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Thread: BF-F8HP vs BF-F9 V2+

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    Exclamation BF-F8HP vs BF-F9 V2+

    BaoFengTech says the BF-F9 V2+ is a gimmick and rebranded junk with old firmware. BaoFengRadio mentions nothing about the BF-F8HP.

    Which importer is full of crap?


    BF-F9 V2+

    Thanks Guys/Gals

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    Good question?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeOurProtector View Post
    BaoFengTech says the BF-F9 V2+ is a gimmick and rebranded junk with old firmware. BaoFengRadio mentions nothing about the BF-F8HP.

    Which importer is full of crap?


    BF-F9 V2+

    Thanks Guys/Gals
    I thought this was interesting...

    Contact the emails listed and probe away =)

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    I have a friend who is an extra class operator and has used baofeng for awhile. He said sounds like a third party vendor not a manufacturer supported distributor. Watch out for warranty guidelines. They may sound the same but are very different.

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    BF-F8HP is the ONLY official 8W radio manufactured, sold and imported by Baofeng/Pofung.

    BaofengTech is one of the primary importers of official Baofeng radios. Check their page on Amazon and they should have a listing of only official radios (not all just the most recent).

    Be sure to read the "About Us" page for both, on the ".us" page, it shows it is actually run by Foscam:

    The F9 V2+ is actually made from overstock or old Baofeng parts, including old boards with old firmware, and then assembled and a new sticker slapped on the front. The F9 V2+ is assembled by a company called Foscam, although I see some legal issues brewing for them because they're assembling and selling those radios illegally by not removing the Baofeng name from the radios. Same for the UV-5TP, GT-3TP and other fake 8 watt variations. At least other companies like Zastone and Cignus remove the Baofeng name like they're legally supposed to do.
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    I have to question the accuracy of the info posted on of this thread, which shows up prominently in google searches relevant to the BF-F9 V2+, claiming that this radio is made of old parts by a third party without the manufacturers approval.

    Baofeng (china) actually went to the trouble to FCC Part 90 certify the BF-F9 V2+. That seems rather unlikely for a radio cobbled together by a third party out of obsolete parts without baofengs consent. Nor does it seem likely that the result of such cobbling would be a 8W radio.

    Here are the FCC Part 90 Disclosures (on the 2 meter band):

    They did not do so for the BF-F8HP.

    Another forum that claims the BF-F9 V2+ is a fake referenced a page from the company that sells the competing radio BF-F8HP as the source of this (mis)information. This page has been taken down.
    but is archvied at:
    so you can see what the original claims were. Further, the competing company apparently has a history of misleading claims:

    This radio appears to be the only current FCC Part 90 certified member of the UV-5R family. Current UV-5R radios apparetnly have a new 2nd generation PCB which would be enough that one would expect the original UV-5R part 90 certification would not apply, especially since the requirements are a bit more stringent since the original certification and new radios have to meet the new specs (including the ability to disable front panel programming/VFO operation of the radio).

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    As with AK4OL, I have to question the accuracy of the statements above as the only reference provided is from Baofeng Tech themselves. Both Baofeng Tech and Foscam (i.e., are authorized distributors of Baofeng radios as they are both listed in a press release, the one where Baofeng announced their name change to Pofung. Additionally, the BF-F9 V2+ appears to contain higher-quality parts and are actually stamped/molded with the Baofeng name on just about every external part, whereas the BF-F8HP only contains the Baofeng or Pofung name on stickers. Additionally, as mentioned by AK4OL, the BF-F9 V2+ is FCC Part 90 certified, which, even though the certification is kind of a joke, they actually went through the process of submitting the appropriate paperwork, which I don't believe they would have done for a scam/knockoff version. While the BF-F8HP may come with better accessories (i.e., antenna, charger, manual, etc.), I believe the BF-F9 V2+ is a actually better radio when the accessories aren't taken into account. I have a full writeup with pictures on my website.

    That said, I'm not saying that any of these are fake/scams/rip-offs as both companies are authorized distributors, they're just different quality radios from different distributors.

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