Ok, so some of you might have read my post on antennas for the 4.9-5.9ghz range, but now I have another question!

For anyone knowledgeable about microwaves - Does this affect me? Is this considered a microwave frequency? According to Wiki's page yes... But I know I don't know all of what I need to know so I'm treating this as "i know nothing."

Rundown - trying to extend a video signal from a wireless HDMI unit, the Brite-View BV 2322. There are what appears to be U.Fl connectors, and another I can't seem to place on the daughter board that has multiple "ant" parts. Now, I'm hoping I can add some bulkheads with SMA or TNC and an antenna and extend it well, but I'm also curious to see if I can add an amplifier as well. I'm finding stuff but I don't want to do something that's potentially dangerous to humans, like cancer esque. I only say that because this stuff says Microwave, and as we all know Microwave and human don't go well together.

I've found these


Am I NOT on the right path? I would like to increase my distance without having to have a massive antenna, like a satellite or grid antenna, and just use a rubber duck,
If anyone has knowledge of this sort of thing, or knows something I'm doing wrong or right, I am all ears.

Thanks again, and in advance.