a thread Which Ferrite Core in Antennas
    Hi all, a quick question. Does anyone know of any useful and/or particularly good articles about choosing and using ferrite cores/beads/clip-ons etc ? I'm about to build a total shack mains filter and although I'm building to a trusted design so know exactly which ferrites I need, I'd like to investigate the subject further for other applications and some well written info would be useful. Cheers, Steve
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  • SCMike's Avatar
    Sat 21st Mar 2020, 03:04
    Hello, Iím brand new to HAM radios. I recently purchased a ID-4100A to use in my truck for off-roading. While on a recent trip to Baja Mexico, I was unable to transmit on station 151.625 among others. I was getting an error on the screen saying ďout of bandĒ. I was able to receive crystal clear, but could not transmit. Iíve tried doing some research online, but conking youíre short on an answer. Anyone have an idea on what the issue might be? Iím suspecting I might need to program the radio somehow, but not sure. Again, total newbie here if you canít tell. Thanks in advance for your help. -Mike
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  • SP1AD's Avatar
    Sun 22nd Mar 2020, 17:53
    Hello everyone. My name is Adrian. My call sign is SP1AD. I come from Poland and I live in the city of Szczecin where I was born and raised. I'm mainly interested in amateur radio, electrics, electronics, constructions, cnc metalworking etc. Best regards, Adrian SP1AD.
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  • tzvi's Avatar
    Tue 10th Mar 2020, 19:56
    tzvi started a thread Base Radios corsair II pto modified in Ten-Tec
    Howdy: New guy here! CW nut to the core. A lot slower now that i'm 88 yo. Just damaged my rig in a disgusting manner. I used it as a dummy load for my dx 100 am rig. ( stupid to the max ) Looking for a corsair II modified with non pto. In past, could handle the modification but doubt i could do it now. I enjoy dxing, but don't feel i could bust the pile ups with 100 watts and g5rv ! Still. i'll try..........tzvi
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  • andrew100's Avatar
    Fri 27th Mar 2020, 14:53
    I am new to ham radio. I've purchased a Tecson S2000 receiver and would like to connect an improved external PLUG-IN indoor. Would like to improve all bands but especially extreme distance reception. Would like to use one that does not overwhelm the RF input, good signal to noise ratio. The antenna would be located near the unit. I believe the receiver has a coax input for this feature. However, I would need to know if the antenna coax needs to be grounded one end, both ends and information of that sort. Any help with these matters would be greatly appreciated. I've browsed around somewhat but have found no significant information that addresses specific brands and models of antennas for this application. If a small outdoor antenna is applicable I can mount such a device as well if the performance over an indoor would justify such a product.
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  • ZR6XZ's Avatar
    Thu 12th Mar 2020, 07:52
    Hi all from South Africa I have a Kenwood R-820 Receiver that has developed a problem which I would appreciate some input on. I bought it some years ago for very little and have used it from time to time without issues. The rig works, and once it's been on for a while and settled down it receives beautifully though it does look like it has had some mods done to it by previous owners. The digital readout can be temperamental at times and I have sorted it out once before and will do so again. I live with it for now. However, if I feed a Kenwood SP-230 speaker from the speaker output at the back and turn up the AF output a little beyond a certain (fairly low level) point, the audio output suddenly becomes a somewhat squawky almost Klaxon-sounding tone (it sounds a bit like a drunken first-year university student barfing into the grass alongside the road somewhere), the digital frequency readout goes funny, the S-meter dips as the backlight dims, and then everything returns to normal if the AF output...
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