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    I have a Barrett 950 SSB mobile hf radio with the general accessories. I dont have the autotuning mobile antenna. Currently I plan on using it in a non mobile fasion in the shack mode. Problem is, i have no idea which tuner to go with that will function with this gear. Its 125 PEP.

    I am a Marine radio guy with 20yrs experience with the old and current radio sets in use. This thing is pretty foreign to me as well as the HAM please bear with me. No, I am not licensed yet and I dont plan on using this thing till I does have a 25W low power setting so I think I may be legal when the time comes. I already had a guy offer me a straight across trade for all his gear and I turned it down after finding out how much this thing is worth.

    Any help, opinions, or bashing is welcome.



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    You should get away with a 100W tuner provided the VSWR isn't too high, I have used a C.B. tuner rated at 10W with a 100W output, but the antenna was pretty much resonant.

    It would be best to go for a 200W tuner is you plan to experiment a lot with antennas. MFJ have some good tuners and they're easy to find/buy.

    An ATU is a pretty simple bit of kit, might be more fun sourcing some old variable capacitors and building one yourself.

    Here's one, about as simple as they get, cost, Three Pounds! ... tu2581.jpg

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