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Thread: HF 10 15 17 20 40 Band Antenna Choice for DX

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    Default HF 10 15 17 20 40 Band Antenna Choice for DX

    Hi guys, my brain is fried and I need some help please!!

    I live at sea-level 200 yards from the edge of the Severn river. My garden is relatively small 30ft long,20ft wide.

    I want access to all or most of the main HF Bands and would like an honest opinion on what is the best HF antenna for a limited space?

    Should I go vertical? Sirio 827 have a good following' but it's a cb antenna!

    Or should I try a Carolina Windom cw-620?

    Or any other suggestion; I have a T & K bracket on the back of the house and could go up 20ft or more which would give a 40ft gap to the ground.

    I have a Western HF-10 already that i slung over my roof, have had reasonable results although 67ft in length one end is only a foot away from the roof tiles so this may not be helping?

    I have a MFJ-993B auto tuner which help but the main priority is the 10-20-40 meter bands.. vertical I can get high, horizontal will be a compromise..

    Any help would be gratefully received.


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    Since you are using a tuner, you can always try a G5RV in an inverted V set-up. you can either buy one or make one yourself. If you are only wanting 10-20-40 their is a G5RV junior that I have built it has worked well on those bands with a tuner.

    some more info

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    Your garden size seems to beg you to put up a 100' skyloop. Feed it with window/ladder line to the tuner and it should bring in most of the bands from 80 on up. Doesn't really matter if the loop is not perfectly rectangular. If 'twere me, I'd put up a vertical too as it won't really be directional, will give you a great take-off angle and you could group two or three on one feedline (I have a nest that gives me 40, 30, and 10 meters). Make it yourself don't buy. You just need various sizes of aluminum tubing from the local hardware store. Make a 10 meter vertical for sure, it's the easiest.

    Good luck!

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    on the other side you have wales and sandpiper aerials they have a couple hf antennas... got one my self due small garden with good results, check out my shack pictures. the v9 i have i modified it to include 6 meters.

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