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Thread: CQ CQ de TI2/NA7U

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    Cool CQ CQ de TI2/NA7U

    Warmest greetings to all at HRF from the Tropics! Was very glad to find this forum and I hope it continues to grow.

    My name is Casey and I'm a hi-tech refugee (most recently from Intel) who moved from my lifetime in Oregon to here in southern Costa Rica where I gradually got my shack and antennas set up again. I have two blogs I maintain, one Cloud Warmer is all about hamming down here, the other, A Dull Roar, chronicles our move here and daily life since arriving.

    My rigs: two K2s, a KX1, a Ten-Tec Argonaut V and Ten-Tec Scout. Antennas: 200' doublet, 400' loop, 2-el/5 band quad, and a homebrew "folded" VK2ABQ.

    Lots of things different about operating here. Way, way more lightning in the rainy season, and I've had to adjust to being the DX instead of hunting it. I am mainly a CW op, but I enjoy all the popular digi-modes as well (PSK, Olivia, WSPR, JT65).

    Hope to meet you on the air sometime!

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    It's funny how we get used to our local operating conditions, it was a bit of a shock moving from G land to 5B4 country.

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