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Thread: 30m 13:00-16:00 15/02/12

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    Going to get on sometime today when not packing for Isle of Wight.

    If you think you might be able to work me, give me a shout here.

    (big clue if I am on the air is my signature should show as today!!)
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    I only recently began exploring PSK31 and downloaded DigiPan to my computer last week. I’m in the process of gathering the connectors needed to do a direct link between my computer and FT847 (poor boy shuffle). I’m just using the computer mic and speakers currently. However PSK31 is very interesting to me right now and look forward to learning more about it. Unfortunately my long wire HF antenna’s SWR is pretty bad and I do not have an antenna tuner yet. 12 Meters is currently the only HF where my SWR is 1.7:1 and I feel safe transmitting on.

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