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Thread: Any use for an old capacitor?

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    Default Any use for an old capacitor?


    I am not sure this is the right forum to post this question, since the item in question was pulled out of an old microwave oven, but I am trying to determine if it could be of use to anyone.

    The MW was made by Panasonic in 1984. The capacitor is labeled for 1 microfarad, model # ANE6090BOAP. It's about 4" X 2".

    Other markings:
    "2100V ~ 660mA 50Hz / 2100 WVAC"
    "560-8 SFM Resonance capacitor"
    "Diarylethan SAS295No PCB's NH-A T-70 Made in Japan"

    Is this destined for the trash can, or is it of any use to anyone?


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    That's a serious working Voltage!

    Unless you can find an application that would use that much Voltage, 1uF isn't very much capacitance.

    Stick it in the junk box, you may need it later

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