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Thread: TM-261A beeps

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    Default TM-261A beeps

    I have been running my TM261A as a base station and twice within a few weeks it has suddenly started to beep. Is this some sort of warning?


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    When does it beep? When you transmit, when you push a button, when the squelch opens, randomly when it's just sitting there doing nothing?

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    I have a similar issue on my TM-732a. When I try to broadcast (TX) I just get a short beep. Sorta like when you are on Emergency frequencies. It will RX/TX just fine on 4m and it will RX crystal clear on 2m just no TX.

    I just moved my radio from my explorer to my f350. The ONLY varience is I had to use a twist on style PL-295 connector as the local rad-shack did not have any soldered type. I'm stumped.. tried master reset on the radio that didn't help.

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    I have no experience with this radio but the manual states beeps are generated when you transmit on a busy channel (and have Busy Channel Lockout ON) and when transmitting with the key lock on the microphone on. My first suspicion if the radio doesn't beep everytime you try to transmit is a thernal protection system kicking in.

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    Sorry for the thread hijack for some reason the moderator wouldn't post my thread about a similar question.

    I found my answer through an old HAM contact of mine. My radio was programmed with tones to hit the old repeater I used to live by. I was trying to simplex on non-simplex channels. Don't know why my handheld wil TX/RX vritualy any channel I put into it but my kenwood wont. I dialed in simplex 146.820 and bam... I can transmit.

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